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Iconosquare Reviews & Alternatives

As you know, a consistent presence in social media is vital to create a brand. It is hard to remain consistent on different social media accounts on a regular basis without a scheduler. Iconsosquare is a social media management service that enables you to manage your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on one dashboard.

Iconosquare is a very famous platform with very happy customers. However, like any other tool, it has some deficiencies. Are you up to subscribe to it? Read its review before making up your mind!

Iconosquare Reviews


It is a very powerful social media management tool. It provides users with a scheduler for posts of three social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Iconosquare visualizes the scheduler for users so that they work with it easily. 

dashboard of Iconosquare with scheduled posts

Scheduler of Iconosquare

Plus users enjoy the precise metrics and data of Iconosquare to better their growth.

Analytics of Iconosquare

Analytics of Iconosquare

One of the main reasons Iconosqaure could keep its users very happy is the user-friendly customer service.

Iconosquare gets 4.5 out 5 stars from 88 users on G2.com

Reviews of Iconosquare on G2.com

Iconosquare is available for users at $49, $79, and $139 per month.

plans of Iconosquare: $49, $79, & $139 per month

Plans & pricing of Iconosquare

Demerits Of Iconosquare

Regardless of how high reviews of Iconosquare are, the platform is accompanied by some drawbacks, which we mean to cover here. 

No Hashtag Generator

They don’t have any kind of hashtag generator tool.”

a user's review: “They don’t have any kind of hashtag generator tool.”

Iconosquare does not have a built-in hashtag generator

Finding good hashtags is one of the most confusing things users have to deal with. However, hashtags have a considerable impact on reach, engagement rate, and followers. Considering this flaw, you know you can not count on Iconosquare in terms of hashtags.

Iconosqure Has Glitches Sometimes

According to reviews, the users come across glitches on Iconosquare from time to time!

  • The platform can be glitchy at times and will fail to auto-post scheduled content.
it can be glitchy at times and will fail to auto-post scheduled content.

Many reported glitch on Iconosqaure

  • Occasionally the phone app doesn’t work which can be frustrating.
a review says the Iconosqaure app doesn't properly

Even happy customers reported the glitch in the app

  • For a long time, there was a glitch in Iconosquare that didn’t allow you to directly post to Instagram due to the new algorithm. I also found that Iconosquare was very glitchy and didn’t always post when it said it would.
A user gave 1.5 star out of 5 for the glitch on G2.com

poor reviews of Iconosquare

No Integration For Stories

It means Iconosqaure is incapable of scheduling stories of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

“Another thing that would be helpful would be to integrate the auto-posting for IG/FB stories.”

A user on G2.com says Iconosquare doesn't schedule stories

Reviews of Iconosquare on G2.com

And the last drawback is that it does not have free plans. You are only provided with 14 days of free trials. 

Alternative For Iconosquare

Demerits of Iconosqure had us come up with three alternatives for the platform. Each alternative is presented with its own pros and cons. So make sure you read each carefully before you pick any of them.


AiSchedul Dashboard

Dashboard of AiSchedul

AiSchedul is an Instagram management tool with every feature you would ever expect from an Instagram service. On your dashboard, you can manage your Instagram, monitor your rivals through its listening tool, and run giveaways. So far, AiSchedul was successful in pleasing its users.

AiSchedul get 4.9 stars out of 5 from 165 users on Trustpilot.com

Reviews of AiSchedul on Trustpilot.com

AiSchedul is compatible with all devices. It is mostly used on desktop; however, its app on the phone is available on the Play Store. Download now.

AiSchedul app on Play Store

AiSchedul app on Play Store

Merits Of AiSchedul To Iconosquare

AiSchedul has always got high reviews from users, and no one has ever reported any malfunctions on AiSchedul. “It works properly”

review of AiSchedul on Trustpilot.com: It works properly & fast

Reviews of AiSchedul on Trustpilot.com

That would suffice for AiSchedul to be presented as an alternative. But, AiSchedul has more advantages over Iconosquare.

AiSchedul Has A Precise Hashtag Generator

Iconosquare does not have a hashtag generator tool. This is while AiSchedul finds the most searched hashtags (demonstrating the search volume) relating to your niche.

Hashtag generator of AiSchedul shows the volume of search

Hashtag generator of AiSchedul

It is worth mentioning that you can also schedule your post to be deleted. 

shcedule to delete post after a period of time

It is mostly used for giveaway posts.

