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How to easily repost on Instagram?

Nowadays, being a user on different social media websites has become essential. These websites can help you save your thoughts, keep up with ideas, and manage your own business better. One of the most popular social media websites is Instagram. Instagram is an application that lets you share photos and videos. Today, most of the big companies and brands have an account on this app and using it get more attractions. However, if you are a social media manager at a big company, you know that always being active costs a lot of time. So, why don’t we use content from other users? In this article, we want to introduce some ways to repost on Instagram easily.

Why do you need to repost on Instagram?

Imagine that you are managing your own business or you are a social media content specialist. It may be hard to take high-quality images and videos, edit them professionally, and share them on your Instagram account! But you need to keep up being active in order to introduce your page to people and get some potential consumers. By the way, imagine that you are surfing Instagram. Then you see a high-quality well-edited photo that is related to your business and you wonder about sharing it on your own page by following the copyright rules. Here, you need to repost it. Actually, you can only repost content from public accounts and when you repost something, you inform people that this photo is not yours. But How to repost on Instagram easily?

How to repost on Instagram easily?

There are so many ways to repost on Instagram. Here, we introduce some ways that help you repost on Instagram easily, without taking much time and by following Instagram privacy policies. So, if you want to find the easiest way possible, keep on reading. 

1. Repost on Instagram stories

repost on Instagram easily

One way to repost on Instagram easily is to share the intended posts on your story. In this way, you don’t need to use any third-party apps and you can do it simply by just taking 3 steps:

Step 1) identify the post you want to repost, make sure the owner’s account is public, and tap on the direct messages icon below the post. 

Step 2) Tap on “Add post to your story”.

Step 3) After editing, tap on the “Send to” button or simply tap on “Your Story” on the left side of the page. 

Done! The post you wanted to repost has been shared in your story.

Actually, in this way, people have to tap on the post you have shared on your story and they will be redirected to the original post. But you can be sure that you have not contradicted the Instagram privacy policy. 

2. Screenshots or video-recordings

repost on Instagram easily

Posting screenshots or screen-records can be another way to repost on Instagram easily. Actually, in this way you can even share content from private accounts, but asking them for permission is highly recommended because they have made their account private in order to let a limited number of people see their posts. By the way, to repost on Instagram using this way follow these steps:

Step 1) Identify the photo or video you want to repost. If it is a photo, tale a screenshot. And in case you want to repost a video, use screen recorders introduced here

Step 2) Tap on the plus button on the lowest part of your Instagram homepage to upload the photo or video. 

Step 3) Edit it if you want, then tag the owner and tap on “Share”.

Your post has been uploaded successfully. However, this way is not recommended because it takes time and the owner may not give permission to repost it!

3. Third-party apps

If you do a simple search on Google, you find thousands of apps to repost on Instagram easily out there. But, whenever you decide to use a third-party app, you have to check some options:

  • Is this app reliable?
  • Isn’t it a hacker? 
  • Isn’t is a virus or a trojan?

In this era of technology, finding the answers to these questions may be hard. But in the following, we introduce a third-party app that meets your requirements best and it is totally reliable. 


repost on Instagram easily

One of the best third-party apps that let you repost on Instagram easily is AiSchedul. AiSchedul is a powerful Instagram scheduler with so many amazing features such as:

  • Repost photos and videos. 
  • Schedule posts and stories
  • Tag people and locations. 
  • Auto response to comments. 
  • Edit content after scheduling. 

This app lets you see photos and videos in-app and choose the one you want to repost on Instagram easily. Continue reading to know how to repost using AiSchedul.

How to repost on Instagram using AiSchedul?

To repost on Instagram using AiSchedul follow the steps below:

Step 1) Open the AiSchedul website, and sign up for free using your email address. 


Step 2) After signing up, log on into your account and on the dashboard, tap on the “Add Instagram account” button. Note that you can add multiple Instagram accounts. 


Step 3) Tap on the “Manage account” button. 


Step 4) Here, tap on the repost button and choose the option that you want. 

AiSchedul dashboard

Step 5) As you have seen in the previous step, there are 4 options. In the following, we tell what does each one do!


repost by hashtag

As you know, people enter Hashtags on their captions in order to get more insights and help people see their posts by related words. On AiSchedul, you can simply repost photos of a specific HashTag. 

To repost by HashTags, enter a HashTag you want, then tap on the “See Posts” button. 


repost by location

Instagram lets users share their locations on their posts. Now, if you want to repost specific location posts, AiSchedul helos you to do so easily. To repost from a location, after choosing “Location” from the list in the previous step, enter a location and choose your photos to repost them on Instagram. 


repost by URL

Imagine that you have already identified the post you want to share and don’t want to waste time searching for it in other possible ways. Now, you can simply copy its URL and paste it on AiSchedul to repost it. To copy the URL, open the post you want on Instagram, tap on the three-dots icon on the top right hand of the image, and tap on “Copy Share URL”. Now, open AiSchedul and paste it to the URL box and tap on the “Show Posts” button. 


repost by username

Now, if you know the username of the owner of the page, you can use this way. In this case, you just need to enter the username and tap on the “Show Posts” button. Then choose the photo you want to repost on Instagram easily. 

Step 6) After doing all the things above, tap on the “Repost” button on the lowest part of the image. 

repost on Instagram easily

Step 7) Now, if you want to add other contents do it. Note that AiSchedul copies the caption from the original post. If you want to change it, simply edit it on the caption box. 

repost on Instagram easily

Step 8) Finally, set the date and time you want to share the post on. In case you want to share it at the moment, check the “Post immediately” and the post will be shared within a minute. Finally, tap on “Schedule Post”. 


Done! You have reposted content successfully. 


To sum it up, all the solutions given in this article are really easy. However, if you want to repost on Instagram easily from your desktop or even your cellphone, and don’t want to share it on your story, AiSchedul is the best choice possible. Using AiSchedul you can repost photos and videos from HashTags, locations, URLs, and usernames. Moreover, if you don’t want to share them at the moment, you can simply schedule them.

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