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How Good is SocialBakers And Should You Use It – A Review

These days, there are many platforms designed for social network marketing. These managing tools have different features and provide various services to their clients. In this article, we are going to analyze Socialbakers. We will get to know it, discuss its features, and talk about its strengths and weaknesses. So if you are looking for a social network managing tool and you are considering Social bakers, make sure to read this article.

What Is Socialbaker?

Socialbakers is an artificial intelligence-based platform for social media marketing and managing accounts effectively. This company began its work in 2008, focusing on marketing on Facebook and then developed to other networks. This platform is being used by many distinguished brands such as Samsung and L’Oreal, to manage their social media accounts in different social networks. It supports many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Also, they have a wide range of clients. Now, let’s look into what it provides.

Socialbakers Features

There are many features added to this platform since 2010, and it has always been improving. Here we will mention some of its main features. You can also get to know it better by visiting their website and using their trial plan.

  • Managing multiple accounts in one screen

    As we mentioned earlier, Socialbakers supports many social media networks, and you can manage all of your accounts through one platform. It makes it easier to share content between them and also assess their improvement altogether.

  • Using artificial intelligence

    Nowadays, the benefits of using artificial intelligence are clear to everyone. Almost all of the marketing companies use AI to target their costumers. Socialbakers is not an exception. It helps you know your audience better to prepare content that is more desirable to them. Knowing your audience’s needs and interests not only helps you with your marketing goals but also raises the engagement of your page.

  • Presenting different types of statistics

    One of the biggest strengths of Socialbakers is the analytics they provide for their clients to assess their progress. It has an impressive analytics panel that not only gives you your account’s statistics but also lets you compare yourself with your competitors in different aspects. Knowing the weaknesses of your page helps you resolve them and, consequently, grow your page. The analytics exporting tool is also handy for the agencies that want to show their results to the clients. However, customers believe that there are some small points that Socialbakers can still work on them. We will discuss these reviews in the next section.

  • Great support service

    Users have been highly rated Socialbakers’ support services. There are many ways to contact them, and they help their clients with their problems ideally. Although some of the users said that they promise more than they can provide, the support team works very well, helping the users learning how to work with the platform.

  • Intuitive interface

    It has a user-friendly interface that is simple for users to work with it. Socialbakers has many features, but amazingly, they designed the platform in a way that doesn’t confuse their clients. Also, if the users have any problem finding a tool or working with it, the support team is always available to guide them through that.

Socialbakers Reviews

Socialbakers pricing

As we talked about earlier, Socialbakers provides many tools to help clients managing their social media accounts. Now it’s time to know about the points that don’t satisfy their clients completely. These are also some suggestions that Socialbakers can use to progress.

  • High prices

    The most critical problem that many current users and new people who are looking for a managing tool have is their high prices. Many businesses don’t need all those professional features, especially small and medium-sized companies, and can’t afford the costs of using Socialbakers. Their basic plan costs about  €200 per month, which is too much for SMBs. There are many other platforms, but with fewer features, that are more cost-efficient for them. We will mention some of them in the next section.

  • Details in statistics

    Some of Socialbakers’ users are not satisfied with the details in the analytic reports. They say that they should add more detailed statistics in each report. They can find some of the detailed statistics in different reports, but they don’t have all of the details they want on one page. Additionally, they suggested that Socialbakers’ designers should work on the look of the reports a little more. If they work on the look of the reports, it can attract more attention. Moreover, some clients mentioned that they faced too much delay receiving the reports, especially for Twitter, but Socialbakers recently claimed they solved this problem.

  • Not adapted with new Instagram features

    Socialbakers has some improvements to do, due to the new features added to Instagram in recent years. Some of the users are not satisfied with its tools for Instagram and find it old-fashioned. For example, they are still waiting for a story scheduling feature. But keep in mind, Socialbakers is improving rapidly, and it’s likely to provide this feature in the new updates.

Socialbakers Alternatives

In the previous section, we explained that many businesses can not afford the costs of Socialbakers. Also, many of them don’t need that many features. So, they look for other social network managing tools to use. Here we are going to introduce some of them briefly. We hope you find them useful.

  • AiSchedul Socialbakers Alternatives

    AiSchedul is a platform designed especially for Instagram. It has many features to manage Instagram accounts, such as:AiSchedul pricing

    • Managing multiple Instagram accounts on one page.
    • Sharing content between your accounts.
    • Editing and reposting your followers’ posts on your page.
    • Scheduling posts and stories for the optimal time.
    • Suggesting the best hashtags for your posts to grow your Instagram page.
    • Very cost-efficient plans and even a free one!

    Many other tools are focusing on different features of Instagram. You can get to know them better by visiting their website.

  • SocialBeeSocialbakers alternatives

    Another social media managing tool is SocialBee. It provides many features for managing accounts on different networks as well. It is more expensive than AiSchedul but has many basic plans that are affordable for small businesses. You can get to know them more reading this article. Some of its main features are as follows: Socialbee pricing

    • Managing multiple social media network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.
    •  Accessing posts by their categories.
    • Providing performance reports.
  • Falcon.ioSocialbakers alternatives is another platform to manage multiple network accounts. It is more expensive than the previous options, but it provides many tools for their customers too. These are the main features:Falconio pricing

    • Designed for multiple social networks such as Twitter, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn.
    • Provide various analytics to track your page’s improvements.
    • Great Customer service.
    • User-friendly interface.

Summarizing the said above, you should consider your needs to choose the most appropriate platform for your business. Each platform focuses on some aspects and targets particular clients. Share your ideas and suggestions with us in the comment section.

Good luck with developing your business.

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