Frequently Asked Qusetions

Not sure how to get things started? Don’t worry – we got you covered!
After adding your Instagram, You can schedule your posts!

What is it?

The Auto Response feature allows you to automatically respond to comments left on your posts.

You can create multiple auto responses to be used in rotation. Using more than one auto response makes your responses more believable and less likely to be flagged by Instagram.

Why use it?

Being able to automatically respond to comments serves two main purposes:

  1. You make the people who left the comments on your post feel acknowledged and appreciated
  2. You quickly double the amount of engagement each one of your posts receives

The more engagement your posts receive (engagement meaning comments and Likes), and the quicker your posts receive it, the more likely you will show up in the top posts when people search for hashtags connected to your posts.

If after posting on Instagram, whether through AiSchedul’s content scheduler or just manually through Instagram, you are all-of-a-sudden not able to edit or add captions, there may be a number of reasons why.

First off, here’s how to add/edit comments/captions on an unrestricted account as explained by Instagram: How do I add, edit or delete the caption of an existing post?

If problems continue to persist, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Vary up your captions — repeating your captions (and comments) can sometimes result in Instagram flagging your content as spam and possibly even having a temporary ban placed on your account.
  2. Don’t drop your links everywhere — if Instagram deems your engagement (comments, DMs, etc.) as purely promotional, you may get hit with a temporary ban.
  3. Watch your post frequency — if you begin posting at a substantially higher rate than you typically post, or post beyond an undisclosed daily/weekly/monthly limit, Instagram may see that as fishy and temporarily ban your account.

AiSchedul provides simple and transparent pricing options starting from a basic monthly account fee for one Instagram account and ranging to our Pro package that provides discounted pricing and access to up to 80 accounts.

Visit for more information, or contact us at

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. In addition to changing the account status, you can also add more Instagram accounts so that you can manage them all through one dashboard. Click on the upgrade option under your account settings, or contact a AiSchedul customer support at

When adding your Instagram account to AiSchedul, you may run into Instagram’s “2-Factor Authentication” question (only if you have it activated). In this case, follow the steps below:

  1. Deactivate 2-Factor Authentication from your Instagram app by going into your settings, or
  2. Receive the code either by email or by text and enter it into our prompt.

If you still need help, please email us at

AiSchedul does not have access to anyone’s password and never has anything to do with resetting Instagram account’s passwords.

We warn you that doing similar activities as you have set on AiSchedul (such as likes, comments, follow and unfollow) while AiSchedul is running may lead to Instagram requesting that you change your password. To avoid this, leave these activities to AiSchedul and only focus on maintaining your page with great content and responding to your fans’ comments/likes/DMs.

While adding your Instagram account to AiSchedul you might run into a typical Instagram check-point verification question. Basically, Instagram wants to see if you are the owner of the account. When this happens, you will receive a prompt on your Instagram account in the app asking you if it was you trying to log in.


  1. Either try to add your account to AiSchedul again after 24 hours and Instagram will hopefully automatically let you add your account, or
  2. Go back to your Instagram app which is logged into the same account and when you see the page demonstrated in the link below, hit “This was me”.

If you would like more email us at


If you wish to cancel your AiSchedul account, you need to contact us and we will cancel your account for you, you can use the Contact Us on our website to do so. However, we require a 30-day notice before we can cancel an account, therefore your subscription will continue another 30 days before full cancellation. You will not receive any refunds if you cancel your account.

You can add and manage an unlimited number of accounts.

After your free trial, the number of accounts you can run depends on the plan that you have purchased.

In tier Premium: you pay only for 1 account for 1 month and receive a discount.

You can also add an account at any time and the FREE TRIAL starts on that account once added.

If you still need help, please email us at