How to find someone on Instagram in 2021?

Generally, being on social media means that you should be sociable and connect with other people.

Clearly, after signing up on Instagram, users would like to find someone on Instagram, such as their family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

That’s the time the “How to find someone on Instagram” question crosses your mind, and you look for its answer.

Today, we are going to mention several ways to help you find anyone on Instagram.

How to find someone on Instagram?

At first glance, it may seem challenging to find someone on Instagram among 500 million daily active users. But don’t get disappointed! There are several ways to find someone on Instagram and follow them.

1. Search bar

The easiest and most common way to find someone on Instagram is through a search bar. This way, you should enter any related username that comes to your mind and help you find someone you are looking for.

Since many users set their usernames based on their first and last name, you would have the chance to find someone by searching their first and last name as their username.

Once you tap on the search bar, you will see several filters such as Top, People, Tags, and Places.

  • Top shows profiles in sort of popularity and engagement rate.
  • People only show people on the search result
  • Tags show posts based on hashtags
  • Places show the accounts that are near to your location

find someone on Instagram through search bar

2. Location

If you are looking for someone who lives near your location or in your city, the easiest way is to search their account using the “Places” tab on the search bar.

Then look at the results and see if you can find someone who you were looking for.

find someone on Instagram through location

3. Hashtags

By searching hashtags under the “Tags” section, you can find any post with the hashtag you searched for. For example, if you are looking for a popular painter, you should search for #painter on the search bar to find what you were looking for.

find someone on Instagram through hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram

4. Take a look at your friends’ followings or followers

If you are looking for an old friend or someone your friends might know about, looking at their following or follower list may help you find someone you were looking for. Besides, you can send a direct message to your friend and ask them about the person you are looking for.

5. Suggested users

You might have noticed that Instagram suggests people you might know to help you increase the number of your followers and followings. To know about Instagram’s suggested users, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on “Setting” and select the section called “Discover People.”
  3. Next, tap on the “Suggested” option
  4. Now, you can follow anyone who you might know or follow all of them by tapping on the “Follow All” button

6. Phone contacts

Another easy way to add someone on your Instagram account without knowing their names is through phone contacts. Follow the steps below:

1.Open the Instagram app and tap on “Setting.”

2. Select the section called “Discover People.”

3. Next, tap on the “Contacts” option

4. Tap on “Connect” on connecting contact section

connect contact on Instagram

5. If your phone asks for Instagram access to the contacts, tap on “Allow.”

6. Then the list of contacts will show up

7. Finally, you can tap “Follow All” or just choose some specific contacts

7.Facebook contacts

Connect your Facebook to your Instagram account to follow your Facebook followers on Instagram as well by doing the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app, tap on “Setting,” and Select the section called “Discover People.”
  2. Tap on the “Connect to Facebook” button
  3. Next, tap on “Continue” to allow the app and website to share information about you
  4. Now, log in to your Facebook account and press “Continue” to authorize Facebook access to Instagram
  5. At last, you can follow all or some of your followers on this page

Why can’t you find someone on Instagram?

If you have done the mentioned ways to find someone on Instagram and couldn’t find the person you were looking for, there might be some reasons mentioned below.

  • The user might have blocked you
  • They might have deactivated their account
  • You may have entered the miss-spelled name on the search bar
  • It might be an Instagram bug

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The last word

After trying the mentioned ways, you can find people you were looking for on Instagram. What other ways come to your mind for finding someone on Instagram? We would be happy to hear your recommendations and experiences.

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