Fix the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” issue

Fix the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” issue

Facing the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” issue is the last thing any user wants to experience. 

As with the updates on Instagram, more users have reportedly seen this in-app error. Consequently, it has confused people why the social media giant has penalized them. 

However, you should not be discouraged while knowing the reasons for having the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” error, or any other Instagram action block messages pop-up may help you understand Instagram’s worries better. 

In this article, we will discuss all these reasons and possible solutions to fix this error.

What exactly is the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” error? 

You may see the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” when you try to follow, unfollow, and block a profile or share a post or event when you try to like or comment on someone’s post. 

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to take any of these actions, you are still able to log into your profile. 

Now, you may ask what the reasons are and what you have done to deserve this punishment.

How to fix the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” issue? 

Actually, the main reason that the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” message displays on your screen is to stop spammers and bots from doing activities on Instagram. So, it is only a test to see whether a blocked account will change its behavior on Instagram. 

However, the question is why Instagram has mistaken your account for spam or bot? And how you can fix the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” issue?

1. Use “tell us” to raise an unblock request

After following or unfollowing too many accounts in a short period, Instagram will consider the chance that you are a bot. This is similar when you simply do any other activities too many times in a short amount of time.

So the first thing you can do is to wait for a day or two. Then, check your Instagram again. Another way is to tell Instagram to unblock you and let them know that you are a regular user. Here is a step-by-step guide to raising an unblock request. 

1 – First, you need to tap “tell us” when the “we restrict certain activity Instagram” message is displayed on your screen. 

2 – Next, you are required to complete the security information asked and share your photo when you are asked to help Instagram verify you. 

3 – Finally, wait for a few days after the verification process is ended.

2. Complete your profile information

One way in order not to draw suspicion is to have completed profile information and a profile picture. Even if Instagram has not sent you the “We restrict certain activity Instagram” message yet, the sooner you complete it, the merrier. 

In addition to this, Instagram may flag or block you because you haven’t shared any posts to your account. This really looks spammy. So try to act normal and post content at times to prevent a message like this. 

  • Stop using a bot 

One obvious thing about “We restrict certain activity Instagram” is that Instagram is trying to stop any unusual or spammy behavior. So if you are using a bot for any reason, just stop it.

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3. How much does it cost to purchase AiSchedul?

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4. Take the final steps 

If none of the solutions above worked, there are several other solutions to try. 

  • Link your Instagram profile with your Facebook account. 
  • Uninstall and re-install the Instagram app. 
  • Go to your Instagram profile on some other device. 
  • Report to the Instagram support team. 


“We restrict certain activity Instagram” error is displayed on your screen since you have had spammy behavior on Instagram. So you need to stop using bots and simply avoid suspicious activities. 

But don’t worry as this is usually a short-term punishment. So changing the way you use Instagram will prevent it from happening again. 

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