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Instagram link not allowed error Solution


As we all know, Instagram is one of the best and most significant social media applications for phones and many other devices which is available for Android and iOS users all around the world. There are approximately  400 million or slightly billion active users of Instagram across the online network, and this number is increasing plus growing each day. From the latest couple of months, we ought to see Instagram is somewhat changing its policies to preserve its users. We are grateful and applaud them for their efforts to maintain users from spam plus other actions. Still, these variations in systems lead to an error, which is Instagram Link Not Allowed Error.

Lately, we also faced a similar while joining a photo to my account. Essentially, whenever you are attempting to post pictures and explains, it will give you an error Link Not Allowed. Therefore, if you are also faced the same problem and exploring how to fix the Instagram link not allowed error, then kindly go forward. When we came across this error, we have done the fundamental analysis and researches plus came up with the best solutions which are going to be mentioned here. This article on how to fix and solve this Instagram link not allowed error may help you.

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This is an example of the Instagram link on your bio in which Instagram will let you use on your bio, but in some cases, they won’t allow that to happen.

What is the “Link Not Allowed” error on Instagram?

The persistence and consistency of social media in this virtual and digital world are unquestionable and don’t need to be answered. However, this is worth noting that it’s all about staying in touch and be with colleagues or friends and family, including your fans, of course, about sharing news and information effortlessly. So why not share these links on Instagram’s social media world to drive traffic and increase our visibility and view to the whole world society?

Instagram is one of the popular social media networks in which you can share posts and links as well as new content yet with some limitations plus restrictions and under certain situations. That is to say, you can only set a particular clickable URL in your bio, and these are not allowed to have it in your post captions. It’s also reasonable to share it in your stories only if you have a business account and more numerous than a thousand followers. Although that’s not all, you need to remember about using and utilizing links in this platform. Instagram has set some boundaries plus limits in this concern to protect its users, particularly teens, and prevent spams.

The image should look like something like this. When seeing your profile is like this by Instagram service members.



Here are the primary restrictions that you should obey to avoid the Instagram link not allowed error.

  • Short or small links such as links from the others are not usually according to the policy. Because it’s unclear and irrelevant to what you’re linking to.
  • Links to adult websites or webpages with eighteen plus content or having explicit content are also in this category.
  • An absolute link that is seeming on several accounts within a short duration of time
  • Links urging others to obey you on different services on Instagram
  • Fake and unreal URLs or links that may not exist anymore, before or after. They are not in their manner, either.
  • URLs, including factors or misspellings of Instagram, may get blocked.
  • Links that redirect people to your Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook and other social media
  • Links to advisory shops in any format or array
  • Usually, Instagram doesn’t let you put a specific link just because of your WiFi or router connection!
  • Affiliate links
  • People may report your account, or this happens due to copying other people’s contents and posting their videos without their permission.

Safety Reminder

As far as we are aware of, the main thing behind this failure or error is policy change. Day by day, spamming was increasing on Instagram, so this policy change shifted the crucial element for them mostly while posting a shortened link like the one known as spam before you will get Link Not Allowed error.

One more significant thing is Instagram blocked individual website those are most likely to be joined by a spammer in their profile. If you are posting the related the same link again and again or posting the same tie every time, this is one of the spamming moves, and you are prone to get Link Not Allowed error all the time. We have seen unusual situations in which IP was obstructed or being blocked by Instagram. This means you are not authorized to put your content on Instagram. This might be the understanding for your Instagram Link not allowed failure. You will get below error notification if you do one of the above terms of conditions.

Your account may be suspended. As a result, indicating you cannot get into it. In this case, communicate Instagram support or assistance or wait a few days concerning or hoping for the return of your account. Although if none of these accomplished, you have no alternative but removing your account and planning a new one. However, if your account is still available, we can provide you with some ways to fix the error.

How to solve the “Link Not Allowed” error?

First of all, for the more straightforward solution, we recommend using the AiSchedule that not just solves this issue but will cover it permanently. However, with that out of the way, we are going to introduce the necessary and hard forms of addressing this issue. There are numerous things you can do to adjust this error, depending on the source cause of the puzzle. First, check your link for types and then try the following solutions. I hope they will work for you.

Use AiSchedul

The easiest way to grab this problem or issue is to merge all your links, even those considered spammy by Instagram, and use one single AiSchedule URL in your bio. Just create an account on our website, and don’t worry about the number or the type of your links. We can help you to arrange that while avoiding to see this error.

