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5 pro tips to have a successful Instagram Art account + Art hashtags

Promoting an Instagram art account is a promising effort in one of the best social media platforms to serve the purpose. 

The reason for this great potential is that Instagram is designed based on visual aesthetics and creative use of its features. 

While many brands and creators have successfully mastered reaping the advantages of the visual aspect of Instagram, it shouldn’t be a daunting challenge for artists to do so, except for learning some dos and don’ts on Instagram. 

This article discusses 5 tips to have a successful Instagram art account and introduces the most popular art hashtags. We will also show you the best ways you can generate these hashtags by yourself. 

How to make a successful Instagram art account? 

As the most influential social media for traditional artists, digital artists, illustrators, and any other areas of art, it provides you with great room for creativity to make a successful Instagram art account. 

Here are the top 5 pro tips to help you with your Instagram art account. 

Instagram popular art account art account

1. Enhance the aesthetics of your page

In order to make your account a work of art, you need to make your mind about the theme of your profile at the very early stages of creating your profile. 

This means picking your predominant hues, photo size, filters, and any other aspects of the look of your page regarding your creative ideas. Consider adding or looking for aesthetic images for inspiration to create your content.

The following items are vital to consider. 

  • Instagram bio

Having a confident bio with style plays a major role in making a great first impression on your audience. Although you need to be concise, do your best to write an informative biography in good taste. 

Furthermore, you may need to place multiple links to your other social media platforms alongside a link to your website. 

If that’s the case you can use an Instagram management tool to make it possible for you. 

We recommend using AiSchedul for its reliability and effectiveness. Read the following article on how to share multiple links to your bio.

  • The lighting 

Bright images get 24% more likes than darker tones. However, it basically depends on your aim and the feeling or message you are trying to convey.   

2. Have a consistent Instagram art account

Similar to aesthetics, you need to maintain consistency in other aspects of your Instagram art account. Here are some items to consider. 

  • The purpose of your posts

Your style represents to your audience who you are both in your visual perspective and tone. So keep in mind to post with purpose.

  • Scheduling your posts 

Share at least one or two posts every day. It is important to remain consistent so that your audience will know when to expect a new post and look forward to it. 

On the other hand, it is important to schedule your posts in advance to make sure your posts meet the quality you expect for your Instagram art page. 

As mentioned earlier, an effective Instagram management tool can be very helpful. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating and having your posts published automatically on your desired day with AiSchedul.

Step #1 – Firstly, you need to sign up for free on AiSchdul and add your Instagram profile to its dashboard. 

Step #2 – Next, choose “Scheduler” on your dashboard and click “schedule” to select where you wish to post your content. You can choose “feed,” “story,” or “IGTV.” 

AiSchedul dashboard

Step #3 – Then, upload your content and edit it as you normally do on Instagram. 

AiSchedul hashtag generator tool

Step #4 –  Finally, select “Post in Future” and set your calendar. AiSchedul will automatically post it to your Instagram profile. 

AiSchedul Instagram scheduler

3. Open a window into your creative life

People like Instagram art accounts with a personal touch. Show them how a piece of art is progressing in your studio, or what your studio likes. 

Moreover, videos also have a great impact on your audience. Give them a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes, your next work, or an art gallery that you have. 

4. Build up a close relationship with people 

People who admire your works and follow you will definitely be interested in talking to you or asking about your works. Make sure you reply to their questions, whether in “Direct Messages” or comments and stories.

Additionally, there are several other artists you can follow. This will help you build a community with the same attitude towards art and create a wonderful online connection. While doing this, you will be able to reach a new audience from their followers who are interested in you and your works. 

5. Use the right hashtags 

All everyday Instagram users look for the kind of content they are interested in by using hashtags, and art lovers are no exception. 

So your Instagram art account will be easily discovered by many new people searching the hashtags you use. 

Here are top art hashtags in 2021.











However, keep in mind that using relevant hashtags is much more important than simply using popular hashtags. 

AiSchedul offers two features regarding hashtags you can use to boost your hashtags strategy. 

1. AiSchedul hashtag generator 

After uploading your content to be scheduled and posted automatically on your dashboard, you can write a caption, add a location, and use the “Hashtags” feature to either search the most popular hashtags or write hashtags you have customized for your personal Instagram art account. 

AiSchedul hashtag analytic

2. AiSchedul hashtag analytic tool

In addition to finding the right hashtags for your Instagram art profile, you should also remember not to use banned hashtags. While there is no list of these hashtags to avoid as they may change, you need to be careful so that you won’t see low performance of your posts or have your Instagram flagged.

Here is how you can use AiSchedul hashtag analytic tool

Step #1 – Go to your dashboard on AiSchedul. 

Step #2 – Click on “Manage account” to head to “listening and repost” Then, you will see AiSchedul’s analytic tool with 4 tabs, including hashtag monitoring, account monitoring, mentions, and saved media.

Step #3 – Then, you can search for hashtags or add your hashtags. AiSchedul tells you how many times each hashtag you choose has been used so far. It also allows you to sort the list of your hashtags by usage or name.

hashtag analytic

If you are interested to know more about AiSchedul hashtag feature you can watch this video.

AiSchedul pricing

Here are some of the major features AiSchedul has to enhance your business profile on Instagram.

Moreover, you can use one of the three packages AiSchedul offers.

Package #1 

In fact, you don’t need to buy this package since it is free forever. Although you can use all the features above, the number of times you can use those features is limited.

Package #2 

In order to use these features with less limitation and more numbers of times, you can purchase this package for only $19 per monthly.  

Package #3  

The most notable alteration in this package is that there are no limits to use these features. In addition to this, you will have 24/7 support. 

AiSchedul pricing


These tips are all you need to start a promising Instagram art account, but you need to remain creative if you wish to stand out in the crowd. Doing everything right, Instagram will soon turn into your most favorite social media networking site for publishing and sharing your content about art. 

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