How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Scheduling Content

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Scheduling Content on Their IG Account

Instagram has proved to be a strong marketing tool for companies seeking to increase their brand value and the exposure of their goods since its beginnings. While there are possibilities for sponsorships, starting up with Instagram is easy, and companies can build a massive following without paying any amount. Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to social media platform for businesses to show off their wares to the rest of the globe.

Although the ‘Insta’ or Instagram speaks to the app’s in-the-moment attitude, as a small company owner, you should schedule your Instagram posts and then use Instagram scheduling to guarantee they go out on time. 

1. What is Instagram scheduling, and how does it work? 

It takes a lot of effort to post to Instagram at the correct frequency. Although if you simply post once a day, creating and posting content takes time. You don’t have time to spend like a small business owner.

Everything that you do is critical and urgent. You simply cannot afford to not post in a world of over 1 billion monthly active users and short attention spans. Instagram scheduling is creating your posts ahead of time and scheduling them to be posted on the date you specify using a software application. You can then focus on other duties, knowing that your postings will reach your readers on time. 

2. What are the advantages of using Instagram to schedule posts? 

So why would you pick Instagram scheduling as a small business owner, and why is Instagram scheduling essential to grow your small business?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Always post it when your audience is active. 
  • Never miss an update again. 
  • Stick to the posting schedule you’ve set. 
  • Make sure the posts are well-thought-out and consistent. 
  • You may schedule all of your postings at once, in order to free up time for more important duties. 

Here are a few of the great reasons: 

  • For The Sake of Efficiency 

You must be efficient and structured in order to stand out among the Instagram crowd. Missing a single post day this week, then several days the next week could make or break your ability to reach your goals. Social media, particularly Instagram, necessitates commitment and, if not done properly, a significant amount of time. 

Instagram scheduling is a powerful tool for keeping your channels active and engaging your audience with relevant material at the proper moments. And you could do that without jeopardizing your ability to run the business. 

  • For Consistency’s Sake 

It’s difficult to come up with amazing social media content suggestions. Whenever you schedule the whole of your postings ahead of time, you establish a unified message that’s been well and studied. Instagram scheduling enables you to maintain consistency in the number of articles you publish, when they go live, as well as the message they communicate with your followers. 

Instagram content plan

  • For A Wider Audience 

You may choose the optimal times for your material to be seen and connected with when you plan your posts. For startups and small company owners, social media is no longer a game of trial and error. It’s a science, after all. At various periods of the day, your viewers are more active. If you don’t contact them while they’re available, you’ll miss out. 

3. Instagram Scheduling: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Step 1: Make a content plan

Having a clear plan in place is vital either you want to schedule the posts for the coming week or month. A smart plan should contain the content of your message, how often you want to publish, plus whenever you want to publish. You’re ready to post once you’ve finalized your strategy. 

Step 2: In your Instagram scheduling app, add your Instagram profile 

To schedule posts straight from the application, you must first convert your Instagram account to a business account. Add the business Instagram account with your scheduling app, such as Freshbooks, once you’ve created a business profile. You’re now fully primed and ready to compose and publish. 

Step 3: Make your content and make it to the page

Your social media posts can be created straight in your scheduling software. After you’ve found your photo or video, write your description or text and include any hashtags you like. Then you have the option of posting right away or scheduling your post. 

Step 4: Make a schedule and a calendar 

If you want to plan your posting for a subsequent date/time, you can do so in your app by creating a custom schedule with the time and date for each post. You ought to be able to see all planned posts on your calendar once they’ve been scheduled. You’ll be notified when it’s time to write your article. All of the hard work of putting up your Instagram post has already been done with efficient Instagram scheduling. 

Step 5: Give your content a once-over

As a small businessman, it’s critical to make sure everything you put out is well-thought-out, accurate, and consistent with your brand. Before finalizing your schedule, make sure to preview all of your postings. In your app, you may view all of your planned posts chronologically or as individual entries. You can also use Facebook chatbots to go along with your Instagram strategy so that you have a better reach.

Step 6 – If necessary, make modifications quickly

You have complete control over what content is posted when using Instagram scheduler. You could go back and change your posts after they’ve been scheduled. You can also modify the sequence of your postings or postpone them because plans change in the corporate world. 

4. Tools for Scheduling Social Media Posts 

Freshbooks is one of the most effective social media scheduling applications available. This Online accounting software for small business is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small company owners like you. You may manage the social media strategies more effectively and productively with less work because it is so simple to use. 

5. How to Schedule Instagram Posts Effectively 

  • To schedule the posts, keep in mind you have such a business Instagram account. 
  • Begin with a well-defined social media plan. 
  • Make a content calendar and write down everything you want to say. 
  • Use Freshbooks to check the planner and see what you’ve previously published or what you’ve booked to avoid duplicate communications. 
  • Make sure your app’s time zones are right. 
  • Check that the Instagram credentials are all still linked to the app so that scheduled posts appear when they should. 


You can devote more time to growing your business now that you’ve perfected the skill of Instagram scheduling. With your content plan in place, you can begin to grow your Instagram followers with less effort and more efficiency.

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