Steps to Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

Do you want your Instagram content to bring results? Then you need to have a plan. The strategy is what can take your Instagram content from time-consuming activity to goal-achieving tool.

A content plan streamlines your efforts. It helps you move past the randomness of posting and sets an impactful strategy in motion. 

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

With the perfect content plan on your hands, you can establish your brand image and ensure constant content quality for your followers.

If the thought of creating an Instagram content plan intimidates you, it’s time to tackle that fear. These effective steps can take you right to the doors of your perfect Instagram content plan. Let’s get started.

1. Define Your Style and Be Consistent

Your Instagram profile needs to reflect your brand. Use Instagram as a contribution to building a strong brand personality that will captivate the users.

To do so, you need consistency. Define who you are as a brand and maintain that style throughout your posts.

Are you trying to sell a certain lifestyle? Do you want to build your credibility with informative Instagram content? 

Establish what your content needs to achieve and intertwine your brand’s style with that purpose. Your personality and your goals need to work as one. 

Remember that without consistency in your content, your brand won’t be memorable. There will be nothing recognizable to your posts. You want one glance at your posts to evoke that “oh, this is XY brand” thought. 

The consistency in style can be achieved with consistency in:

  • Language
  • Tone and voice
  • Colors
  • Filters
  • Themes

Go Pro is an ideal example of how consistency in style can look like. Each of their posts exudes with high-quality, while their overall profile has a consistent feel without aggressive uniformity. As you can see below, the dominant color that ties their posts together is blue. The same color that is a part of their branding.

Define Your Style and Be Consistent

If you need inspiration, go through Instagram profiles of successful brands. Pay attention to how they reflect their brand’s style in their Instagram content style. 

2. Think about Frequency

“How often should I post?” The common question with no right answer. 

Every brand has a unique group of followers. Their posting schedule is adapted to their audience. While you can look at case studies to see what kind of posting frequency works best in your niche, that can’t guarantee you success.

The frequency and posting schedule need to be personalized. However, if you need some general stats on frequency to get you started, here they are:

  • High engagement periods on Instagram are from Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
  • Lower engagement periods on Instagram are every day before 5 a.m. and after 9 p.m.

Later reported that based on their 12 million Instagram posts analysis, generally, the best time to post is during lunchtime between 11 am and 1 pm and in the evenings, around 7 pm to 9 pm.

To define your posting time, you need to consider when your audience is online. Look into the peak of your Instagram engagement to pinpoint these dates and times. 

Instagram prioritizes “fresh” content and places them at the top of people’s feeds. If you post at the time when your audience is online, your content will get noticed more. 

Once you establish your posting days, stick to that schedule. Get your audience used to a regular flow of high-quality content from your brand.

3. Plan It Out

It’s never too early to start planning. The purpose of your Instagram content plan is to get organized. Organization leads to consistency and maintaining a high level of quality.

When you plan out your posts, you give yourself time to create quality content. Have a birds-eye overview of what you need to do. This will assure that your team is prepared for their upcoming responsibilities.

An early start will give you time to do quality research. You can surface some fun holidays that you can incorporate into your content. Or, you can go through essay samples on to get inspiration for informative content topics suitable for different seasons.

Mark in your plan all the important dates that you want to celebrate through your content. Start with a yearly plan as the foundation for putting down the big dates that demand themed content. Then, focus your detailed plan on smaller segments, such as the monthly content plan.

Use a social media scheduling tool to automatize the posting process for finished posts. The content plan also helps you take off the pressure, as you can prepare the posts, schedule them, and then move on. 

4. Add Some Diversity

Different types of high-quality content attract wide masses. You’ll be able to hit the spot with every follower. Whether they like informative posts, engaging posts, humor, or statistics, be the brand that has it all. 

Make sure that your content plan is varied. While you want to keep the consistency in style, you should step away from posting one and the same type of content. 

The content you can resort to in your mix-and-match journey is:

  • Informative or educational content
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Product-related content
  • Testimonials
  • Inspirational or motivational content
  • Quotes
  • Infographics

Here’s a good example of how you can diversify your posts for more engagement:

Add Some Diversity

Dove keeps its followers page busy with product-related posts, inspiring stories, informative posts, customer testimonials, and so on. As you can tell, they mix the types of posts to keep interest and anticipation at a high level. You can apply the same strategy. 

5. Measure and Adapt

Nothing is final in the unpredictable world of social media. To maximize the effectiveness of your content plan, you need to measure the results and adjust the plan.

As the trends come and go and your audience’s preferences change, your content needs to keep up. 

Use Instagram Insights or other analytics software to look into what type of content your audience best responds to. Introduce more of such content in your plan. As you learn more about your audience, you can create more personalized content.

Measure and Adapt

Also, use Google Trends or a similar trend-tracking tool to stay in the loop with hot topics. Incorporate the trending subjects to get more traffic to your posts. It’s all about mentioning the right thing at the right time. 

Wrapping Up

A successful content plan can completely change your Instagram game. You can improve your content’s quality, consistency, and personalization – the three golden rules for strengthening your relationship with consumers. Take it step-by-step and create an awesome Instagram content plan that will benefit your business. 

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