Apart from being an amazing social media platform to share your daily photos, Instagram has become an awesome advertising tool! Today, most brands, agencies, companies, individual marketers, and also creators use Instagram to grow their business and get more attractions. 

In this way, you can try many and various features. And undoubtedly, one of them is the Instagram Giveaway

Instagram giveaways let you reach a wider range of audiences and lead more people into trying and recognizing your products. But as you may know, captions have an important role in whatever you are sharing, including Instagram giveaway posts. 

In the following, we will mention the best tools to help you make the most of this feature and introduce some of the best Instagram giveaway captions to generate a massive audience.

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Why is it necessary to use Instagram giveaway captions? 

giveaway captions

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t make the role of giveaway captions pale into insignificance. In fact, one of the first Instagram giveaway rules is to make the 2200-character captions for giveaway work to your advantage.

these captions will help you as Instagram giveaway generators. Here is how:

  • You can clear up your Instagram giveaway rules
  • You can specify gift box captions for Instagram.
  • A simple giveaway description in addition to an intriguing offer can generate an increasing engagement rate, targeting a wider range of audiences other than solely your followers. 

Hence, Instagram giveaway captions are inseparable from your Instagram giveaway posts! 

But, how to run a giveaway on Instagram that guarantees success?  

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How Do Instagram Giveaways Work?

Creative Instagram competition ideas show the human side of your business, how you care about your customers, or how generous you could be in the eyes of your audience. On top of that, you can use an Instagram giveaway to gain followers and bring your brand to more attention. 

the steps below are your ultimate solution for how to run a giveaway on Instagram effectively. 

  1. Make sure to set a goal before you even start your Instagram giveaway wording.
  2. Set out your Instagram contest rules template clearly.
  3. Have a fair giveaway winner picker, and announce the names of the winners publicly so everybody will know who they were.

Consequently, a tool to manage your Instagram raffle could come in very handy. And you want to know what our suggestion is? AiSchedul!   

While its post and reward feature, enables you to create a contest from scratch quickly, AiSchedul Instagram giveaway picker makes it easy to host Instagram giveaways that give you the flexibility to pick anywhere from 1 to 5 winners and substitute winners.

Once you learn all about the dos and don’ts of the Instagram giveaway captions in the following, AiSchedul will enable you to fulfill your expectations of the whole process and the results.  

How to Use AiSchedul Instagram Giveaway Picker to Pick the Winners Randomly?

Instagram Giveaway Picker - AiSchedul

AiSchedul’s giveaway picker tool makes it easy to select random winners among entrants for a giveaway on Instagram. The tool is fast and fair, making it the ideal solution for Instagram promotion and marketing campaigns.

AiSchedul giveaway picker also offers a post and reward tool to design customized giveaways on Instagram, DM in bulk to notify users of new contests, or contact the qualified users who won a prize and schedule your giveaway to post at a specific time.

Let’s see how you can use it:

When you create an account on AiSchedul, you will be directed to your Dashboard. The Giveaway Picker can be found on the top-left bar.

giveaway picker of AiSchedul

In the first box, enter the URL of your giveaway post (any new or existing post). In the second box, enter the name.

AiSchedul Instagram giveaway picker

Consider selecting a winner using a specific hashtag or a minimum number of mentions in the comments.

In the “Select Unique Users” setting, participants are not allowed to mention the same user twice or more in the comments, and when you activate the “Eliminate Duplicate Comments” setting, a single instance of each comment is counted.

After you’ve set up your giveaway and entered the Giveaway End Date, you can sit back and relax. The AiSchedul giveaway picker will take care of the winner selection for you.

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AiSchedul Instagram Giveaway Picker Pricing

AiSchedule giveaway picker pricing packages

Pricing for the Instagram giveaway picker is based on the number of contests and comments reviewed included in the packages. For instance, Annual subscribers receive unlimited contests and up to 2000 comments reviewed per contest for an affordable price.

Pick a package and sign up now!

How to use AiSchedul Post And Reward Tool as an Instagram Giveaway Generator? 

AiSchedul is a golden opportunity you can’t afford to miss; because its many and various features provide you with a pragmatic approach to growing your account in addition to creating an Instagram giveaway text you can schedule it to post at a particular date and time.

In the following, we’ll walk through a step-by-step guide to it.

Step 1

To begin with, sign up on AiSchedul.

Aischedul homepage

Step 2

Now to connect one or multiple Instagram accounts to your dashboard on AiSchedul, click on “Add Instagram account”. 

Manage multiple accounts by AiSchedul

Step 3

Once you have added all of your Instagram accounts, choose the one you wish to work with, and click on “Manage” so you can access the features on your dashboard. 

