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Gramblr is down: 4 Gramblr alternatives that won’t shut down

Looking for a quick solution for gramblr being down?  Try the AiSchedul Instagram platform and manage your account on your PC!

Gramblr was a 3rd party Instagram platform that allowed users to upload videos and pictures from their PC to Instagram. The popular Instagram tool has been down for a while, and people are looking for alternatives.

Are you looking for similar tools to Gramblr? Do you care about efficiency and ease of use? How about pricing, do you want the tool to be free?

If you have any of the above concerns, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn about 4 Gramblr alternatives that will get the job done for you.

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What are the best alternatives to Gramblr 2020?

1- AiSchedul is the Best Alternative to Gamblr

Gramblr not working? You don’t need to worry, We got your back!
AiSchedul is a free-to-use Instagram Management tool. Similar to Gramblr Instagram management services, AiSchedul allows you to upload Instagram photos and videos directly from your PC. If you’re looking for more, AiSchedul provides several other features as well. Some of them include:

  • scheduling posts for a later date
  • automatic post deleting
  • reposting from Instagram to your feed
  • getting ideas for Instagram posts and hashtags from a 365-day content calendar
  • 24/7 customer support (lite and premium*)
  • automated giveaways (lite and premium)
  • multiple links in bio (lite and premium)
  • automatic response to comments (premium only)

* lite version and premium version differ.

Another feature that is hard to find in many well-known platforms is the story scheduler. Many hefty platforms don’t offer this service; thus, their users have to use other small applications only for this task. AiSchedul has tried to include all Instagram management tools in one package so that its users see no need to look for other tools. Also, it worth mentioning that this platform is a web application; it means you just need a browser to work with it. No matter what your device’s operating system is, you will have no problem using this platform. Since it doesn’t take any extra storage on your device, you won’t face common Instagram stopping problems that occur because of running low on storage.

If you want to learn more about AiSchedul’s plans, click here.

Setting up your AiSchedul account is much easier than Gamblr

To create your AiSchedul account, you have to take the following 2 steps:

1) Open the AiSchedul Website and click on Get Started.

2) You will now be redirected to the signup page. Enter your name, email, and password then click on Register Now.

That’s it! You have successfully created an account for AiSchedul. To get started with AiSchedul’s services, you will have to connect your Instagram account first.

After you connect your Instagram account, you can proceed with uploading your photos and videos. Click on the Manage Account button in your AiSchedul dashboard.

Next, click on the Schedule button to edit your post before uploading it. Once you’re done editing, you can select a later date or choose to upload your photo/video immediately.

2- Later

Later is another free-to-use Instagram manager that allows you to upload your posts through PC. This aesthetically appealing tool has been rising in popularity in the past 12 months. Currently, Later is one of the best Instagram schedulers to use in 2020.

Later offers 5 different plans, each with distinct features, Free, Plus, Premium, Starter, and Brand. If you are looking to upload videos and photos from your PC, Later Free is all that you need. To unlock Later’s real features, however, you should consider investing in the Premium plan and above.

Setting up your Later account compared to Gamblr

Open the Later website on your device and click on the ‘Create an Account with Instagram’ button.

You will be asked to enter your Instagram account’s username and password. Once you submit your information, a prompt will appear to ask you to authorize Later to have access to your Instagram account. Click accept if you want to continue.

After authorizing your account, Later will ask you some primary questions. First, enter your name, email, and time zone. After that, select a password for your Later account. Once you’re done, click on the Continue button.

In the next step, you will have to choose the category which best represents your Instagram page. Pick an option to continue.

Once you confirm your account, you will be able to use Later’s services. If you want to post from your PC without push notifications on your phone, you have to enable Later’s auto-publish feature.

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3- Deskgram

Deskgram is a very popular Instagram tool that allows you to post both photos and videos to Instagram. Unlike the other tools in this list, however, Deskgram is not entirely free.

Deskgram offers two types of account subscriptions. The free plan doesn’t offer much more than a nicer platform for your Web Instagram. You can view your feed, edit your profile, delete your posts, search for people and hashtags, and get customer support from the Deskgram staff through email.

The free version of Deskgram is an alternative to Instagram Web.

If you want to use Deskgram to upload your videos and pictures to Instagram, you must invest 2.99$ per month to subscribe to a premium account. After you subscribe, you can upload an unlimited number of photos and videos. However, note that your videos cannot be above 60 seconds in length.

Setting up your Deskgram account

To use Deskgram, follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the Deskgram website on your browser.

Step 2) Click on the download button on top of the page.

Step 3) Download the Instagram app that suits your operating system (mac or windows).

Step 4) Install the app.

Step 5) Enter your Instagram username and password and log in.

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4- Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a free android emulator that runs on windows and mac. You can install and use any android application on Bluestacks, including Instagram. Once you get Bluestacks running, you can upload photos and videos to Instagram from your PC as if you were on a mobile device.

Setting up Bluestacks on your device

To start using Bluestacks, you need to install the application first. Visit the official Bluestacks website and click on the Download Bluestacks Button in the top right corner of the page.

The appropriate version of Bluestacks for your operating system will start downloading now. After the download is finished, click on the .exe file to launch the installation. Click install now in the window that appears.

The setup will start now. Note that you will need internet access for the remainder of the setup process because the installer will be downloading files from the internet. The installation may take up to 5 minutes or more based on your PC power and download speed.

After the first boot is complete, Bluestacks will show you a Google Sign-in form to add your account. You may opt to add your account later if you want.

Once you log in, you will be redirected to the home screen of your new virtual android device. Head to the Play Store to download Instagram and start posting!

Conclusion: Which Gramblr alternative is best for you?

Gramblr (some people call it “grambler” by mistake) is down, But there are even better services that you can start using as an alternative.
AiSchedul meets all the necessary criteria as a suitable Gramblr alternative. It is free to use, boasts a lot of extra features, and comes with a convenient interface. You can’t really go wrong with AiSchedul.

Similarly, Later has a comfortable user interface and allows you to utilize a free account. The free account is of very limited use, however, and you might want to upgrade to premium plans for a better experience.

Deskgram has always been a popular alternative to Instagram Web, and it features a nice user interface. But the service is not free, and you have to pay a small monthly fee to upload photos and videos from your PC. Additionally, Deskgram doesn’t offer any additional services such as automatic post-scheduling and multiple bio links.

Bluestacks is a great choice for users who have a high power computer and don’t mind their PC being slowed down a little. Bluestacks is also completely free to use, but it doesn’t offer anything more than what the mobile version of Instagram offers.

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