8 Best Gaming Instagram Accounts to Follow

With Instagram, it’s easy to create visual masterpieces that can turn heads and draw admiration. Gaming Instagram accounts are especially keen about the platform as it provides an excellent opportunity for friendly competition. 

From watching their peers succeed to stepping their game up, gaming Instagram accounts serve as the ultimate space for both competitive and collaborative gaming. These accounts know how to leverage Instagram games to drive more engagement.

So keep reading this article to get familiar with some of the best accounts on this platform!

8 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Gaming

Below, we present you eight of the greatest gaming Instagram accounts to check out. This renowned list contains profiles meant to fuel motivation, shopping tips, gaming experiences, an in-depth look at the gaming industry, and how they use social media to drive fan engagement

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

#1 RocknRolla

RocknRolla is known to many frequenters of the gambling scene since his initial presence in 2008. His YouTube channel features a consistent array of informative postings about the topic. He has also amassed a staggering number of 75.5k followers.

An avid poker player and self-proclaimed ‘born gambler’, this individual has turned to Twitch to share their love of gambling with the world. 

With content ranging from slots, poker, to live roulette and blackjack, they are looking to explore and share the thrilling journey of live gambling.

He stands out from the rest as he doesn’t shy away from keeping his faithful followers in the loop: they’re able to witness both his triumphs and failures. 

Through his examples, viewers are left with an important lesson to take away: luck plays a significant role in gambling, meaning big wins aren’t always ever-present. That’s why he is one of the best gaming Instagram accounts.

#2 PewDiePie

There’s no doubt that every passionate gamer knows the name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, commonly known as PewDiePie. With an impressive 100+ million subscribers on YouTube and 20 million people following him on Instagram, PewDiePie has riveted viewers with his distinctive comedy & “Let’s Play” video content.

Hailing from Sweden, this gamer has earned the attention of prominent brands and cultivated a following through his interactions with the public, though not without controversy. 

As one of the best gaming accounts on Instagram, the speculation about his net worth varies drastically, ranging from a conservative estimation of $20 million to an extravagant assumption of $99 million.

#3 DanTDM

Daniel Middleton, the beloved professional gamer and author of a highly successful New York Times graphic novel, is known widely as The Diamond Minecraft or DanTDM. 

His great strength is his live streaming of the popular Minecraft game on YouTube. In 2017 his channel rocketed to the highest-paid YouTubers list with total earnings of an impressive $16.5 million. It included merchandise sales.

DanTDM has entered the world of esports recently with an impressive portfolio of games such as Fortnite. His live shows have made him a superstar with over 3 million fans on Instagram. This makes him one of the most well-known gaming Instagram accounts.

#4 Tfue

Turner Ellis Tenney, a native Floridian, stands among the youngest professional gamers in the YouTube and Twitch scenes. While his success may inevitably be mired by downside experiences, he has been no stranger to controversy. 

Twice he was banned from Twitch and Epic Games suspended him through Fortnite. It even resulted in his YouTube channel being eradicated.

The world renowned Fortnite player, Tfue, has been handed repercussions for his use of offensive language and abuses of the platform’s terms of service. 

He has 11.3 million YouTube subscribers and 5.8 million Instagram followers. It’s no wonder why Tfue acquired the title of ‘The Best Fortnite Player in the World’.

#5 Alia

Game enthusiast Alastair Aiken, better known as Ali-A, is a big name not only in the UK but across the globe. With four Guinness World Records to his name for accomplishments associated with CoD and Minecraft gaming, Ali-A has become an iconic gaming Instagram account. 

Ali-A’s status as a well-regarded influencer has helped him amass a noteworthy following of over 2.6 million people on Instagram. It makes his estimated net worth rise to $16 million.

#6 Jacksepticeye

Sean William McLoughlin, otherwise known as Jacksepticeye, has amassed a large following of 6.4 million people from his homeland, Ireland. He gained fame with his Let’s Play videos, known for their humorous aspect and use of humorous language.

Jacksepticeye has leveraged his influence to raise funds for different charities. He achieved widespread recognition when celebrated YouTuber PewDiePie gave him a special shoutout in one of his videos, which helped him increase Instagram engagement

To this day, Jacksepticeye enjoys a net worth of $17 million, proof of his tremendous success.

#7 TwoDots

We also want to mention the innovative social strategy employed by Dots Inc. Not only have they managed to endow the game’s basic dots with charisma, but they have also included a creative element. It has significantly improved the user experience. 

Their incredible strategy extends to their Instagram page, where fantastic snapshots highlighting real world dots can be enjoyed.

#8 sssniperwolf

Alia Marie Shelesh is a distinguished female gaming personality from the UK. Her YT channel is an impressive showcase of a multifaceted array of gaming-related content. It includes videos about Fortnite, CoD, Cosplay, hacks and insider advice.

Alia Marie Shelesh boasts a staggering 6.6 million followers on IG, making it a famous gaming Instagram account. This success has translated into a massive net worth of $2.2 million. 

Her noteworthy partnerships with major gaming companies such as Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and Disney have been prominent across the board.

Final Word

If you’re looking to further your gaming skills and want to manage your YouTube channel, learning from established influencers is a must-do. By connecting with the right people in the gaming scene, it’s easy to absorb and benefit from their experience. 

Drawing from their insights, you can apply beneficial tricks and techniques during your own sessions, leading to improved results.

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