Post scheduling feature

Step 4

Go to the “Posts and Scheduling” tab and select “Post and Reward”. 

Post and reward

Step 5

Then, click on the “Schedule a content” button.

Schedule your content

Step 6

Now, you can take different approaches to your content uploads. First, you can drag and drop images or videos. This will also enable you to easily make a carousel post, made up of 10 slides at the top. 

Secondly, you can place a link in the “convert YouTube” box to directly post a Youtube video to your feed without any download requirements. 

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Step 7

Last but not least, you can choose to discover 1000s of images from “Unsplash” and find what suits your Instagram giveaway best.

Post and reward

After that, set the rules for your contest. Again, you have a variety of rules to set.

For a start, ask entries to engage, whether in comments or content.

Choosing “comment”, entries will be asked to tag a number of people by your choice, use a certain giveaway hashtag, and/or follow you. Otherwise, they should tag you in a post, and/or follow you (content).

Instead of having random giveaway pickers, go with simple rules to encourage more people to engage in your contest, and choose the winners fairly without having to go through the hassle of dealing with the results. AiSchedul will do the whole thing automatically for you. Sign up for AiSchedul now.

rules to send reward

Turning to send DMs in bulk, you can create a preset direct message to be automatically sent to qualified users.
In order not to get tracked by Instagram as a bot or spam, you can personalize each DM by adding their username to your message in addition to utilizing alternate syntaxes to vary your text. Follow the instruction and examples below.

Use this model to include as many paraphrased alternatives in braces as you want:
{paraphrase 1 l paraphrase 2 l paraphrase 3}
{Hello l Hi} @username
We thought you might be {interested in l intrigued by} winning one of our products below:
To enter the {competition l contest} check our latest post {no later than l by} September 13.

Hello Marc_c.a.f.e.
We thought you might be interested in winning one of our products below:
To enter the competition check our latest post no later than September 13.

Hi Lifestyle2021
We thought you might be intrigued by winning one of our products below:
To enter the contest check our latest post by September 13. 

Check your latest post

Moving on to the core of your content, here, you need to be able to write catchy giveaway captions. However, instead of simply using giveaway captions copy and paste, we will discuss all you need to know about the giveaway caption template, giveaway caption ideas, and giveaway alert captions.

Hence, leave your giveaway wording in the caption to the rest of this article. 

Subsequently, search and add relevant hashtags to your post, and add a location to optimize the efficiency of your post. 

Chose popular hashtags

Finally, according to your preference, select “post now” to publish your Instagram giveaway immediately, or choose to post your content in the future and set your social calendar. AiSchedul will automatically post it to your Instagram. 

Set the calendar

Delegate your Instagram giveaway to AiSchedul

Also, AiSchedul provides lots of amazing features:
  • You can schedule your Instagram content to be posted automatically and set the calendar if you want to also delete it automatically.
  • Use the feature to mass delete your posts on your Instagram profile.

Select all posts>deleted the selected posts

  • Get help from the hashtag generator and hashtag analytic tool.

instagram hashtag generator

  • Tag people and location.
  • Share multiple links to your bio.
  • Schedule carousel posts and Stories and IGTVs.
  • Manage your multiple accounts.
  • Create a contest with the post and reward feature.
  • Send automated DM.
  • Repost feed and Stories. 
  • Giveaway caption and giveaway hashtags.

How should an Instagram giveaway caption be like? 

giveaway captions

When you are running an Instagram contest, you need to share some important information in competition Instagram captions to make everything as clear as possible. Actually, your Instagram giveaway caption must contain:

The contest rules, such as the number of people that users must tag, who to follow, and other conditions you have defined to help people enter the contest

  • The prizes you are willing to give people
  • The value of prizes
  • And also the reason or the occasion of the contest. 

An important thing you can share in your caption or on the first comment is giveaway hashtags that will let you make more people enter your contest and engage with your page. Now, let’s see some of the best Instagram giveaway captions that can be used. 

Top 20 Instagram giveaway captions

Now, we are going to see some of the most successful Instagram giveaway caption templates that enhance your contest most. Actually, there are different types of  Instagram giveaway caption to copy and paste that you can use, and in the following, we will discuss their general forms and give some examples. So, keep reading to get better results. 

Tag friends contest 

sample caption

One of the most common Instagram giveaway captions that can be used is to ask your followers to tag their friends. Actually, one of the essential conditions of these contests must be the necessity of not tagging celebrities and business pages. 

The winner of this type of contest is the person who has tagged more people. However, note that in this case, you will have much to do in order to find the winner, cause you need to count and check all the tagged people!

On the picture above, you can see a sample of this type of giveaway caption that just has some limitations on the people who are tagged!

 Create Instagram giveaways by using AiSchedul!

