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5 Reasons to Create an Instagram Content Calendar with AiSchedul

Fact: content is king in the world of digital marketing, so you would need a content calendar!

Content quality and consistency can make– or break– a brand, and the reality is that without a content plan you’re definitely not getting the most out of your social marketing efforts.

Regularly posting killer content on Instagram is near impossible without a strategy, which is why many brands rely on content calendars to coordinate their digital marketing efforts. A content calendar is a resource used to plan, organize and schedule marketing content on a monthly basis. They’re an efficient tool for keeping posts consistent, relevant, and timely, and a valuable record that can be used to plan future content. In short, a content calendar can help you deliver engaging content that drives conversions and grows your social following. 

AiSchedul is the best tool to create and execute a content plan that not only makes your social marketing easier, but delivers results. In this post, we’ll explain why AiSchedul is the best tool for the job. 

5 reasons to create an Instagram content calendar with AiSchedul

In the following, we are going to say why you should create a content calendar with AiSchedul. So stay tuned.

1. Keep Content Consistent

Consistent content is the key to a coherent, engaging feed. Instagram is one of the many online faces of your brand; content planning is how you can ensure it’s ready to face the world. Your content should reflect your brand’s values, aesthetic, and voice. Creating a content calendar helps you organize visuals and plan captions and hashtags so your next post is always on point, keeping your feed beautifully consistent.

No matter if it is a post, story, or IGTV. AiSchedul schedules them all.

AiSchedul Dashboard

AiSchedul Dashboard

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2. Set It and Forget It

When you create a content calendar with AiSchedul, it’s easy to schedule your content to post automatically at the date and time of your choice without the need to check-in before publishing. This is while most Instagram schedulers are incapable of direct posting to Instagram. With AiSchedul, Schedule days, weeks, even months in advance, and let the app do the rest.

AiSchedul dashboard post

Dashboard of AiSchedul

3. Increase Engagement and Views

It’s no secret that Instagram’s algorithm favours accounts that users regularly engage with, and consistency and valuable content keep followers coming back. AiSchedul’s suite of tools can help you plan and execute engaging content. 

When your post goes live, chances are it gets buried under content of other users. With AiSchedul you can schedule your post to the Instagram story as well to increase the probability of getting seen among rivals.

dashboard of AiSchedul

dashboard of AiSchedul

Plus, AiSchedul has a built-in Instagram hashtag generator that demonstrates the most relatable hashtags with the volume of use. Those that are more long-tailed and less in use have a better chance of bringing your post to the explore page.

hashtag generator of AiSchedul

hashtag generator of AiSchedul

4. Give Yourself a Break

You’ve got enough going on. Save your busy self the time, hassle and overwhelm that comes with ad-hoc posting. Create your content calendar and let us do the posting.

5. Everything You Need 

AiSchedul features a full suite of tools created for content management. Craft and schedule content to automatically post using our scheduling feature. Build a better feed with our Listening & Repost, hashtag suggestion features and more. Reward followers using AiSchedul’s simple Post & Reward tool. Never miss a #globaldayof again with a built in Social Calendar, featuring daily holidays and observance dates with high engagement hashtags. Stay connected with followers using mentions monitoring and automated DMs. Create a beautiful, multi-functional bio link landing page with AiSchedul’s Bio Link tool. Manage your content, plan future content, and keep track of what matters, all in one app.  

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