Great Methods to Increase Instagram Followers 2023

Need More Followers on Instagram? Want to increase Instagram followers? You are not alone. There are other Instagram users that are newcomers to this platform and don’t know what to do for their Instagram growth. 

Since Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, it is getting harder each day to compete with other Instagram accounts with millions of followers. However, when a problem arises, a solution will be created for it. Therefore, even if you are new to this world, you can still have a chance to increase Instagram followers quickly and effortlessly. 

How is it possible? Read this article to find the best solution for growing on social media and learn how to increase Instagram followers.

Why Do You Need to Increase Instagram Followers 

The answer to this question is clear: if you don’t want followers, why bother creating an account on Instagram? It’s the number of your followers that is important for your business, especially when you go into this online world. Let’s review some of the reasons why you need more followers.

#1 More Followers Mean More Trust 

In the world of Instagram, fame, and credibility are measured in followers. Meanwhile, people follow an account because they may have something interesting on it or have found it trustworthy, especially when it comes to a business. You may have seen that top brands have millions of followers who want to know about their latest news and products. 

Consequently, no matter how hard you try, you may miss new followers if you don’t have a minimum number of followers to create trust in newcomers. 

In this case, most of your marketing plans might fail because most people may leave your account when they see you don’t have many followers. That’s one critical reason why you should increase Instagram followers quickly.

#2 You Will Have More Customers 

The primary objective of establishing an online presence for any brand is to attract more customers. As more people become aware of your brand and its offerings, the potential for increased sales rises significantly. Accordingly, expanding your Instagram follower count can directly contribute to generating greater revenue for your company.

#3 More People Know About You

One of the first steps in a company’s marketing plan is to increase brand awareness, which means getting more people to know about you and your business. 

So when they hear your name or see your logo, they know who you are. You can create brand awareness in several ways, but one of them is your online presence, which is created by gaining more followers on Instagram.

How to Get Instagram Followers Quickly 

Now that we know how much it is important to have more followers on Instagram, what should we do to increase Instagram followers quickly? Generally, there are different methods that can help your Instagram growth, but not all of them will give you a quick result. But, let’s first review them.

#1 Using Hashtags 

If you want to enhance the discoverability of your content among Instagram users, Instagram hashtags are the key. Instagram users often explore the platform by searching for specific hashtags

By using the appropriate hashtags, you can increase Instagram followers, the visibility of your content, and ensure it reaches a larger target audience.

#2 Having an Optimized Profile 

The perception of your Instagram account by your audience can greatly influence their actions. It is crucial to maintain an organized and clutter-free profile that clearly communicates your purpose. Selecting a profile picture that effectively represents your business is essential, as it serves as a visual identifier. 

Additionally, the significance of your Instagram bio should not be underestimated, as it provides a valuable opportunity to convey key information about your brand. You should also make sure to leave a good first impression with your Instagram bio.

#3 Influencer Marketing 

When it comes to influencers, it’s important to acknowledge that they often possess a deeper understanding of Instagram than the average user. After all, it’s their profession! 

One of the best influencer marketing platforms is Ainfluencer. This DIY marketplace allows businesses to discover influencers in their target niche and collaborate with them in a safe and user-friendly environment.

Leveraging influencers’ extensive follower base, you can effectively promote your brand and products through their platform. However, it’s worth noting that to yield optimal results from this strategy, it’s advisable to have a minimum number of followers yourself.

#4 Creating Engaging Content 

The primary way you communicate with your audience is through the content you create. The level of engagement with your content is directly related to its ability to attract more followers. 

It’s important to realize that uninteresting or lackluster content can lead to a loss of followers. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize thoughtful content creation before considering the option of buying followers. After all, you don’t want to invest in a project that may ultimately prove unsuccessful.

#5 Buying Instagram Followers 

One of the most discussed approaches to Instagram growth is buying new followers. This method allows you to acquire a significant number of followers in a short period of time. Buying followers for Instagram involves hiring third-party services, where you make a payment in exchange for a large number of followers.


Where Can I Buy Instagram Organic Followers 

Before buying Instagram followers, there are some things you should know to avoid facing problems. You should note that Instagram is a smart platform that can recognize fake users. 

Furthermore, having a large number of fake users is against Instagram rules and regulations. So, whatever you do you should ensure the followers you buy are real so you won’t encounter any account ban or other dropping of a number of followers. 

Unfortunately, most platforms that offer Instagram growth through buying followers do this mistake. They give you thousands of new followers in one day. But a few days after that, one morning you wake up and see your Instagram account has been banned or your followers have been dropped to its previous number. 

Fixing this problem will take your time and might even be costly. Therefore, it is crucial to buy followers from a trusted and reliable platform, like You to Subs, which clearly tells you where these new followers come from and guarantees they are real followers. To ensure you can trust this platform, we take a look at how it works. 

Buy Real Followers from You to Subs 

The first solution this platform offers is the problem of fake users. It gives you real followers, which are actually surfing Instagram during the day. So, you aren’t crossing any regulations. Let’s see what you can expect from its panel.

You To Subs Homepage

                     You To Subs Homepage

To participate in this platform, you have the option to sign up either as a client looking to increase your followers or as a user interested in following these clients. Users on the platform are compensated for engaging and liking various posts, which they consider as a job opportunity. 

This allows them to earn money from the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, brands and businesses benefit by gaining organic followers that are perfectly aligned with their goals. It’s an excellent plan that benefits both parties.

After you create an account, you will enter this platform and can select one of the plans.

You To Subs Pricing & Plans

               You To Subs Pricing & Plans


You can select as minimum as 20 daily followers or specify your desired number and the level of their activity. 

However, you should note that it is better to choose a number of followers that seem logical. Furthermore, their level of activity can have a great impact on your account, which will lead us to the next reason why you should choose You to Subs for your Instagram growth. 

Get Instagram Organic Followers 

Until now we noticed that the number of followers is important. However, it is not enough! Having followers that don’t take action or are not active users is not that much beneficial. 

Therefore, you need to get Instagram organic followers who engage in various activities such as exploring the platform, watching Reels, liking posts, and leaving comments. These actions demonstrate the authenticity of the users. 

In many cases, gaining organic users can be achieved through different marketing strategies like campaigns, advertisements, or influencer marketing.

Is it possible to achieve similar levels of engagement by purchasing Instagram followers?

You To Subs Sign Up Page for Freelancers

     You To Subs Sign Up Page for Freelancers

This side of the story is the best part because it involves another group of people who are active Instagram users. You to Subs has plans for two types of people, brands or Instagram accounts who want to increase their followers quickly (known as customers), freelancers, or active users who have time to surf Instagram and follow, like or leave comments for customers. 

These users are paid based on the level of their activity, which means they can like your posts, watch your reels, and check out your stories. Now you can see how this platform gives you real and organic followers.


While it’s important to be aware of the risks and potential drawbacks associated with buying Instagram followers, choosing a reputable and trustworthy platform can mitigate these concerns. 

However, it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of having organic followers on Instagram. The presence of genuine and authentic followers can have a profound impact on your entire business and increase Instagram followers.

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