Tag and Follow giveaway captions

Another good sample of Instagram giveaway captions is the one that asks people to follow your and other accounts you are concerned with, and tag some of their friends. Just like the previous one, here you can set no limitations on the number of tagged people. However, here you can be more confident that the number of your followers will increase. 

In the picture below, you can see an example of this type of Instagram giveaway caption. Also, you can click here to see the original post on Instagram.

caption sample

Tag, Like, and Follow contest

Apart from the conditions you set on the previous contest type, you can force people to like your post in order to enter the giveaway. Here, besides the number of your followers, you will grow your Instagram engagement rate, which results in more attractions and popularity. 

Here is an example of this one:

giveaway captions

Tag, Follow, Like, and comment giveaway captions

Obviously, this is a level-up for the previous contest caption type that we have discussed. Using this type, your Instagram engagement rate increases more than the others. That happens because you also ask the people who participate, to write a comment below your post! Here is an example that has been done by @ashleyhawmakeup:

giveaway captions

Follow, tag, like, and repost caption

In this one, apart from the things you ask people to do on the previous samples, you will ask them to reshare your post on their Story or feed! This will definitely help you with attracting more people because it can somehow be interpreted as a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. So, your contest will have a better chance of success! Here is an example by @BooksWithBean:

giveaway captions

Using your special hashtag

Besides the above methods, you can increase your brand’s awareness by using a hashtag specific to your brand. You can ask the participants to use that hashtag in their comments, posts, or Stories. This way, your brand will be introduced to the new audience by that hashtag and your page will grow by this aspect.

Instagram Giveaway Template Copy And Paste

The following Instagram giveaway examples will provide you with some inspiration for creating your own giveaway Instagram post.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a high-quality giveaway post to use on your Instagram account, take a look at these templates on PosterMyWall. You can also customize templates that you like to create your own unique giveaway.

Instagram giveaway template


caption giveaway Instagram


Instagram giveaway post example

Instagram Giveaway Rules Copy And Paste

Before beginning your giveaway, be sure to read the Instagram promotion guidelines. These guidelines ensure that you offer clear contest rules, terms of eligibility, and privacy policies.

In addition to being aware of the guidelines, you also need to inform participants of the giveaways. We recommend that you include the following rules in your contest or giveaway:

  • This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram in any way.
  • Do not forget to include the name of the company hosting the Instagram giveaway or contest.
  • Campaign dates, time zone, and any other important details.
  • Include any participation restrictions – such as age and location restrictions.
  • Write guidelines detailing how to enter the contest.
  • Details regarding the selection of the winner and prize claiming (when and how).

Below is an example of Instagram giveaway rules to copy and paste on your giveaway Instagram text:

“Per Instagram guidelines, I must state this giveaway is by no means sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram inc. By participating, entrants acknowledge that they are 18+ years of age, agree to Instagram terms of use, and release Instagram of all responsibility”.

Giveaway Winner Announcement Caption

If you want to announce your winner using Instagram, you can use a story or post to tag the person.  You may also want to follow up with the winner via direct message for more info about how to receive their prize.

giveaway winner caption

This is a giveaway winner caption to be inspired by:

Congratulations to XXXX, the winner of the XXXX contest! Please DM us to claim your prize.

We drew the winner randomly from the thousands of entries we received.

Thank you to everyone who took part and made our contest such a great success. We really appreciate your support.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win. We’ll be running another contest very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our profile for the news.

Click the link in our bio for more details.

[relevant hashtags]

And here is another giveaway winner announcement caption:

Congratulations, XXXX, the winner of the XXXX Giveaway contest!

His entry was randomly selected from over 2,500 participants, crowing him the winner! You can see him celebrating his win in the photo below. Thanks to everyone who took part and helped make this contest a massive success. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for the next contest.

How to generate Instagram giveaway captions automatically?

As you know, when you are running an Instagram loop giveaway, you have to share some specific content on some Instagram pages repeatedly. Actually, writing down the same award captions for Instagram on each account can take a lot of time.

Moreover, as humans are not flawless beings, repeating an action may cause some errors. Hence, it is better to use an Instagram tool that automatically generates captions for all your posts. 

In the above sections, we introduced you to an Instagram-based platform that will almost automate the process of creating Instagram giveaway captions and help you with the time-consuming considerations.


Why is it so important to use the right Instagram giveaway captions? In this article, we talked about the points that you should consider in your Instagram giveaway copy.

Also, we discussed some successful examples to see different types of giveaways. More importantly, we introduced the AiSchedul platform that helps you automatically generate giveaway captions and also, organize the giveaway.

Using this platform, you will save a lot of time, and most of the steps will be automatically organized. Try AiSchedul giveaway tools now and see the results.