How to view Instagram stories anonymously? + tool

Have you wanted to view someone's stories anonymously?  Let's be honest, the thought of stalking someone on IG has crossed our minds at least a few times in our lives! Either it's an ex or that hater you can't stand! You want to see what they're up to, but you don't want them to know [...]

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm 2021?

Surely if you are reading this article, you want the answer to how to beat the Instagram algorithm, especially in 2021 that this social network has become one of the main social media tools for branding.  At the end of this article, you will know how to use the Instagram algorithm in your favor, how [...]

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How to download Instagram videos fast and free?

I'm pretty sure we all have watched Instagram videos and instantly wanted to save the video on our phone or computer to rewatch it later. So today, we are about to show you how to download Instagram videos Fast & Super easy. Download that makeup tutorial, DIY videos, or anything that interests you and share [...]

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How to find someone on Instagram in 2021?

Generally, being on social media means that you should be sociable and connect with other people. Clearly, after signing up on Instagram, users would like to find someone on Instagram, such as their family members, friends, colleagues, etc. That’s the time the “How to find someone on Instagram” question crosses your mind, and you look [...]

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Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story, post, and DM?(2021 update)

There might be several reasons when someone decides to take a screenshot of a story, post, or DM, including saving the disappearing photo, forwarding it to someone else, having some evidence, finding some posts and stories interesting, etc. Surprisingly, Instagram rolled out a new feature in 2018, which was notifying users when someone took a [...]

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100+ Instagram Christian Bio Ideas You Can Use

Your Christian Instagram bio is all about earning that impactful first reaction. Most people immediately scan your bio and photos before determining whether or not they should follow you. If your Christian Bio is attractive, your followers or typical users might decide to interact with your posts or follow your Instagram account. If it [...]

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Top 50 Giveaway hashtags to use in your next Instagram promotion

As an Instagram user, you may have seen so many contests that are held by brands and influencers and offer big expensive prizes. Actually, this a way to attract people and get more potential costumers. Instagram giveaways are tools that companies use in order to get more followers, increase their Instagram engagement rate and also [...]

Want to know who viewed your Instagram video? Keep reading

One of the greatest Instagram features is that it lets you post videos. This feature helps people to grow their Instagram interactions and achieve their goals. Actually, you can repost videos from other users, send them on direct messages, and much more than this. However, sometimes it is important to know who has viewed your [...]

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