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What Are Insta Stalkers And How Can You Find Them?

Do you want to know who is stalking your Instagram profile? Are you interested to know who visits your profile the most? Maybe you are looking for methods to find them. Keep reading this article to know everything about Insta stalkers and ways to find them.

You’ve probably searched for “who saw my Instagram profile”, and you’re really interested in finding out who stalked you. Maybe it was impossible in the past, but in today’s digital world, there are a lot of online services that help you get just what you want.

Looking for some Insta Stalking? Give it a try yourself!

Why do you need to know who is stalking you?

There are a few reasons you might want to know who is stalking you. You might want to know who is stalking you for safety reasons. Sometimes Insta stalkers can be harmful.

Sometimes you’d like to figure out if your crush checks your profile, and it’s completely easy to understand. Other times you are just curious who stalks you. You may have a commercial account and want to maintain an eye on the rivals. However, Instagram does not permit you to check who visited your Instagram directly, so you need to use third-party applications.

Instagram Stories are one way to find who is stalking you.

Instagram Stories are a duplicate of stories from Snapchat and operate almost precisely the same way. Create a post, set it as a story, and it’s up for 24 hours, and then it’s gone. To see someone’s stories, you can select their profile in the app, and they do the same to see yours.

You can swipe up to see who viewed your stories from within the Instagram app. The screen will display each person’s username that has viewed your story. Besides revealing who saw your Instagram story, there’s no other way to know such information inside the Instagram app.  Snapchat provides a lot more data about who might view your profile, but not Instagram. So as mentioned before, you need a third-party app or platform to find your Insta stalker.

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3 best apps to find Insta stalkers

To be frank, if you feel someone is stalking you on Instagram, there’s not much you can do to push them away. As long as they do not reveal themselves and make threats, they aren’t doing anything wrong. But in this part, we will introduce 3 best apps that can help you find your Insta stalkers.

1- Followers Plus

Followers Plus is a social media management app that gathers lots of analytics around your Instagram account, including those who like you the most. By using this app, you can track your followers, followings, posts, comments and likes. You can also get updates every day and even every hour. You can use this app with your own accounts on social networks for free. But if you want to monitor multiple accounts, you should buy a premium account for 0.99$ per month or 9.99$ per year.

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2- Follower Analyzer

If you want to receive frequent reports from users checking and stalking your Instagram account and show interest in your stories and posts, the Follower Analyzer will assist you greatly. This free Instagram tracking app will send notifications to your phone immediately and will notify you of people having engagement or interest in your Instagram posts.

3- IgViewers

IgViewers helps you to have a web app as user-friendly as possible. All you need to do is insert your username and wait a few moments until it scans your Instagram account.  With just a few minutes, you can check who viewed your Instagram account. It’s all free, and they won’t ask you to register an account. No one of your Insta stalkers will ever recognize that you are using IgViewers.

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