How Instagram couponing can increase your followers?

Instagram couponing

The explosive process of Instagram couponing

If we can use Instagram correctly and know its tricks we can easily make our brand more popular and sell our products and services.

Even if you do not have a site, you can still use some marketing techniques with Instagram.

If you miss on social media marketing, You have set aside a very powerful free advertising tool.

Does the discount code affect sales?

The answer to this question is very simple, offering any discount to the customer will definitely have a positive result, This, of course, also depends on the number of discounts.

However, offering a discount code has many benefits for both sellers and customers It is also about attracting new customers and make former customers loyal.

We have a good example of Instagram couponing for you, when the number of Instagram feeds for a site was about 1,000, Around 8 pm on Thursday evening we posted a discount coupon on Instagram and wrote it until 23:59 tonight, meaning that coupon was valid for only 4 hours.

In just 4 hours, a few million-dollar sales were made. If the same thing happened with email, it would not have worked so fast.

If we divide the total sales by the number of followers, we see that in this particular case the financial value of each follower is about 4,00$.

This means every follower can makeĀ  400$ for us; So it’s even worth investing in advertising that will increase the number of our fans.

The new internet marketing model that is becoming more and more popular is redirecting people to social media.

After the visitor has become a follower of social media, we have access to him and you can send him marketing messages this way.

Here are eight tips that can improve your marketing campaign on Instagram.

Instagram couponing

1- Use free Instagram tools

Everyone knows having a lot of followers is the first step to starting a business

You need marketing tools to be able to start and manage a business successfully on Instagram.

You will be wondering what the benefits of these tools are for your account?

We will explain to you step by step.

Now the question is how to get a lot of followers?

This is where you will need a tool for marketing and managing your account.

Remember the more you understand about how your users are interacting with your content, the better you can make adjustments to improve your engagement.

We give you an example of a powerful platform AiSchedule and will explain how it works.

When you want to run a contest on Instagram you need to plan and set goals.

AiSchedual is a platform to compete and introduce online services so that stores can more easily introduce their products and services to customers and outperform others in the competition scene.

Click here to sign up for this platform and learn how it is work.

You can then enjoy the free services of this platform by completing the registration process.

Instagram couponing

By entering your name and a valid email and password you can enter a page called Dashboard.

On this page, you can add your accounts and manage them all at once.

You can also run and manage multiple contests at the same time in different accounts.

Join us now to explaining how to run a contest through this popular platform.

Instagram couponing

Click on the manage account option. Then tap on the post and reward options on this page and chose schedule to reward.

Now it’s very easy to set the rules for your contest on the page that opens and create a hashtag for yourself, and finally set the date you want your post to be shared and even set the same post automatically after a while to be deleted.

It also has the ability to identify the winner or the winners of the contest and automatically sends a message that you had prepared that includes the Instagram couponIng or prize details for the winner.

Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding.

2. Better use of site address in a profile

On Instagram, you can enter the website address in your profile.

If you do not have a website, it is best not to leave it blank; For example, you can enter your LinkedIn profile address.

If you have a site, it’s best to redirect people to your landing page instead of entering the home page address.

A landing page is a page where you receive a contact’s email and give him a gift.

The gift can be a free e-book, audio tutorial, movie or any other interesting information.

Now if you have multiple links on different social networks and want to make them available to users, you can use the Bio-Link feature in AiSchedule.

Normally you can only have one link that is clickable in your bio, but now you can cross the border and have a better chance of marketing.

The following video teaches you how to add links.

3-Create awesome photos

Use photos that make people curious. If you publish very ordinary and even high-quality photos, you do not give people the incentive to stop on your photo and see them.

People often see a lot of photos and the only thing that makes them look at your photo is curiosity.

There are many ways to create curiosity; For example, you can take pictures of a product from a very close distance that cannot be easily guessed.

Take some time to work on the creativity of the photos and see how much they are getting more attention.

4-Write profile descriptions that why should people follow you

In the profile description section of your profile called Bio, do not write stereotypes things.

Also, don’t define yourself and your business, Just focus on answering one question. Why should others follow you?

The most important thing that makes people follow you is to provide a compelling reason for doing so.

In fact, make it very clear what the benefits of following you are.

Bad example: The largest marketing and management training company

Suitable example: Learn about management tips and tricks on this page and get Instagram couponing from our site.

5. Offer Instagram couponing only on Instagram

Suppose you want to make a sale for your Instagram members and give them a 20% discount.

Announcing that the products have a 20% discount doesn’t make much sense.

The best thing is to give your followers a complete 20% off coupon on Instagram.

Don’t give this discount on the site and elsewhere.

In the following post, we mentioned a very creative example of Instagram couponing.

6. Providing exclusive content

One of the very wrong things done by many internet marketers is to share all posts on all social media and social networks; suppose, That you have a special sale.

You post this on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

After a while, users will see that your social media is copying each other; So they come to the conclusion that they don’t have to follow them all.

Sometimes they just will look at one of them.

Of course, sometimes you have to publish something in all media, but you also need to have exclusive content in each media.

7. monthly Change profile photos

Change your profile picture once a month! This may sound a bit strange, but it makes you a more active user on Instagram.

The more active a user you are, your photos will better appear in an Instagram search results

And your photos are more likely to be seen and followed.

You might think that my account is completely commercial, and for example, I put the company logo as a profile picture.

How can I change it every month? This is done with a little creativity.

You can change the logo slightly on different occasions; For example, with the onset of winter, you can add some snowflakes to your logo.

Or with starting of spring add some flower to your logo background.

You can even occasionally write on your profile photo: Special Sale or Instagram couponing!

8. First step training, then sales

Teach people on Instagram. You might immediately say that my job is not teaching; I have an auto parts store, Even if you sell auto parts, your main job is teaching.

Of course, the tutorial is to provide tips and tricks about car accessories.

You can also say hints so the audience can make better choices for buying by reading your hints.

Explain in the tutorials on how to determine if the product is of good quality.

In fact, most buyers need help and training and prefer to buy the product from someone who provides better training.

also, you can use the scheduler section of AiSchedul to pre-prepper your content and determine a specific time and date to be share.

This will help you save more time and you will no longer have the stress of not having a post to share because you have already prepared them.

You can also pre-prepare your stories or even repost the posts you want to do so just provide the URL of the post you want to repost.

The following video shows you how to schedule your posts:

A Free Way To Schedule Your Instagram Posts From Your Desktop.

Summary: In this article, we’ve mentioned a few ways to increase followers, how to use Instagram-specific tools and how to use creativity to use Instagram couponing. Now you can use these tricks in marketing and mix them with your creativity.

Please let us know if you have any ideas to help us write future articles.





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