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5 Tools to grow Instagram for an online education business

Marketing for an education business can be challenging. This is why one must be ready to face challenges in the industry while starting a new business. Many companies today use Instagram as their primary lead generation and marketing tool. The social media platform is convenient to use as most of the features on the forum are free. It also [...]

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How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram? Ideas, Tips, & Apps

Who doesn’t love a chance to snag some free swag? People love giveaways, and marketers tend to leverage their audience based on their field of interest. However, it is easy to get off-balanced and become either manipulative or pointless when doing giveaways on Instagram. This article will talk about the features of healthy giveaways, tools [...]

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RM_SOCIAL is a holding, company that controls and holds cooperation among the brands that provide a variety of Instagram services. These brands are AiGrow, DMPro, AiSchedul, and MyURLs. In the following, I will let you know what each service offers under RM_SOCIAL company. It is worth mentioning that this holding is located in Canada. RM_SOCIAL [...]

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Instagram Photo Can’t Be Posted? + Solutions

Having troubles with Instagram because the photo can't be posted? Be aware you are not the only user struggling with the bug; neither you're alone in this.The good news is that fixing it is no rocket science. You can't post on Instagram for a reason. To fix a problem, you need to find the cause. [...]

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Easy Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

How to recover deleted Instagram messages?  Instagram is a visual social media platform that helps users stay in touch with their friends and families and follow their favorite brands or celebrities. But this communication is not limited to posts and comments. You can actually contact them through DMs.  However, you may delete one of the [...]

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Tricks To Change Instagram Story Background Color

Instagram Stories happen to be informative, amusing, and fun; still, it is a perfect way to collect leads and increase sales for those who have a business on Instagram. It is a perfect way to collect leads and increase sales, so they treat it more seriously. It means they make sure their feeds on Stories [...]

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How To Archive Instagram Posts?+Mass Deleting posts

How to archive Instagram posts? Have you seen the first published photo on Instagram? https://www.instagram.com/p/C/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, published the first photo on Instagram and captioned it “Test.” Later he claimed, "Had I known it was going to be the first photo on Instagram I would have tried a bit harder," I [...]

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15 Top Instagram Auto Post Tools For Android & iOS

It’s been reemphasized enough that being consistent is the main key factor to grow on Instagram after creating high-quality content. But it becomes quite a challenge to remain consistent if you manage multiple Instagram accounts or the best time to post on Instagram is inconvenient. So the Instagram auto post is what you must be [...]

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What Is Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL?

Ainf_INC (also referred to as Ainf_SOCIAL), L.L.C, is a holding company that, as its title indicates, controls and holds cooperation among the brands that offer a variety of Instagram services. These brands are AiGrow, DMPro, AiSchedul, and MyURLs. Ainf_INC/Ainf_SOCIAL, on its own, does not sell any product or service but once you subscribe to one of [...]

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How To Share An Instagram Story To My Story?

Gone are the days when users uploaded content on their Story just because they were not good enough to dedicate a post too! Nowadays, businesses try to get more Instagram Story views because Stories can attract leads and convert customers. To enjoy the full benefits of Instagram Stories, businesses share multiple Stories daily. This may [...]

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