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Instagram Stories

How to save Instagram Stories and highlights forever?

As an everyday Instagram user, you must have thought about how to save Instagram Stories or highlights. 

Instagram Stories usually have great content but won’t remain available forever. So even if you find out an interesting Story is saved in highlights, it still won’t be an easy feat to search through all slides and view them. 

On the other hand, Instagram does not offer any features to download its content on your mobile phone or PC. 

So in this article, we will discuss how to save Instagram Stories and highlights forever.  

Can I save someone’s Instagram Story?

The Instagram Story has more than 500 active users per day, and it is growing more and more popular for respective reasons. 

Hence, many people may find different Instagram Stories so interesting that they wish to save them, but they may not even know whether it is possible to save Instagram Stories or not. 

Well, if you believe there is a way to save Instagram Stories within the app, you are wrong. However, some third-party apps offer useful services to save Instagram Stories and highlights.  

How to save Instagram Stories?

To find out how to save Instagram Stories, you need to look for a third-party app that works properly. In the following, we introduce the ones you can trust.

AiSchedul is a reliable management tool with many features that make building up your strategy a lot easier and your performance significantly better. 

Moreover, AiSchedul’s Instagram Story downloader is easy to use and significantly effective. The following is a simple guide to how to save Instagram Stories. 

  • Now, you can directly repost the Stories or click “download” to save them on your PC or mobile phone.

Also, AiSchedul offers a lot more rather than just showing you how to save Instagram Stories. For example, AiSchedul is a great planner, so you can schedule all your Instagram posts on feed, Story, or IGTV and have them automatically published on your Instagram profile. 

Here are some more features to use AiSchedul for: 

AiSchedul’s Pricing

Here is why we love AiSchedul. It offers every possible feature to boost your Instagram profile for limited numbers of times to use for Free! However, if you still want something more than the free package with fewer limitations, you can look at the pricing table below. 

IG Story downloader

If you are looking for a third-party app only to save Instagram Stories, is another effective app you can use. All you need to do is to enter the username and click the download button. Then find select your Story of highlight to save it to your PC, mobile, or Mac. 

Download Instagram highlights

Basically, if you wish to download an Instagram highlight, the relevant account has to be public. 

Should you be using AiSchedul, here is how to download Instagram highlights.

  • As previously mentioned, sign up on AiSchedul for free and add your Instagram profile to its dashboard. Then go to AiSchedul Story downloader and search the user’s name.
  • Now, you only need to scroll down to see the highlights.

  • Finally, open any highlight you want and download or repost any Story you wish.

Alternatively, if you use, follow this guide to how to save Instagram Stories and highlights forever. 

  • Type the username in the field on the website and click on Download.

  • Next, scroll down and select “show highlights”. You can choose to see the saved Stories from any highlights you wish.

  • Now, use the same strategy to how to save Instagram Stories to your device. Select any Story you wish and click on “Save as Photo”.

How to save videos from Instagram Stories?

As you know, there are different types of content you can post to your Instagram Stories, such as photos or videos. However, the solution is the same. 

On AiSchedul, you don’t need to do anything different. Both images and videos will be downloaded exactly the same way.

Also, on you should follow the same procedure as saving photos from Instagram Stories. The only difference is to click “Save as Video” in the last step. 


Now that you are done with the way of saving Instagram Stories, you only need to choose your approach. Then, you can also think about how to put the content into good use, in particular as a repost. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy having saved them on your device forever. 


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