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Top 3 Free Instagram Schedulers in the Market

There are many benefits in finding a free Instagram scheduler that works for you. As you may know, running an Instagram business page can be a big hassle. A good Instagram scheduler will not only save you time, it will also boost your productivity and help you stay in touch with your followers. But the problem is that many famous schedulers like Hootsuite and Loomly cost quite a lot of money to maintin.

If your business is still small, you may not want to invest that kind of money yet. In that case, finding a cheap or free Instagram scheduler might go a long way for you.

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What is the best free Instagram scheduler?

1- AiSchedul

Free Instagram schedulers are a rare sight, but AiSchedul is one of them, and it’s by far the most competitive one. What’s great about AiSchedul is that it provides all the essential options for free. The premium versions (which are also quite cheap at 9$ and 29$ per month) only upgrade those features. Moreover, AiSchedul’s interface is very beginner-friendly, so it’s a fantastic place to start for newcomers.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with a free AiSchedul account:

  • Schedule up to five posts per month
  • Use Aischedul’s Content Calendar to get ideas for your Instagram posts
  • Schedule one giveaway post per month
  • Get advanced hashtag suggestions for your post
  • Repost your favorite content from Instagram to your account
  • Get your own bio link URL (free version is limited to 3 posts, 1 button, 1 social link). What is bio link?
  • Monitor hashtags, people, and mentions (up to 5 each). What is this feature?
  • 24/7 email support
  • Choose to automatically delete posts after a while

If your business grows larger and you find the need for upgraded features, you can invest as little as 9$ per month to satisfy all your needs. Additionally, by investing in a premium account you can unlock some extra features such as automatic DM, automatic responding to comments, and live chat support.

Now, let’s see how you can use this free Instagram scheduler in a few simple steps.

Setting up your free AiSchedul account

To sign up your AiSchedul account, you have to take two steps.

1) From your mobile or desktop visit the AiSchedul Website and click on Get Started.

2) You will now be sent to the sign up page. Enter your name, password, and email then click on Register Now.

Voila! Your AiSchedul account has just been successfully created. Now, to get started with AiSchedul’s features, you need to add your Instagram account.

After you have connected your account, you are free to use all the available features. By clicking on the Manage Account button, you will be redirected to your AiSchedul dashboard, which will look something like this:

That’s it. Happy scheduling!

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2- Later

Later is another free Instagram scheduler that offers a lifelong free account. This Instagram planner started to rise in popularity since 2019, and has grown to be one of the best Instagram schedulers ever since.

With a free Later account you can:

  • Schedule Instagram Photos
  • Use a bio link feature (free and premium versions differ)
  • Analyze your Instagram performance (free and premium versions differ)

Later offers good enough services for a free Instagram scheduler. In order to unlock Later’s full potential, however, it’s best that you invest in a premium plan. Probably the biggest downside of a free later account is that you can’t schedule Instagram videos, so you should keep that in mind. Click here to learn about different plans of Later and their features.

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3- Apphi

Apphi is the last free Instagram scheduler on our list. This well-established Instagram scheduler provides its users with all the necessary features. If you want to use a free account on Apphi, however, you will only have access to a few basic features. Those include:

  • Scheduling up to 10 posts per month
  • Having access to the Apphi smartphone apps
  • Multiple Instagram accounts management

Starting from 13 euros per month, you can invest in an Apphi premium plan to unlock the scheduler’s full potential. Click here for full details on Apphi’s plans.

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There aren’t many free Instagram schedulers available in the market right now. Those that exist, however, are more than enough to satisfy your needs. You can sign up a free account on AiSchedul to gain access to a large variety of services. However, the free AiSchedul account comes with a limitation on how many posts you can schedule. Therefore, you can supplement your AiSchedul account with Later and Apphi to increase the maximum number of posts you can schedule — all for free!


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