Why you shouldn’t use ContentStudio- Top Alternatives and reviews

In this era of technology, social media websites have become an essential part of our daily lives. So many people use these websites for personal uses. However, some others use them professionally as advertising, marketing, and also business tools. Among all the social media websites that exist, Instagram has become one of the most popular ones because it is really user-friendly, and lets you share your feelings through images and videos which can be interpreted as a common language amongst people all around the world. But if you have ever tried to create an active and also amazing account on Instagram, you will know that it takes a great deal of time to find the best ideas, create and share wonderful content that more people will relate to. So, you will go to find a tool that will help you to save more time and work more productively! Actually, ContentStudio is one of the platforms that will help you with social media management issues. 

But is it the best choice? Are people satisfied with the ContentStudio? What are its pros and cons? Are there any other apps that will help you perform better? In this article, we want to answer all these questions and help you to make the best choice possible in order to get the best ever results. Hence, if you are concerned about the time you are spending on social media websites, keep on reading!

What is ContentStudio?


ContentStudio is a cloud-based social media management tool and helps you with most of your time-consuming considerations. Using this social media platform you will have the ability to:

And much more than these. 

As you see, using this tool you can definitely perform better. But why do you need to use such a tool to manage your accounts? Let’s find out!

Why I might use ContentStudio?

In this part, we want to describe some reasons to use ContentStudio! Actually, these reasons may work for all other social media management tools, but note that not all tools have the same features. Now, let’s take a look at reasons to use such a tool. 

1. Run multiple social media account


Actually, most of the brands and agencies run accounts on different social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media channels that exist on the web. This will help them to find all the potential customers and interact with more people. But, managing multiple accounts and having interactions with people will take a great deal of time.

So, using a tool like ContentStudio you can have all your accounts at a single place and avoid jumping from one website to the other one in order to create and share content or just respond to customers’ comments and messages.

2. Analytics and Reporting


Obviously, you use social media accounts to get more attractions and spread your products and services. Hence, you need to know what types of posts do your followers prefer? When do they interact with your posts? Which products are more popular among your followers and what should you concentrate on?

To find the answer to all these questions you will need analytics and reports. Fortunately, ContentStudio gives you this information and hence you will have the chance to perform way better!

3. Content Discovery and Insights 


To perform better on social media websites, it is essential to know the trending content and also the posts that people like to see more on social media websites. Actually, to find this data, you need to use some special search engines and artificial intelligence tools. 

This is another reason to use ContentStudio. This platform has some special search engines that will keep you updated with the trending posts on social media websites and help you to optimize your content marketing strategy.

The ContentStudio Pros and Cons

In this section, we want to take a look at some of the ContentStudio user reviews that have been submitted on Capterra and Software Advice. According to these two websites, we can say that users are almost satisfied with the product and its features. However, there are still some serious issues that we will mention in the following table:


Pros Cons 
✅multiple social media support ❎doesn’t have 24/7 support 
✅Wordpress integration❎No repost feature 
✅value of money ❎Not totally user-friendly


But is it worth using? Actually, some users have reported that ContentStudio needs so many debugging and it crashes so many times. Hence, keep on reading to find out if you should use it or not!

Why shouldn’t you use ContentStudio?

As mentioned above, there are some reports claiming that ContentStudio stops working and needs some debugging. Actually, it has been reported that this app will not post on Instagram automatically which is really bad. Because most of the users will purchase this platform to use the auto-post feature on Instagram. 


But is it the only problem that ContentStudio has? Nope! Unfortunately, another issue that has been reported is that the website claims that there are monthly purchases and you will be able to pay the price month by month. But, this is not true and the platform gets you to pay annually which is not a good idea. In addition, in comparison to similar platforms, the prices are really high and it doesn’t worth using. 


Moreover, ContentStudio competitors have more features and abilities such as:

And other features. So, in the following, we will introduce some of the ContentStudio alternatives that will guarantee your productivity and success!

What to use instead of ContentStudio?

We found that ContentStudio is not the best choice to use as a social media planner. Hence, it is essential to know some of its best alternatives to ensure our success in social media marketing and businesses. Actually, there are so many amazing social media planners that can be used instead of ContentStudio. But here, we just want to introduce the best one that can be used for your Instagram business. 



The best alternative to ContentStudio is AiSchedul. Definitely, AiSchedul is the most complete package you can find. Actually, using this platform, which is an Instagram-based tool you can:

  • Schedule posts/stories
  • Repost posts/stories
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Create stories 

Moreover, you can use it to create all-in-one Instagram bio links and running Instagram Loop Giveaways. Since AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform, you can be sure that your Instagram business is in the right hands. Because the platform focuses only on one social network. Hence, the features cover almost all the things you want from a third-party app like this.


To sum it up, in order to get the best results on social media websites, you may need a social media planner like ContentStudio. However, according to user reports, this platform has so many issues and will not give you the ability to perform amazingly! So, you will need some alternatives. Actually, the best choice you can have instead is AiSchedul which is an Instagram-based platform and covers all your needs for sure. So, give it a try!

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