12 pro tips to sell products on Instagram in 2021

One of the most effective marketing strategies is to sell products on Instagram.  There are two key elements to prove this claim. One of them is the fact that Instagram cares a lot about its users. They analyze and study our needs and roll out new features that quickly become fundamental to Instagram marketing.  Secondly, [...]

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The ultimate guide to Instagram careers and finding a job

Surely, you use LinkedIn and even Twitter to look for a job, but have you ever considered the option of looking for a job through Instagram? Today many people use their Instagram account as their portfolio, such as models, agencies, freelancers, and so on, Instagram is a great platform for brand awareness and marketing. Therefore [...]

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Later reviews and alternatives – All you need to know

Using management tools and generator apps have become more popular with brands and marketers since Instagram proved to be a promising platform for marketing. One of these favorite tools for Instagram marketing is Later. Accordingly, with so many users that Later has, every experience they share is counted as a genuine review. Moreover, their users [...]

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X Killer brand awareness strategies on Instagram in 2021

If you are looking to build brand awareness through social networks, then Instagram is the top choice for you.  Instagram allows you to share your products through multimedia publications. You reach a large audience, thanks to the number of active users on Instagram that grows every day; You will attract new customers, get more Instagram [...]

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The ultimate guide to using Instagram ads + costs

With over 130 million users tapping on shopping posts every month, Instagram ads are a great way to reach a new audience beyond your followers.  You can adopt 3 approaches to running ads on Instagram:  Create ads directly from Instagram  Use your Facebook page to create Instagram ads Run ad campaigns in ads manager Additionally, [...]

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Top Instagram hashtag analytic tool you shouldn’t miss

Do we need an Instagram hashtag analytic app? Well, we hear a lot that hashtags increase our engagement rate up to 12.6% compared to the posts that don’t use any hashtags.  But how can we use hashtags effectively to reach that number or higher? And more importantly, how can we evaluate the success of our [...]

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The Importance of Social Media in Business

Whether you are a beginning entrepreneur or quite an experienced one, you must remember that social media is critical for enhancing brand awareness, expanding brand recognition, and letting you reach your audience quite effectively. Notwithstanding the size of your business, or your target segment, it remains to be a generally-trusted business tool.  The Importance of [...]

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How to use Instagram hashtags to grow your audience in 2021?

Many marketers wonder if Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more exposure.  Statistics show that a regular post on Instagram with at least one hashtag gets 12.6% more engagement on average compared to posts that don’t use hashtags at all. So the answer to what some marketers might be doubtful about is [...]

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Top 5 Instagram apps every marketer should use in 2021

To what extent do you think Instagram apps for marketers have an effective role in growing their business? Instagram marketing has become vital to all brands for various reasons, and perhaps the most important one is the fact that businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to grow on this platform.  Since then, many business [...]

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The complete guide to advertising on Instagram

Have you tried advertising on google or other social media platforms? Are you in a dilemma about advertising on Instagram?   Then there is no doubt that you cannot ignore advertising on Instagram. However, when you learn how to make the most of it, you may also prefer it to other types of advertising.  So to [...]

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