Rivuu vs. AiSchedul – Which one is better to schedule contents on Instagram?

Do you know anything about Rivuu and its features? Rivuu is a manager app for Instagram. You can schedule your posts by Rivuu and automatically share them. Rivuu has a lot more features. In this post, we are going to introduce Rivuu and compare it with another Instagram manger tool, AiSchedul.

Our comparison consists of the following categories:

  • Setup
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Features
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Price
  • Conclusion


AiSchedul vs. Rivuu – A comparison of two Instagram schedulers



To start with AiSchedul follow these steps:

1) Go to aischedul.com.

2) When on the homepage, click on  “Get Started”.

aischedul homepage

3) Enter your name, email and password. Then click on “Register now”.

aischedul signup

Now you’re ready to use AiSchedul features.


First, go to the Rivuu website rivuu.com.  Then, click “Sign up Free” on the homepage to join Rivuu and build your account.

rivuu homepage


After that, you should enter a valid email and password to create your account. Also, you can signup with Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

rivvu signup


Now, you should enter your name and select your timezone. Next, you should connect to Instagram to get started.


Connecting your Instagram account(s)


After completing the sign-up steps, log on into your AiSchedul account to see your dashboard like the below pictures.

aischedul dashboard

In your dashboard, you can add one Instagram account or multiple Instagram accounts and manage them simultaneously. To add a new account in your dashboard press “Add Instagram Account” or sign in to your Instagram account directly with AiSchedul’s Google Chrome Extension!

After connecting your account, you can easily log in to your Instagram account as you do on your device. Although most users are set up here, few users may be asked to provide Instagram with a verification code sent to their phones or emails. AiSchedul encrypts the password and is not going to share it with anyone or use it for anything that is not relevant to your followers.

Congrats! You’ve just set up AiSchedul.


After creating your Rivuu account and entering into it, you will see the following screen. You need to connect with Facebook to get started. So, if you don’t have a Facebook account you must create one!

After joining with Facebook, you are brought to your dashboard. To add your IG to the dashboard, you need to upgrade to the $10 per month plan. When you are done, add your account by entering the username and password to connect Rivuu with your account.

Remember, if you want to add more accounts and unlock all the features of the app then you need to upgrade your plan from the manage subscription page!




AiSchedul helps you to schedule your posts on your feed or on your story. You can set a time to publish stories or posts in advance. To start setting up your content time click on “Schedule Feed” or “Schedule Story”.

Schedule Post

To set a schedule for your posts on Feed, click on “Schedule Feed” on your dashboard. Easily drag and drop your content into the broken rectangle at the top of the page. After dragging your photo or video into the rectangle, click “Save” before you continue. Remember, you can also schedule multi-photo and even multi-video posts.

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • Tag people
  • Crop your post (fit entire photo or crop to 1080px x 1080px)
  • Rotate your post

From here, scheduling your post can be accomplished in 5 steps:

  1. Write your caption to make your post catchy
  2. Add your hashtags (your hashtags will be posted as a comment to make your caption look cleaner and increase post engagement)
  3. Choose the date and time you want to share your post (or check the box to “Post Immediately”)
  4. Choose which accounts you want your post to be posted on (you can schedule the same post for multiple Instagram accounts)
  5. Finish scheduling by clicking the “Schedule Post” button

After hitting “Schedule Post”, you’re post is officially scheduled. Come the date and time of your scheduled post, your post will automatically post to Instagram without any effort on your part.

You can see all of your upcoming scheduled posts from your dashboard, as well as all of your past scheduled posts too.

AiSchedul provides another interesting feature and it is “Auto Responds to comments”. Automated responses are active for all premium accounts.

aischedul feed schedule

Schedule Story

To set a schedule for your stories click on “Post on Story” on your dashboard. To upload the planned story, click the + button and edit it with the tools at the top of the story box.

After uploading your photo(s) or video(s), you can:

  • Tag someone in your Story
  • Draw on your Instagram Story
  • Geotag your Instagram Story
  • Add emojis onto your Story
  • Change the background colour
  • Add a link to your Story
  • Add questions and polls to your Story

Click on the “Save” button when you’re finished.

Now,  choose a date and time that you want your Story to be published (or check the box to “Post Immediately”) and what Instagram accounts you want to post to (you can post the same Story to multiple Instagram accounts)


aischedul story

To see the scheduler in action, watch the video below:


AiSchedul allows you to repost contents (both Feed & story) on Instagram. When on your dashboard, click on Repost and in the opened menu choose your method of finding the contents you like to repost.

You can search and find posts by Hashtags, Location, URL or Username. After finding a suitable post, you can repost it on your feed easily.

aischedul repost


You can search for hashtags and find the favourite content that you consider to repost on Instagram. Also, you can view the resulting contents before reposting them.

aischedul repost hashtag


Another option to find your desired posts is through a location search. Simply type the location and choose the posts related to the area.

aischedul repost location


You can copy the URL of the post you find interesting on Instagram and repost it with AiSchedul. Also, you can schedule it on your own Instagram. Here is an example:

aischedul repost url


You are able to search for your favourite content by searching usernames. Basically, you can see the posts shared by the user and pick the one you want to repost on Instagram. Don’t forget to keep them tagged so you give them credit.

aischedul repost username

Once you have picked your favourite post by one of the options, you need to schedule it. It is just like scheduling a normal post which has been explained above.


Once you’ve connected your account should be all set to create, approve, and schedule content. Your workflow can be customized on the approval process tab of the manage account page.

To create a post first, select “Create Content”. From here you can select post type, write a copy and then add an image, video, gif, or link.

rivuu scheduler

Next choose a content category, a scheduled date, and then a time. This data is pulled directly from your Facebook account so you can quickly see at which time you had the most impressions on average for that day over the past two months.  Once you schedule your next post, your default time will be automatically applied. These will be applied in order if you have multiple time settings.

Now, submit your post for approval. Your post will be scheduled in the due time.


Maintenance and Support


If you face any problem or something makes an issue for your posting, search the AiSchedul FAQ to find the answer. Also, you can find useful guides in this section.

aischedul faq

If you didn’t find the answer in the FAQ page, contact with the AiSchedul support team, they always are online and ready to guide and solve any issue you may deal with.


You can find useful guides and tips in order to work better with Rivuu in their FAQ section. You can also ask your questions and or discuss issues with their support in the contact page.

rivuu faq




AiSchedul provides a five-day free trial for new users with all features. There are no limits during your trial and you can take advantage of all the features offered with the Premium package. But after this five-day trial, there are to plan to continue. One of them is free but with some limitations. Take a look at the below picture to know all about pricing.

aischedul pricing Rivuu

Rivuu provides 2 plans for users. A free plan just for Facebook users and a $10 monthly plan for users of Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter.  You can see the full list of these plans and features of every plan. The price and time of every plan can be seen in the below list too.

rivuu pricing



Rivuu is a social media management platform that allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles in one place and do things faster and easier. Using this platform you can schedule posts on different social websites simultaneously and receive advanced analytics to improve your results. However, the free trial plan is only for Facebook and you need to purchase the offered plans to schedule your posts on Instagram!

On the other hand, AiSchedul is an Instagram-based platform that lets you schedule both posts and stories, repost content and automatic response to comments. The best thing  about AiSchedul is that it offers 5 free day trial to any Instagram users with all features available!

Compare the features and pricing of these to auto-post tools and select the one that matches with your requirements and make up your mind.

Want to sign up and try AiSchedul for free, click here.

For those interested in trying Rivuu , click here to visit their website.

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