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20 popular Instagram giveaway hashtags + tool

Using Instagram giveaway hashtags can grow your business organically, but only if you use them in a way that is efficient based on the Instagram algorithm! 

So you can use Instagram giveaway hashtags in your contest as researches show that it will increase your engagement up to thirteen percent.

In this article, you will learn about all popular giveaway Instagram hashtags.

On the other hand, we will discuss how to find the best Instagram hashtags by using tools.

Why should we use giveaway hashtags?

Generally speaking, choosing the correct Instagram giveaway hashtags can help you to get more engagement in your business.

  • Recognition – Utilizing useful and popular hashtags makes it easier for people to choose the specific things they are looking for. It provides context and helps people understand what you’re trying to say.
  • Exposure – Hashtags can help you to be seen by more people, and it is so easy for users to search for their favorite content and reach your post in the category they are looking for.
  • Engagement – Use the correct Instagram hashtags to gain more engagement. It will encourage users to take part in it by different call-to-action orders such as sharing your post, liking it, or commenting on it.

You must pay attention to Instagram giveaway hashtags because they also play an important role in your reach and impressions.

How can you find Instagram giveaway hashtags?

If you want to find great Instagram giveaway hashtags, you can use some management tools to help you to share flawless content. Then you will have the chance to be seen by a wave of people and watch your Instagram account’s growth overnight!

AiSchedul management tool

AiSchedul is one of the best platforms to find popular Instagram hashtags. It helps you grow your business organically the way you are looking for. AiSchedul has lots of features; although, it is too cost-effective. 

So, it will give you access to using hashtag generator tool and hashtag analytic tool.

By following this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use the AiSchedul management tool to analyze Instagram hashtags.

  1. First of all, you need to Sign up for free and connect your Instagram account to the AiSchedul dashboard.
  2. Now, tap on “Manage Account” to open up the AiSchedul dashboard.

3. After that, click “listening and repost” under the “Post and Scheduling” tab on your dashboard on the top left of the page. This will open your analytic tool with 4 tabs, including hashtag monitoring, account monitoring, mentions, and saved media.

4. Then, you can search for hashtags or add your hashtags. AiSchedul tells you how many times each hashtag you choose has been used so far.

On the other hand, you can find a sorted list of hashtags and schedule your posts.

Step #1- Sign up for free on the AiSchedul website and open your dashboard. Click the tab called “Schedule” and choose feed.

Step #2 – Now, you should upload your photos or videos and think of a caption. Moreover, you can choose your location.

Step #3 – Search for a keyword related to your post, and AiSchedul will give you the most popular hashtags related to your keyword in descending order.

Step #4- So you will find the best and popular hashtags using AiSchedul.

AiSchedul pricing

As we said earlier, AiSchedul is really cost-effective. They will offer you three different packages with pretty good options; in this photo, you can see the details of these packages.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiSchedul

The process of picking a winner fairly from all those giveaway contest participants is not as easy as it may seem. You have to check all the entrants to make sure if they are qualified to win (qualified entrants are those who have followed all the contest rules, including leaving comments, liking the post, following your account, tagging friends, and whatever the rules are).

After that, it’s time to pick the winner. Picking the winner manually is kind of impossible and unfair. So you need an app to give you a hand in the process of picking the winner.

Wait! You don’t need a separate app since AiSchedul provides you with a giveaway picker feature as well.

So the easiest way to randomly pick winners from your likes, followers, comments, etc., is the AiSchedul giveaway picker.

Try AiSchedul’s giveaway picker

20 popular Instagram giveaway hashtags

These are some popular Instagram giveaway hashtags.






















Giveaway posts are all about reaching a more audience, and Instagram giveaway hashtags are a great tool to serve this purpose. While you can search popular hashtags on Instagram, AiSchedul is a great tool for generating top relevant hashtags and analyzing their performance. 

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