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How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram? Ideas, Tips, & Apps

Who doesn’t love a chance to snag some free swag?

People love giveaways, and marketers tend to leverage their audience based on their field of interest. However, it is easy to get off-balanced and become either manipulative or pointless when doing giveaways on Instagram. This article will talk about the features of healthy giveaways, tools and provide you with some good ideas and examples.

But before we even sit down to discuss how to do a giveaway on Instagram, let’s see what it is and why it is so important at all.

Quick getaway: Wondering how to pick a winner on Instagram giveaway? Sign up for a free Instagram giveaway picker.

What Is An Instagram Giveaway?

Instagram giveaways are time-limited promotions in which participants commit to doing a set of actions (Instagram rules which we will discuss in a minute) in exchange for the chance of winning something valuable for free.

What Is An Instagram Loop Giveaway?

An Instagram loop giveaway involving multiple accounts is a contest held (usually) by an influencer or a celebrity among a vast number of users for a very well-paid prize in hopes of expanding followers for those accounts. The number of accounts users have to follow to enter the giveaway fluctuates between 40 to 70 accounts. Yup! That’s a lot! Do these types of Instagram giveaways work? Read it in “Instagram loop giveaway.”

Why Do Instagram Competitions Matter?

You have to spend money to make money.

It’s been quite some time since Instagram was launched, and it has gotten saturated enough in every field that organic ways no longer make a drastic change in your growth on Instagram. Although organic growth is still known to be the best way to grow on Instagram, running Instagram giveaways and influencer marketing is the fastest way. Let’s speak numbers, shall we?

Accounts that run giveaways regularly get 70% more followers than accounts they don’t.

Instagram giveaways can raise your likes and comments 3 and 64 times, respectively.

According to our studies, 91% of the posts with over 1K comments are giveaway posts! 

The surprising part is that although giveaways can have such an impact on your growth, users barely consider running giveaways.

How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram?

How to do an Instagram giveaway?

As you read, Instagram giveaways can be so beneficial, however, not everyone can make the best of it. Why? Lack of strategy! How to host a giveaway on Instagram?

  1. Determine what you want out of the Instagram competitions
  2. Set your rules according to your goal
  3. Pick a valuable yet niche-related prize
  4. Sign up for a free Instagram giveaway generator that can condition participants according to your rules
  5. Let users know of the rules correctly in the caption

Define What You Want Out Of Instagram Giveaway

This is the time to be specific. What do you want to improve by running an Instagram contest?

  • Want to increase your engagement rate to go viral finally or appear on the explore page?
  • Want to get more followers?
  • Collect leads to increase sales?
  • Generate awareness for your brand?

I know it is tempting to say all of them can be your goal. And you know what? You may reach each to a certain extent. Having a specific goal will help you set the rules of your contest more effectively while keeping them simple enough. This is what encourages users to enter your contest.

Come Up With Instagram Contest Rules

Now is the time to set up your Instagram contest rules_which is also called giveaway entry_and it has to be according to your goal. What you ask users is what helps you reach that goal.

If you want to increase your followers, you can condition users to follow you. If you want more engagement, you can ask users to like your post and leave comments. Or, if you are after more followers and awareness at the same time, you can condition users to generate content and tag you under their posts

Top Giveaway Ideas For Instagram

Instagram giveaway ideas could vary when it comes to contests. Depending on what you want out of your Instagram contest, pick one of the given ideas or a mixture of two or three. 

#1: Give Away Ideas: Tag To Win

We in AiSchedul believe that this is one of the best giveaway ideas on Instagram. You can ask users to create content, share it on their Instagram story, or post and tag you on it. This is called UGC (User Generated Content) Instagram giveaway. What are the benefits of UGC giveaways?

  • Mainly targeted users will take part in it
  • It expands your followers
  • It generates awareness

Moreover, when you ask your followers to tag 3 of their friends in the comment section, some might get overwhelmed. But this approach is very organic, natural, and pleasing. No need to mention that the followers you gain this way will be more engaging.

Want to run a UGC Instagram giveaway and need a tool to track those who mention you? Sign up for AiSchedul.

Here is an excellent example of a UGC Instagram giveaway post.

