how to recover deleted Instagram posts?

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts? Full Guide

Have you deleted your content and then regretted it and wondered how to recover deleted Instagram posts with their all likes and comments?

Is there any enabled feature for this matter? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. Does the idea interest you? Stay with us till the end!

Can I view Deleted Instagram Posts?

Instagram has rolled out a feature that enables users not only to view deleted posts but also to recover the posts that were deleted in the past 30 days. It means even with this new feature; you can not view or restore the content you deleted over 30 days ago. How did it function? Let’s see.

Every feed you deleted on Instagram will be moved to the “Deleted Recently” folder and stays there 30 days before it gets deleted permanently.

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts?

With this feature of Instagram, you can recover any deleted content such as photos, videos, IGTV, and even reels.

To find deleted Instagram posts, first, go to the “Setting” from your profile. Then tap on the “ Account.” Then you scroll down to find “Recently Deleted” and tap on that too.

Instagram profile>Setting>Account>Recently deleted

How to view deleted Instagram posts?

This is how you can view deleted Instagram posts. To recover them, you must first tap on the post, tap on the three dots top-right and select “Restore.” Then you should take some steps to prove to Instagram that you are the owner of the account. Afterward, the post is back on your profile.

How to recover deleted Instagram posts?

I Don’t Have This Feature! How To Recover Deleted Instagram Posts Then?

Studying the history of Instagram and its selective attitude, it is likely that this feature has not been activated for you yet. Make sure you keep your Instagram updated but if you don’t have this feature still, it means Instagram has not activated it for you yet. But it will be added sooner or later. 

How To Mass Delete Instagram Posts?

Have you ever wanted to delete all your IG posts with only one click? That sounds like a scary thing to do, but we are here to tell you that this is also possible. For that, you are going to need a third-party tool.


AiSchedul Free Instagram scheduler

AiScheudul is a free Instagram all-in-one management tool to schedule Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Moreover, you can delete all your Instagram content with only one click. Not in the mood for reading anymore? Watch this video.

 For a start, sign up to AiSchedul for free and add your IG to the dashboard. Note that you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on the dashboard.

dashboard of AiSchedul

Add Your IG to AiSchedul

Then click on Manage Account.

dashboard of AiSchedul

Click “Manage Account”

Now find the “Bulk Posts Delete” tab and click it.

dashboard of AiSchedul

Select “Bulk Post Delete”

Later, click the “Select All Posts” and then the “Delete Selected Posts” button.

Delete all your IG posts with 2 clicks

Most users of AiSchedul manage their IGs on PC. That is why we started with it, but the AiSchedul app is available on the Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul on Play Store

To begin with, download AiSchedul on Play Store, install, and sign up for it. 

Sign up page of AiSchedul app

Sign Up For Free

Then add your Instagram to it and hit the “Manage Account”

Dashboard of AiSchedul App

Select “Manage Account”

After that, open the “Delete” tab. Now, tap the blue button that says “Select All Posts” and then “Delete Selected Posts”

mass delete all IG posts with a tap

That is how you can mass-delete your Instagram posts. Don’t worry; if you ever regret it, you can recover it again. You just read how 😉

Price Of AiSchedul

AiScheudul is FREE (forever), but if you desire more, the paid plans are available at prices of $7 and $23. 

AiSchedul pricing

Plans & Pricing of AiSchedul

Keeping in mind the reviews of the happy users of AiSchedul and its reasonable price, it is highly recommended to subscribe to the paid plans. Here you see the review of AiSchedul users on


It is in nature of us human beings to do the things we later regret. For example, we may decide to delete an Instagram post today and regret it tomorrow. The good news is that you can recover deleted Instagram posts 30 days after their deletion.

On the other hand, it is also possible to mass delete all Instagram posts with only one click. Thanks to the “Recently Deleted” feature of Instagram, this is not as scary as it used to be. To bulk delete Instagram posts, you should sign up to forever free AiSchedul.

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