To learn how you can schedule Instagram posts with AiSchedul, watch this video.



With AiSchedul You Can Schedule Stories And IGTV

While iconosquare does not schedule stories, AiSchedul not only schedules stories, but also provides you with stickers, emojis, and built-in editing tools.

Another outstanding feature of AiSchedul regarding stories is that when scheduling your posts, you can add the post to the story for more reach and engagement rate.

Post on stories as well

Make sure to post on stories as well because it boosts your engagement rate

Moreover, you can schedule IGTV videos on the desktop or cellphone. This is a feature barely any tool has.

Share Youtube Video To Your Post Without Downloading

This is another feature of AiSchedul that makes it unique among rivals.

Have you ever wanted to share a Youtube video on Instagram by only pasting the link?

You would be surprised to see that is totally doable with AiSchedul.

All you need to do is simply paste the link, and the video will be uploaded.

the Youtube link is pasted & the video is uploaded

Share the Youtube video on Instagram without downloading

Now just publish it or schedule it for later.

Repost Tool And Content Calendar

The whole point of using a management tool is to increase the presence in social media. However, being present is not only about scheduling but about content as well.

We all know how time-consuming content creation is. With AiSchedul, you can find the most viral content on Instagram and repost it to your IG story or post.

a link is pasted and the video is uploaded to be scheduled

Repost tool of AiSchedul

The Instagram content calendar has some already prepared content for different events. With a click, they are posted to your feed.

Content calendar of AiSchedul

Content calendar of AiSchedul

Tag Location Or People

Make sure you always add a location to your posts because that increases your findability.

"Find location" button

Posts with a location get a higher engagement rate

Also, be aware that on the AiSchedul dashboard, you can tag users as well.

AiSchedul Offers A Forever Free Plan

AiSchedul offers two paid yet reasonable plans at $7 and $23. However, if your business is short on money, you can subscribe to its forever-free plan.

price of AiSchedul: $7 and $23 per month

Plans and pricing of AiSchedul

Disadvantage Of AiSchedul

AiSchedul only manages Instagram. In case you are active on other platforms, you are going to need other platforms.


plann logo

Plann logo

If you are after a well-designed scheduler like Iconosquare, only better? Give Plann a try. Plann was first available for iOS users, but later, they designed an app for android users as well.

This IG scheduler has a very advanced built-in editor that makes you needless to extra editing tools. With Plann, you can schedule content for Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

If you like to schedule IG stories as well, you can count on Plann. And the final advantage of Plann over Iconosquare is hashtags generator.

Plann reviews on the app store are very high; however, after the last update, users reported login glitches.

Plann get 4.5 stars out of 5 on App store

Reviews of Plann

users report glitch on Plann

Poor reviews of Plann

Plann has a free plan, and paid plans are available at $7, $15, $45, $105 per month.

Pricing of Plann: $7, $15, $15, $45, $105

Plans and pricing of Plann

HopperHQHopperHQ logo

HopperHQ logoHopperHQ is not just an Instagram scheduler. With HopperHQ, you can schedule your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you subscribe to HopperHQ, you do not need to use an editing tool to edit your posts, because HopperHQ embeds a very professional editing tool.

professional built in app editing tool of HopperHQ

Editing tool of HopperHQ

Features Of HopperHQ

  • Preview of the scheduled feeds
  • Proper hashtag generator
  • Adding mentions and location
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Compatible with any device

HyperHQ does not have free plans, and paid plans start at $19 and end at $2820 per month.

Should I Subscribe To Iconosquare?

Although Iconosquare is a good social media platform, it has some drawbacks. Having a look at this table makes you decide with open eyes. Pick one platform and start growing today.

Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, WindowsAny deviceiPhoneAny device
Schedule Stories✔️✔️
Schedule IGTV✔️
Tags & Location✔️✔️✔️
Editing Tool✔️✔️✔️
Social Media PlatformsInstagram, Facebook, &TwitterInstagramInstagram, Facebook, & LinkedInInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn
Share Youtube videos to feed without downloading✔️
Hashtag Generator✔️✔️✔️
Free Plans✔️✔️
Paid Plans$49, $79, & $139 per month$19 & $49 per month$7, $15, $45, $105 per month$19-$2820 per month


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