#2: Give Away Ideas: Like To Win

Another idea to condition users to win the giveaway is to ask them to like your post. This way, Instagram considers your post engaging enough, and as a matter of fact, you have more chances to appear on the explore page, and as a result, more people come across your post, and ultimately, you have more possibility to get more followers. Smart, right? If you want to get one more step ahead, you can also send your giveaway information via email. For example, you can include it in your SaaS marketing email templates and spread the word about the new contest.

#3: Give Away Ideas: Follow To Win

This rule is typically made for Instagram loop giveaways. However, if you want to provide a user with a free yet valuable giveaway, it is fair to expect that user to be a follower of yours.

#4: Give Away Ideas: Comment To Win

To increase Instagram engagement rate and again appear on the explore page, it is a good idea to ask users to leave a comment to increase the ER of your post and appear on the explore page. 

On the other hand, you can condition users to tag a certain number of users in the comment, five friends, for instance. However, keep in mind that the tool you use must be designed to define such rules.

As you can see in this picture, you can even develop a customized hashtag or two for your brand and ask users to use it in the comment. AiSchedul is capable of that too. Sign up for free on AiSchedul.

Although it is tempting to condition users to do all the mentioned ideas, it would backfire if you overdo them. 

Pick An Instagram Giveaway Generator That Meets Your Needs

How to pick a winner on Instagram giveaway?

Here in giveaway ideas for Instagram, you learned how vital the capabilities of an Instagram giveaway winner picker could be. So before you sign up for an Instagram giveaway app, make sure you understand all about its features.

I suggest you sign up for AiSchedul since it has all the features to condition your participants variously. Sign up for AiSchedul.

However, if you want to dig more into Instagram giveaway bots, have a look at the table below.

Giveaway BotsUGC giveawaysCustomized hashtagsInstagram giveaway templatePrice
AiSchedulFree, 7$, & $15
Gleam$10 & $97
AgorapulseFree, $79, $159
Wishpond$199, $500, & more
WooboxFree, $32, $37, $99, $249
Woorise$23, $39, $79
SweepWidget $29, $49, $99, and $199

In this table, we provide you with the gist of the features. If you want to know more about them, specifically with pros and cons, read; Instagram giveaway picker.

Pick Your Giveaway Prize

Now, why would users even attend your contest and subdue to your rules? In hopes of winning the giveaway. So it has to be desirable enough that is worth giving it a shot. But what can it be? iPhone 13 Pro Max? Probably not!

Let me elaborate on that.

Here you should be having another look at your ultimate goal for running this contest in the first place. You don’t want just to attract random users, but you want to target new followers (or probably customers) who are interested in your niche, business, etc; we suggest you provide your followers with a niche-related prize.

How To Write Instagram Giveaway Captions?

Now is the time to write your Instagram giveaway captions. In your caption, you need to let users know the Instagram contest rules and the prize! Captions of Instagram posts are normally long, so for this reason, and we suggest you place your Instagram giveaway hashtags in your comment so that your giveaway post looks neat.

AiSchedul does not only provide you with an Instagram giveaway tool. With this app, you can create your giveaway Instagram posts, schedule, and find the most relatable hashtags to giveaway. Plus, it places them in your first comment automatically. Sign up for AiSchedul.

Instagram Giveaway Hashtags

To increase your exposure, you should use Instagram giveaway hashtags. Here are 50 of them. But don’t forget you can only add 30 hashtags to your posts. 



Keep in mind that Hashtags are dynamic. The giveaway hashtags above might be the most searched and used ones right now, but in the future, they might change. For this reason, I suggest you use the Instagram hashtag generator of AiSchedul. It is free and easy to use. All you need to do is to enter the word which is the most relatable to posts and the tool provides you with the most searched ones.

On AiSchedul, you can save these hashtags on the platform so the next time, you spend less time preparing the giveaway post.

Later, you can schedule the giveaway Instagram post when your followers are most active and get the most exposure. Sign up for AiSchedul.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Instagram giveaways are time-limited promotions on Instagram in which you gift random users who have done a set of actions. Wondering how to do a giveaway on Instagram?

First off, define your goal and set some rules accordingly. Then it is time to find an Instagram giveaway picker that would match the rules you have defined for the Instagram competition. AiSchedul is a flexible Instagram giveaway winner picker that can apply many rules.

Later take care of the giveaway announcement in the caption.

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