How to run a successful Instagram contest? + Tool

An Instagram contest is one of the features that is successfully combined with creativity to increase your engagement rate and reach a wider audience. However, it might seem challenging when it comes to running it with the best possible results.  In particular, you need to consider the rules of your contest, selecting the winners fairly, [...]

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20 popular Instagram giveaway hashtags + tool

Using Instagram giveaway hashtags can grow your business organically, but only if you use them in a way that is efficient based on the Instagram algorithm!  So you can use Instagram giveaway hashtags in your contest as researches show that it will increase your engagement up to thirteen percent. In this article, you will learn [...]

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Top 3 Instagram Giveaway Apps In 2021

Are you after a strategy in which you scale up your followers, engagement rate, and reputation? Run a contest with an Instagram giveaway app. People love to win, and people love free stuff. For this purpose, giveaway contest has placed in marketing in all forms and kinds. Free This article will fill you [...]

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5 killer Instagram giveaway templates + giveaway tools

Instagram has proved to be a great platform for both small businesses and major marketers, and every feature or creative idea like the Instagram giveaway and its template works well for both if it is done the right way.  In fact, contests and Instagram giveaways are a great tool to increase your engagement rate, [...]

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Creative ideas for your next Instagram giveaway + tools

Social networks are the perfect channel to interact with your followers and potential audience. Running an Instagram giveaway will not only allow you to increase the number of interactions, but you will also gain brand visibility, promote products or services, grow the number of followers, achieve conversions or expand your database, thanks to obtaining qualified [...]

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How to pick a winner on Instagram giveaways?

When you are here, it just means that you are aware of the power of Instagram in social media marketing. This way, you probably know how to use Instagram giveaways as an effective tool for your Instagram account, business, and brand to grow. Clearly, you are here to find the best Instagram giveaway picker for [...]

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The ultimate guide for running an Instagram giveaway

When you choose this article, it literally means you know that Instagram is one of the most important social media marketing platforms. Instagram giveaway plays a prominent role as a powerful tool for your business to grow online. Indeed, Instagram giveaways increase likes, shares, follows, engagement rate, and growth. Today, we are going to give [...]

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Use the best tool for Post and Reward on your Instagram contest

Have you ever decided to hold all kinds of contests or post and reward on Instagram for your page?! Today we will have special instructions for you in this regard. In general, in order to be successful in designing an Instagram contest, we want to introduce you to a unique feature of AiSchedul called Post [...]

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Wishpond vs. AiSchedul: Comparing Instagram Contest Managers

Instagram contests are all the rage these days. Thousands of brands are taking advantage of them every day in order to increase their popularity and/or make a name for themselves. This is why contest managers like Wishpond and AiSchedul exist out there; they help you hold effective contests. Think of them as real-life marketing managers [...]

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Instagram giveaway Captions to use in your next Instagram giveaway

Apart from being an amazing social media platform to share your daily photos, Instagram has become an awesome advertising tool too! Today, most of the brands, agencies, companies and also individual marketers use Instagram to grow their business and get more attractions. In this way, there are some things they can do to attract [...]

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