FollowAdder, Automated Social Networking Instagram Management | +Alternatives and review

In this era, technology plays an important role in our daily lives. People all around the world use technological devices and social networks to do tasks much easier. In this way, Instagram has become one of the most important applications that people use to achieve their goals. Actually, people use this platform for so many reasons. For example, some use it as a diary book, some other as a fun place, and others as a tool to advertise products and services. However, finding a way to manage things on Instagram in less time can be somehow confusing. By the way, Followadder is one of the platforms that Instagram users use to publish posts faster and make more engagements. In this article, we want to take a closer look at this tool and find some alternatives to it. 

What is Followadder? 

Followadder is an Instagram management tool that will help you to grow your engagement rate on Instagram and also schedule posts. Actually, this platform lets you:

  • Schedule posts 
  • Get real likes and comments
  • Gain real followers 
  • Manage multiple accounts in one place

And so much more than this. Moreover, there are Mac, Windows, and also Linux applications of Followadder that will help you to manage your accounts and follow your growth on Instagram using your Laptop. But let’s find how does it work!

How does Followadder work?

To start with Followadder you have to follow the steps below:

First of all, you need to go to the Followadder website


Then, Go to the pricing tab, choose the plan you want, and click on “Click Here Now!”.


Now, you have to enter your card information and finish the purchasing process. 


Next, go back to the Followadder website and on the “Download” tab, download the version of the application developed for your operating system. 


After downloading and installing the app, you will have to enter a registration code that will be given to you after purchasing and set up Followadder.


Finally, you can add your Instagram account and enjoy using the app. 

Followadder top reviews

Just like all the apps that you can find on the internet, Followadder is not totally flawless. Hence, in this part, we want to take a look at Followadder’s pros and cons. Actually, in comparison with other platforms, this app has some extra features. But there are some features that you may need but are not available on this platform. Actually, we have mentioned some of them in the following table that allows you to know the pros and cons briefly.

✅ Free trial❎ Mobile app
✅ Easy to use❎ Download is essential
✅ Engagement growth features❎ Just for Instagram
✅ 7-day money-back guarantee

But now, let’s read some of the reviews written by Followadder users that have been submitted on TrustPilot.


✔️ It has a search option that lets you deep search for similar accounts and engage with them.

✔️ You can create lists of users or photos to get likes, follows, and comments easier.

✔️ DM new users. 


✖️The software makes IG accounts banned because of using Instagram bots.

✖️The account will be automatically renewed without notifying users.

✖️It is hard to work with the application. 

✖️The support center is not good enough.

✖️Their software is ineffective and results in computer issues.

Followadder Alternatives

So as you see, Followadder is not a complete package of features in some cases. Hence, it is better to find some of the best alternatives to this platform. In the following, we want to introduce the top 5 platforms you can use instead of Followadder, discuss their features and finally, find the best possible Instagram management tool. So, if you want to know how to improve your performance on Instagram, keep reading.

#1 AiSchedul


The most complete package you can use instead of the Followadder is AiSchedul. Actually, AiSchedul is another Instagram-based platform that helps you schedule posts and save more time. Using this platform you will have a wide range of features. For instance, you can:

  • Schedule posts/stories
  • Repost posts/stories
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Create stories 

And also, mention people on your Instagram stories. Since AiSchedul is an Instagram management platform, you can be sure that your Instagram business is in the right hands. In addition, the features you find on this platform cover almost all the things you want from a 3rd-party app. Furthermore, the story scheduling feature is an ability that you can find only in a few tools. 

Also, some of the pros of AiSchedul in comparison to Followadder are as follows:

  • You can examine almost all the features for free.
  • The price of this platform is only 9$ per month. 
  • You can upload videos.
  • Users can manage multiple accounts without paying extra prices.
  • Download posts and stories and also view them anonymously.

Hence, it really overweights Followadder.

#2 Deskgram


Another platform you can use instead of Followadder is Deskgram. Deskgram is an Instagram management tool that lets you upload content, like, and write comments for people. However, using this tool you cannot schedule posts and stories. But it is a good alternative to the official Instagram app because it allows you to upload content using a desktop. For more information, read the related articles mentioned below. 

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#3 Grum


Another Followadder alternative is Grum which is an Instagram management tool. Actually, Grum is a platform that helps you with lots of your time-consuming considerations and by the scheduling feature, lets you manage things easier and become successful on Instagram. But, you have to get a code from one of the Grum users to sign up on this website. For more information, click on the link below.

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#4 Agorapulse


If you want a tool that covers your needs on more social websites, Agorapulse can be a better alternative to Followadder. Using this platform you can:

  • Manage multiple social profiles
  • Schedule content
  • Queue content
  • Collaborate with team members 
  • Receive reports

However, in comparison to AiSchedul and other platforms, it is expensive and needs more considering. So, read the following article carefully and decide intellectually. 

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#5 SmarterQueue


If you are searching for a tool that gives you advanced analytics to improve your performance on Instagram, SmarterQueue is the tool that you can use instead of Followadder. Using this one you can manage multiple social profiles, schedule posts, repost evergreen content, and also queue posts to manage your tasks in a more efficient way. Moreover, one of the most excellent features of SmarterQueue is that it lets you search for posts and share them in-app to save more time. 

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To sum it up, Followadder is not a bad choice if you want just basic features that appear on every 3rd-party app. But since there are so many reports that inform us of being blocked by Instagram, it is better to revise the idea of using it. Hence, you’d better choose one of the alternatives mentioned here that best covers your needs. One of the best apps you can use is AiSchedul which is an amazing tool to save a great deal of time on Instagram business marketings. So, read the article carefully and make the best choice possible.

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