5 Business School Instagram Accounts Students Love to Follow

5 Business School Instagram Accounts Students Love to Follow

In our modern world, social media platforms play an integral role in the lives of most college students. And Instagram is essential for both young adults and teens. Research studies have shown that 72 percent of teenagers use Instagram, and 67 percent of adults between ages 18 and 29 use the platform. Plenty of colleges and universities have noticed how popular Instagram is, and they’ve taken advantage of the platform to attract prospects and valuable clients. 

After all, you should focus on social media platforms that appeal to your target audience. There are many colleges and universities that post high-quality content on Instagram, such as campus buildings, colorful graphics promoting school campaigns, and photos of games. Here are five business school Instagram accounts that college students love to follow.

1.Colorado State University

Colorado State University is one of the educational institutions that focuses on the study and posting diverse content on Instagram. And most of the things come out well. I had a difficult time referring you to the best pictures and captions on their page. They have done a remarkable job with their campaign graphics.

2.Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is located in New Hampshire, and it has a lot to offer. Their Instagram page doesn’t sell them short. It’s full of high definition and breathtaking photos of their college in different seasons of the year at different times during the day. The drone shots are perfect, and they help in giving a different perspective about the campus.

3.University of Cambridge 

The University is located in England has mastered the art of photography and editing. Most of their photos on Instagram are landscape photos around the institution. You should check out how to edit photos and write research papers on studyclerk.com to bring out the minor details that matter most and intensify the colors. I also loved how the frames they put on their photos. You’ll see different types of frames and how they captivate the hearts and minds of people. You will see certain areas and buildings. However, you should focus on how you can photograph them in unique and interesting ways when you are taking pictures.

4.Liberty University

The Instagram account of Liberty University has a perfect mix of student photos, campus shots, guest speakers, staff, and other important members of the college’s community. When it comes to posting people’s photos, they don’t focus on average people hanging around the campus, but they post people that appeal to their target audience. You should check out their page to get a clear understanding of what I’m saying here.

5.Arizona State University

The Instagram account of Arizona State University shines its pride thanks to the high-quality content they post regularly. They’ve done a great job creating amazing graphics for game day announcements and how they include important information both as caption and text in the picture. That way, you don’t have to copy if you want to re-post it too.

Bonus School: Adolfo Ibanez University

This amazing university is located beside the stunning Andes Mountains, which are found in Chile. And they give the learning institution amazing scenery to work with while taking photos. They do a good job of capturing the mountains’ closeness to the institution. The social media team does a nice job not only in the caption but the picture itself too. Their Instagram account also contains cool projects by the student who was ranked as the best. Instead of displaying the project in labs or classes, they post a nice photo at night or during the day outside to help prospects see how the school appreciates its students’ efforts.


Instant images, instant likes, and news – Instagram is the ideal platform for business schools across the world. In a second, you can post and attract thousands of prospective students and visitors. That’s why colleges need to use this platform. As you’ve seen, you don’t have to spend hours perfecting a picture or video. All you need to do is focus on progress and improving your photography skills. Schools that use Instagram to market their offers will boost their performance and help them achieve their goals. There are hundreds of business schools that utilize Instagram, but we haven’t mentioned it on our list. Which school has fascinated you in the way they use social media platforms?

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