Instagram brand awareness strategies

10 Killer brand awareness strategies on Instagram in 2021

If you are looking to build brand awareness through social networks, then Instagram is the top choice for you. 

Instagram allows you to share your products through multimedia publications. You reach a large audience, thanks to the number of active users on Instagram that grows every day; You will attract new customers, get more Instagram followers and increase sales.

Online marketers use the display network to create brand awareness. You can generate thousands of affordable impressions on Display, and when you create compelling display ads, you also have a good chance of generating affordable clicks. But today, we are going to talk about some brand awareness strategies that you can use alone or in agreement with the display network.

What is brand awareness? 

Brand awareness is a marketing term that indicates the level to which the consumer recognizes a brand by name. Why is it important? Because brands that have a high level of brand awareness will generate more sales and revenue than a brand with a low level of brand awareness. 

Simply put, this is because when consumers are presented with multiple options of the same product, they are more likely to choose the one they recognize. It means that it has a certain level of respectability and is possible of better quality in the mind of the consumer.

How to build brand awareness through Instagram?

Let’s start with an introduction to the brand awareness quiz. This is a questionnaire capable of measuring the existing knowledge that a target audience has of your brand. Done by capturing demographic information and allowing you to see and understand how your customers perceive your brand, which creates a strategy to improve your brand awareness within your target audience.

There are some metrics and strategies that you can use to test and measure your brand awareness. After all, if you don’t know your starting point, you won’t be able to plan how to achieve a higher level of brand awareness.

 Instagram marketing strategies to increase brand awareness 

Before you start digging deep into the Instagram marketing world, ask yourself :

“What do I want to achieve with my profile on this communication channel?” 

“ What type of content do you consume? “Which ones do you interact with the most? “It does not matter what you want to communicate but what your buyer person wants to consume.

  • Know your goals and audience

You should analyze your direct traffic. There might be users who write the name of your brand directly in the search engine. It means they remembered your brand or website and have a brand memory. Do market research, set a benchmark, and see where your brand ranks by comparing it.

Once you have a clear objective, establish a strategy to target a specific niche, create a tone and a specific communication style, establish the frequency of publications, use influencers, think about collaborations with third parties, etc.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile

The first thing your audience notices is your Instagram bio, so don’t forget to make a good first impression with your Instagram bio. 

  •  Use keywords on your bio 

Try to use a keyword for the bold letters on your bio (your name), the Instagram search engine works just like google, so for example, if you have a bakery shop, go ahead and type bakery as your name.

  • Use an authentic profile pic

If you have a logo for your brand, use it for your Instagram profile to look more authentic. 

The photo is one of the elements that users see first. That is why it is important that if you are a company you have your brand logo on, and if on the contrary, you are a personal brand, add an image in which you are recognized and if you may use it in other public places like your website or your LinkedIn profile.

  • Apply Contact information 

Add all the contact information on your bio, such as email, phone number, etc.; this would make your profile more authentic and reliable. 

Use AiSchedul tool to maximize your links on your Instagram bio, connect all your social media platforms(Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter, etc.) to your Instagram bio.

Instagram bio tool for brand awareness

Let your audience find you on all platforms with just a click.

  • Create killer content

After creating a professional-looking bio, it’s time for your content.

Then, your feed must engage the user in the first three seconds, so you should always use the same combination of colors and tones so that the result is visually harmonious.

In the structure, you can also be creative and design a unique and easily identifiable profile. You can follow a specific order when uploading content: for example, two photos + one video, thus making a complete row. If you repeat the process each time, you will see how a column of videos is always aligned.

Another option would be to tile a single photo or strategically combine text-only posts into a certain shape in your feed. These are just some examples; You can compose your Instagram feed as best suits you. You know, it will be the all-important “first impression.”

  • Post consistently 

Social networks are nothing if you don’t make a good content plan to publish content that helps you achieve your goals and that your audience likes at the same time.

Use Scheduling tools to publish content daily.

If you are looking for a scheduling tool we recommend AiSchedul, to schedule your stories, feed, and IGTVs months or weeks in advance, no time limit on that!

instagram scheduling tool

  • Write engaging captions 

Writing captions on Instagram is an art that could be equated with writing titles for your blog or subjects for your emails. take this chance to speak directly to your audience, use an informal friendly tone, ask them questions, and require them to do a call to action (to comment, like, or save your post) to have more engagements

  • Use Reels

Instagram never ceases to amaze us and every time it allows you to upload more content in different formats and different ways.

Reels bring more traffic to your account and actually get more views.

Try Instagram Reels and create a strategy to gain visibility with these small videos to bring you many visits. If you are a content creator or a company, you can add products to your Reels through Instagram reels Shopping.

  • Promote through influencers

Now, Influencer marketing has become a tool that brands are strongly committed to because it is not perceived as such invasive advertising.

An influencer is an opinion leader who positively or negatively influences someone else’s purchasing decisions.

For example, a person who may be reluctant to try a certain product after a strategic action with influencers may say “hey, I’m going to try the product.”

The goal of influencers is to help other people make decisions by transmitting a commercial message more credibly.


In this article, we talked about tactics to build brand awareness on Instagram marketing. As businesses have become more virtual, having a profile on social media platforms improves your brand image and brand loyalty.

With a good schedule and Instagram strategy in place, see a good return on your investment.

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