How Creators Can Make Money with IGTV Ads

IGTV ads are the latest feature on Instagram which were tested in the US in 2020, and now they are aimed to be accessible in the UK and Australia.  Instagram has announced that more countries will be able to use this feature by the end of this year as it is vital for them to [...]

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All You Should Know About IGTV Dimensions In 2021

Two years into its launch, IGTV is still getting popular among users. Especially after the time that IGTV monetization was enabled for creators on Instagram. But to become a creator or monetize IGTV, it is vital to learn about Instagram dimensions. Why? Let’s discuss it. IGTV dimensions refer to the Instagram standards for your video [...]

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How to clear Instagram search suggestions? Full guide

Sometimes you might want to clear your history in a way that while you search for something on Instagram, it doesn’t give you any suggestions.  These suggestions are based on the accounts you’ve already search. For the same reason, you might want to clear up these search suggestions. If you want to know how to [...]

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How To Use Instagram Games To Grow Your Account?

Gone are the days when Instagram stories were only random photos of the day to day life. Nowadays, Instagram is used to increase engagement, followers, and even sales. For this reason, users begin to invest more time and effort in stories to the point that businesses upload to posts and stories equally. Instagram games are [...]

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How To Share YouTube Videos On Instagram In 2021?

How to share YouTube video on Instagram? Ever since IGTV was launched, many users download YouTube videos and upload them to IGTV. Although it is working, it would be more convenient to paste or embed the YouTube video and let it upload. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes! You read it right. Yes! It is possible! We [...]

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Why can’t I add music to Instagram story? + Solution

Every day Instagram lets us use its new features to make Instagram more creative. Adding music to Instagram Stories is one of those features, although some can’t add music to Instagram Story. Sometimes we can’t add music to Instagram Story, but why? If you can’t add music to your Instagram Story, we will discuss how [...]

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How to edit Instagram post after posting?

Do you need to edit Instagram post that you have just shared?  Well, you are not alone. Many users feel the same after publishing a post. They, for example, wish they had tagged someone, added a location, or simply realize there is a mistake in their caption.  Anyway, Instagram has a solution to fix this [...]

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7 Ways To Design Your Instagram Grid Like A Pro

Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, aesthetics plays a major role in making your account appealing. One of the ways you can work on Instagram aesthetics is by designing a grid. In the following, you will read about some unique ideas for the Instagram grid and introduce a free planner that helps you [...]

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How to tag someone on Instagram post, story, or comment?

Do you know how to tag someone on Instagram? Social media is one way to communicate. Sometimes, you want to share a post, story, or comment to others and directly tag them in your photo or video. Now, you should know how to tag someone on Instagram.  And you may know that when you tag [...]

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2 Killer Tips To IGTV Monetization In 2021

Did you know that ads for IGTV monetization have been enabled for creators? IGTV is a great platform for creators to create their own personal channels on Instagram and make videos. But not very long ago, they had to do that for free (aside from affiliate marketing.) This is while YouTube offers a full package [...]

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