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How To Use Instagram Games To Grow Your Account?

Gone are the days when Instagram stories were only random photos of the day to day life. Nowadays, Instagram is used to increase engagement, followers, and even sales. For this reason, users begin to invest more time and effort in stories to the point that businesses upload to posts and stories equally. Instagram games are common ways to invest in your story and increase the Instagram story views.

Most Instagram games are done on Stories, where you upload gamified content, and your followers should repost stories of yours and tag you on them. 

Now their followers wonder about your account, and if you have a professional-looking account, 10% of them convert (follow you) in the best-case scenario. So like you see, Instagram games can be really serious. So stay with us till the end.

7 Unique Instagram Games Ideas

In this article, we are going to present some ideas for Instagram games. You can either save the image and upload them to your story or be inspired and come up with customized ones for your niche.

1. Poll

You ask your followers to repost the story, underlining their choice, and tag you on it.

example of an IG game

IG game

example of an IG game

IG game


2. Tag Friends

In these Instagram games, there are a bunch of names. You tag the friend who the word represents the most.

example of an Instagram game on story

IG game

3. Pick A Number & I’ll Answer Honestly

You create a “Ask A Question” sticker and type “ Pick a number, and I will answer honestly” Whatever number they chose, you type the question, and the answer.

example of an IG game

IG game

4. Have You Done

These Instagram games in mostly done by the end of the year to remind your followers what milestone they have achieved and if they have not set a goal for it in the coming year.

example of an IG game

IG game

5. Favorite

People love to talk about themselves. This is what you can take advantage of to get more followers. Post this story (or something similar) and ask users to repost the story after answering it and tagging you on it.

example of an IG game when you tag users asking them their favorites

IG game

6. Find The Lie

Another amusing game you can play on the Instagram story with your audience is to have your followers detect the lie among the 4 options you give them.

example of an IG game

IG game

7. Dots And Boxes

Are you good at dots and boxes? You can challenge your followers. If anyone accepts the challenge, you two can proceed by reposting one another.

dots and boxes on IG story

IG game

Schedule Instagram Games

Instagram games are fun and engaging, but it is hard to maintain regularly. Here we suggest you share Instagram games to the story.

It is recommended to come up with a routine and schedule on the story regularly.

Inspiring storyEducative contentPromotional contentDiscount couponFunny contentIG ReelsInstagram games

The table above is an example. You can customize it according to your niche and goal on Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Games With AiSchedul

Since most Instagram games require you to tag users on them, we suggest you use AiSchedul.  AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler that is capable of scheduling stories, posts, IGTV, etc. Plus, you can tag users on it. To schedule Instagram games on AiSchedul;

  1. To schedule your stories, first, sign up to AiSchedul for free and link your IG to your dashboard. You can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts on this dashboard.
Add accounts dashboard of AiSchedul

Add accounts

2. Then click “Manage Account.”

Manage Instagram account

Manage account

3. Afterward, you get directed to the “Post & Scheduling” tab. Here click the “Schedule” button and select story.

AiSchedul dashboard

Select “Story”

4. At this stage, upload your content. You can schedule photos, videos, GIFs, just anything.

5. To tag a user, after you upload your game, click the sticker icon on top and choose the “Mention.”

tap on sticker, select mention and tag someone

how to mention a user on IG on AiSchedul

6. In the end, schedule the story.

schedule the IG game

You can upload multiple photos and schedule them.

AiSchedul is compatible with any device, and if you want to work with its app, you can download AiSchedul from Play Store.

AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul on Play Store

This scheduler is free; however, if you want more, AiSchedul offers two affordable paid plans at $7 and $23 per month.

AiSchedul pricing

Plans and Pricing of AiSchedul

Last Words With You

With Instagram games on Story, if you get users to tag you on their stories, you convert %3 to %10 percent of their followers. Even if it does not happen, you increase your interaction with your followers, impacting your overall growth on Instagram.

In this article, you came across 7 unique ideas for Instagram games and a free scheduler that is capable of scheduling stories and tagging users on it. Everything is at your fingertips. Would you start?

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