How to change the Instagram app icon in Android and iOS

How to Change the Instagram App Icon in iOS and Android

Have you ever wondered how to change Instagram icon on your phones? Then, you should be among the users who care about the aesthetic appeal of your Instagram profile.  Either as a business or a regular user, it is not unusual to look for different ways to have a more attractive page on Instagram.  By

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how to like a story on instagram

How to Like a Story on Instagram: All The Secrets

Ever wondered how to like a story on Instagram?! In 2016, Instagram launched the ‘Story’ section. And since then, multiple features have been added with each Instagram update to make for a better user experience. Now, liking Instagram stories is one of the best possibilities added to the set. In this article, we’re providing a

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how to do a giveaway on instagram

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram: Complete Guide in 2022

Have you ever wanted to run an Instagram giveaway? Do you know how to do a giveaway on Instagram? If you’re new to the concept or don’t know how to facilitate the process of a giveaway, no worries; you’re not alone! Hosting a giveaway on Instagram helps you grow your audience as well as increase

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Gramto reviews

Gramto Review: ‌Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever heard about the Gramto app? If you have searched for Instagram automation services, you have surely come across the name. But is Gramto safe? When you’re trying to choose one app among a sea of services that claim to be the best, you need to find the best, most reliable choice. That’s

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How to Save Instagram Stories with the Best IG Story Viewer

How to Save Instagram Stories with the Best IG Story Viewer in 2022

As an everyday Instagram user, you must have thought about how to save Instagram stories or highlights.  Instagram stories won’t remain available forever and the maximum time you can see them on your feed is 24 hours. Even if you find out an interesting story has been saved in highlights, it still won’t be easy

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How to save a Video from Instagram: Quick Methods

How to Save a Video from Instagram: 12 Quick Methods

Have you ever wondered how to save a video from Instagram without any effort? If you have ever had the misfortune of your phone crashing when you were watching an interesting video on your Instagram feed or story, then you know that being able to save videos is a blessing. That’s because when you go

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