Change your IP address

If the error is with your network, meaning the IP address, you can work on it by changing the IP address itself. We don’t guarantee if you knew it already or not about how to change it, but restarting your WiFi will assign a new IP address to your device. We will discuss it further in this article if your problem wasn’t resolved.

Debug your link

Debug or change the software of your web page, meaning your Instagram page, by typing it in the box at the Facebook debugger, which is a website that debugs and runs the URL through it before posting it on your bio on Instagram personal or business page.

Remove the link

This is one of the most extensively worked ways to fix Instagram Link, not Allowed error or failure to use so. People usually put a link to their websites, YouTube channels, and many other links form their page. That might result in Instagram Link not Allowed error. Here is what you can do:

  • Start the Instagram app on your mobile device. It could be a PC as well.
  • Advance to the Accounts section of your profile.
  • Press on the Edit Profile button shown.
  • Remove any link that you have registered here. Then submit or save the changes that you have made.
  • Now try to put the link that was creating Link Not Allowed malfunction and verify if it persists.

Well, That’s clean as the sky that if you are blocked or restricted by Instagram, then you might have to remove the Link I will show you figure below. Also, you can try to change and swap it. Open Instagram and click edit profile on your page.

Remove the link that mad this issue in the first place.

Click done or submit in the last step.

That’s it now you will have to wait for about forty-eight of an hour (48hr) after that, then you can change the link all over again. This is going to fix and make the links not allowed error to go away instantly without any harassment or difficulty, and that should expectedly correct this error.

Restart Your WiFi

As we mentioned earlier, the IP can be one of the significant reasons for Link Not Allowed error, so restarting your WiFi could be one of the answers. You may or may not be aware that whenever you restart your WiFi, you will receive a unique IP address.

  • Turn OFF your WiFi Router and hang on for about two or three minutes.
  • Plug and press the on button on your router again and join your device with the same WiFi, meaning use the new Internet connection via your device.
  • In this process, you will be indicated with new IP and then check whether you are receiving the same error or not.

Change Router Configuration

Changing router configuration and arrangements could be one of the ways to fix Instagram Link Not Allowed error.  Go to the homepage, which is a website of course of your router, and log in to it. You may want to enter to login. Press on network connection on the “Select My Network” tab. Here this might be different depending on your type of router. Then, select Broadband (Ethernet) under Rule Name, including going to the settings menu. Snap-on Renew, Release, and Apply. To modify the configuration of your typical version of the router follows the steps given below:

  • Go to the Home Page of your router, including login.
  • Choose My Network, Network Connection, and Broadband, i.e.Ethernet under rule name.
  • Next, go to Settings, Renew, Release, and Apply
  • After this one, Instagram should allow you to post and put Link. Expectedly, the error will be fixed.

Restart or turn off your mobile phone

It will not harm if you turn off your cellular phone. Or put it in airplane mode for about 2-3 minutes as a possible solution to this error.

Use Incognito Mode

Try using Instagram in the browser in the Incognito mode. Instagram Link Not Allowed error can be caused because of cache or pre memorization and history of the browser. So you can give a try by using incognito or hidden mode in your internet browser, especially on Chrome. In incognito mode, a private browsing mode will be produced, which will disable browsing history plus web cache. Here the way or a form you can avoid the error moreover fix the Instagram link now allowed delusion. A browser’s Incognito mode is a private And Safe browsing mode that doesn’t obtain browsing history, records, and the web cached information or data. This lets a person to browse the web without collecting local data that could be regained at a later date. This way, you would fix this error.

For Mobile Data Users

If you are getting an Instagram link error on your smartphone, restart your device. You can also enable the airplane mode for about 2 or 3 minutes, and after turning it off, try using the Instagram app. Expectedly, this will assist you in fixing the Instagram link not allowed error on your device.

Use VPN to fix “Link Not Allowed” error

Yes, We must mention that a simple VPN will change or generally hides your IP, and the not allowed error will be resolved. Eventually, you can contact us or go to the Instagram help center in which could be time-consuming. You can use the AiSchedul tunnels or VPN as a proxy to your Instagram game to be able to encounter this fact that you are being blocked or not allowed for that specific link to use.


Instagram has its policies and rules, just like any other social media platform. Certain rules are where to keep the community clear and protect its affiliates against spams and different potential risks. Be more careful when you crave to use that. The link in bio on Instagram is to bring benefits. Please try not to get yourself to this error.

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