Everything about Oktopost

Everything you should know about Oktopost

Nowadays, social media play a significant role in marketing. Each business looks for a platform to help them manage their social accounts more effectively and straightforward. Oktopost is one of these platforms that offer many useful tools in managing social media. Here, we are going to discuss everything about this platform, such as features, reviews, pricing and finally, alternatives. So, if you seek a social media management platform, make sure to read this article.

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What Is Oktopost?

Oktopost is a powerful social media managing platform that supports many social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Offering various tools to monitor the performance and work within a group makes it an ideal choice for agencies too. They tried to include everything their clients need in one package. From scheduling content to tracking your growth and targeting your audience, there are tools in this package to assist you in reaching your goal. Now, let’s talk more about its features in the next section.

Oktopost Features

As we mentioned before, Oktopost has various tools to help you in managing your accounts. These are some of the main features.

Content Scheduling

Regular posting is the main factor in growing social accounts. If you want to be on top, you should post content on your page about once a day. However, designing and creating posts every day might be tiresome. Also, if you post the content at the optimal time, you will raise the engagement. So, like many other platforms, Oktopost has a tool for scheduling content from days or even months before. This way, you can create many posts at once and schedule them for a specific date. Moreover, you won’t need to be online at the optimal time to post it; the platform will automatically publish it.

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Detailed analytics

Oktopost dashboard

Oktopost gives you detailed reports to monitor your performance in different aspects. Using these analytics, you can know your strengths and weaknesses and plan to grow them. Additionally, it shows you your most effective keywords, hashtags, etc. to help you in improving your content.

Social tracking

Another Oktopost’s helpful tool is social tracking. Using this tool, you can not only track your mentions and keywords in social media but also follow your competitors’ performance. Moreover, it shows you all of your mentions in one window to make managing them simpler.

Connecting to leaders

This platform has a database of leaders in different fields. It introduces you to the leaders that might be interested in your work. By connecting to the leaders in your field, you can develop your business and grow your social pages much faster.

Oktopost Pricing Oktopost pricing

The plans and prices of this platform are not explained on the website, and you should contact them to get more information.

According to the user’s experience, the costs for the basic plan vary between 10$ to 100$ per month. Plus, the prices for the more professional plan start from 500$ per month. These costs differ based on the number of users, the number of social profiles and the company’s structure.

Oktopost Reviews

Thus far, we talked about this platform’s strengths and features. Here, we are going to mention some of Oktopost’s weaknesses based on users’ reviews.

Bugs and problems working with tools

The biggest problem that many of the users mentioned are the bugs in working with the tools. For example, the calendar view of scheduled content doesn’t work correctly, and users can’t have an overall look at their plan. Also, the platform’s updates take too long to come, so users have to deal with the bugs until the next update.

Restrictions in managing multiple contents

oktopost posting

There are some restrictions in managing multiple posts on different social networks. For example, you can’t post multiple photos on Instagram, and it’s weird since many other platforms support this feature for Instagram. Also, there are problems in reposting multiple posts at once. Moreover, you can’t post the same content on multiple accounts at once, which is a service that most of the multi-network platforms provide.

Assistant tools

There are some tools in the competitor platforms that Oktopost’s users like to have on this platform too. The hashtag analysis tool is one of these tools that users find so useful. Also, more photo editing tools can save them so much because they won’t have to use other applications for this task. Categorizing posts by tags is another feature that users are expecting to be added to this platform to assist them in organizing their content

Oktopost Alternatives

As we mentioned before, Oktopost is a powerful platform with many assistant tools to help you in managing your social pages.  Here, we are going to introduce you to some platforms that might be more suitable for your business.

AiSchedul Aischedul Instagram managing tool

AiSchedul is a managing platform designed especially for Instagram. So, if Instagram is the social network that you are focusing on, This platform can help you in every aspect.

AiSchedul scheduling

It has many tools to help you grow your Instagram page in various aspects. Some of its features are:

  • Posts and Stories scheduling
  • Organizing giveaways automatically
  • Designing an attractive bio link landing page
  • Reposting content with just a couple of clicks

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These are just some of its features. You can get to know this platform better by hitting the following button and signing up for the free trial plan.

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NapoleonCat NapoleonCat social media management tool

This platform is another multi-network management tool that lets you manage all of your social accounts in one application. NapoleonCat has many features similar to Oktopost. Some of its features are:

  • Content scheduling
  • Perfect interface for teamwork
  • Automatic comment handling

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Meltwater Meltwater social media management tool

Another multi-network social media management tool with similar features is Meltwater. It is one of the most powerful management tools out there, but unfortunately, the prices are that high that it is not affordable for many businesses. We strongly suggest you read the following article before using this application since many users had the same problem with it.

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All In All…

We discussed Oktopost in this article and talked about its strengths and weaknesses. As we said before, Oktopost is a powerful platform and can help you in many ways. Additionally, we introduced some alternatives to consider when you are looking for the most suitable platform for your work. We hope you could help you in making your decision. Share your s=ideas and suggestions with us in the comment section.


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