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Prepare your profile for promotion in 2022

Today, Internet users are overloaded with commercial offers, so they increasingly ignore direct aggressive advertising and rarely make a decision instantly. Studies show that before buying complex and expensive products, a person goes through many decision steps and needs at least 7 touches: a visual reminder of the company, an ad, an email, a social [...]

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Top tools for planning content strategy on Instagram

Instagram is not just a social media platform to make friends or follow your favorite celebrities, but you can also use it to promote your business online. The trend of doing business online on Instagram goes on level after the pandemic of covid-19. Even small businesses grab huge audience traffic to their Instagram page; they [...]

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9 Pro Tips To Be A Successful Instagram Artist + Art Hashtags

Nowadays, with more than 1 billion active users in a month, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. This makes a perfect opportunity for businesses to advertise their product or service and gain customers. In this article, we'll show you tips and tricks on how to grow an art page for Instagram [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Giveaway; Ideas, Rules, Bots, & Tips)

In recent years, many brands and companies have found success by running an Instagram giveaway, a strategy that has become popular in the realm of Instagram marketing. But can you promote giveaways on Instagram? Yes, Instagram giveaways are an effective promotional tool for businesses. They increase likes, shares, follows, and growth by providing followers with [...]

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Basic steps in money management

The art of managing money is adequately more than just saving it. You might have a good job that pays hourly, weekly, or monthly. The pay depends on the nature of the job or the country you reside in; money management is very necessary as this helps you have financial stability and gives room for [...]

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Student Influencers Are Getting Richer and Here’s How You Can Join Them

If you had asked twenty years ago what an influencer is, you would have probably been pointed in the direction of political leaders and celebrities. By then, modern-day major influencers (who are now in school) were either babies or not even conceived yet. In the span of two decades, the word influencer has baptized itself [...]

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How to Use the Social Media for Your Business the Right Way

There is no arguing that social media is critical for running a business these days. In fact, if you are not leveraging social media platforms the right way, you are missing out on some powerful ways to strengthen your engagement with your consumers.  That said, social media is also constantly evolving and at an unparalleled [...]

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How to Create a Dynamic Video Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Planning to promote business on social media? Then your Instagram marketing strategy should include setting clear goals, planning content, gathering analytics, and other stages discussed in the article. The amount of time that people spend watching videos is increasing in a geometric progression. Moreover, they say that they want more! 84% of users say that [...]

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5 Tools to grow Instagram for an online education business

Marketing for an education business can be challenging. This is why one must be ready to face challenges in the industry while starting a new business. Many companies today use Instagram as their primary lead generation and marketing tool. The social media platform is convenient to use as most of the features on the forum are free. It also [...]

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How college students are using social media to find jobs

Social Media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Many would argue about its disadvantages, but what remains a fact is the number of opportunities it provides. You can search for a job that fits you from countless available options worldwide. Whether you are a student currently enrolled in a college or a fresh [...]

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