How To Save Hashtags On Instagram In 2021? +Tool

How to save hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags find their existence on Twitter first but not so long after that, IG experts asked users to add on Instagram. How many? 30! Why? Let’s dig more in. Aside from the fact that every hashtag is an entry to your profile and its impact on the number of [...]

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How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC?

You might have asked yourself how to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC, especially when it seems unlikely to upload even one from the desktop Instagram.  As Instagram places focus on visual content, many prefer the quality on their laptops or personal computers to the screens of their mobile phones.  However, Instagram hasn’t shown [...]

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10 creative ideas to use Instagram stickers

Have you ever heard that Instagram sticker can grow your business? Although some people think that they are just funny things, it doesn’t seem to be true.  Over 50 million people use an Instagram sticker per day for their brands or personal users. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about using [...]

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How to delete Instagram posts on a computer? + tool

Do you ever wonder how to delete Instagram post on computer? Instagram has become miles ahead of its predecessors and successors. As it rolls out more and more features with better quality, many users have also turned to use Instagram on the computer. However, there are some small differences, like posting or deleting a post [...]

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Trending Instagram Challenges In 2021

What are Instagram challenges in 2021? Instagram challenges are always popular. However, the importance of these challenges has been magnified at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Before a celebrity normally started the challenges, anyone could become a starter after the pandemic! Why is that? BOREDOM!  People had way too much free time at home. [...]

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How To Turn Off Suggested Posts On Instagram?

How to turn off suggested posts on Instagram? You may have come across a situation where you scroll down to see your feed, and once you cover all of them, you see suggested posts on your Instagram feed. Suggested posts on Instagram Instagram suggests these feeds to you according to the accounts you [...]

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How Creators Can Make Money with IGTV Ads

IGTV ads are the latest feature on Instagram which were tested in the US in 2020, and now they are aimed to be accessible in the UK and Australia.  Instagram has announced that more countries will be able to use this feature by the end of this year as it is vital for them to [...]

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All You Should Know About IGTV Dimensions In 2021

Two years into its launch, IGTV is still getting popular among users. Especially after the time that IGTV monetization was enabled for creators on Instagram. But to become a creator or monetize IGTV, it is vital to learn about Instagram dimensions. Why? Let’s discuss it. IGTV dimensions refer to the Instagram standards for your video [...]

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