Top tools for planning content strategy on Instagram

Instagram is not just a social media platform to make friends or follow your favorite celebrities, but you can also use it to promote your business online. The trend of doing business online on Instagram goes on level after the pandemic of covid-19. Even small businesses grab huge audience traffic to their Instagram page; they [...]

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How to Create a Dynamic Video Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Planning to promote business on social media? Then your Instagram marketing strategy should include setting clear goals, planning content, gathering analytics, and other stages discussed in the article. The amount of time that people spend watching videos is increasing in a geometric progression. Moreover, they say that they want more! 84% of users say that [...]

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5 Tools to grow Instagram for an online education business

Marketing for an education business can be challenging. This is why one must be ready to face challenges in the industry while starting a new business. Many companies today use Instagram as their primary lead generation and marketing tool. The social media platform is convenient to use as most of the features on the forum are free. It also [...]

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How college students are using social media to find jobs

Social Media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Many would argue about its disadvantages, but what remains a fact is the number of opportunities it provides. You can search for a job that fits you from countless available options worldwide. Whether you are a student currently enrolled in a college or a fresh [...]

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9 Tools to use Instagram for Schools

Instagram makes it easy for its users to share photos, videos, and now the top-rated reels with people across the globe. It is more widely loved and used by students than any other social media application. Launched in 2010, Instagram now boasts of more than 1 billion active users monthly and is one of the [...]

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Scheduling Content on Their IG Account

Instagram has proved to be a strong marketing tool for companies seeking to increase their brand value and the exposure of their goods since its beginnings. While there are possibilities for sponsorships, starting up with Instagram is easy, and companies can build a massive following without paying any amount. Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to [...]

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5 Brands Who’ve Perfected Their Instagram Game And How To Copy Them

If you want your brand to become a part of digital marketing royalty, it’s important to know that Instagram is the king of all social media.  While Facebook may still boast the biggest audience base, winning relationships between brands and customers are formed on Instagram.  Feel unsure about that? Check out these stats. 50% of [...]

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Instagram for schools – Best practices for engagement

Instagram has been around for over a decade now, and in that time, it has grown to become both a fun place to share pictures and goof around with friends on IG Live, and a significant part of the marketing strategy for many businesses and institutions. So how can this fabled platform help our school’s [...]

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5 Business School Instagram Accounts Students Love to Follow

In our modern world, social media platforms play an integral role in the lives of most college students. And Instagram is essential for both young adults and teens. Research studies have shown that 72 percent of teenagers use Instagram, and 67 percent of adults between ages 18 and 29 use the platform. Plenty of colleges [...]

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Social Media Guide for Students: Writing While Under the Influence of Depression

Social media is a platform that attracts almost every adolescent who takes pleasure posting their photos, their latest experiences, and catching up with friends and colleagues. The positive effect students get on social media can help them perform better on various issues.  However, social media can negatively impact college students, especially when the level of [...]

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