How many Instagram DMs can I send over Instagram per day

How many Instagram DMs can I send over Instagram per day?

Do you wonder if there are any limitations on Instagram? Well, the short answer is YES!

Instagram doesn’t allow users to send as many Instagram DMs as users want on the platform.

Actually, we should mention that Instagram has never officially announced the number of actions users can take on the platform, such as the number of Instagram DMs, likes, comments, etc.

But the good news is that we have done some researches and found out that the safe zone of sending Instagram DMs per day is 100 to 150 per day. However, the number differs for the new Instagram account, which stands for 20 to 50 Instagram direct messages per day.

One of the safest ways to send personalized and automated Instagram direct messages is AiGrow. Then you can sit back and let it work on your behalf 24/7. You will then be able to track it over the next 7 days, and get an average of it over these 7 days.

Disclaimer: Remember that if you send a specific type of fixed Instagram DM repeatedly for a while, Instagram will ban your account temporarily. However, using the following format on AiGrow is the solution to keep your Instagram account safe and send DMs in many different forms. 

{Phrase 1 | Phrase 2}

Meaning you can paraphrase a sentence or a word and place them in brackets to cycle between them in consecutive messages. Here is an example:

Hi {@Username},

{How’s it going?  | Hope all is well}. I am reaching out to say {thanks | cheers | appreciate } for your follow.

This means you will send 3 messages in a row as follows:

DM 1:

Hi Rebecca,

How’s it going?  I am reaching out to say thanks for your follow.


Hi Julia,

Hope all is well. I am reaching out to say cheers for your follow.


Hi Stefan,

How’s it going? I am reaching out to say I appreciate your follow.

The mentioned format allows you to send different versions of a DM; which keeps your Instagram account safe and protects your account from going through spammy actions in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.

AiGrow has a DM and Inbox feature that has a lot to offer and streamlines your DM activities.

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