Instagram Live Growth 101

Instagram Live Growth 101: All You Need to Know to Grow Your Audience Using Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows users to broadcast videos directly to their followers through their Instagram stories. It’s perfect for gaining engagement, communicating directly with users, sharing news, and establishing your brand. Moreover, Instagram live growth has become a trend in recent years. Brands use a variety of methods to grow their accounts with this new Instagram feature.

Let’s see exactly how you can start using Instagram Live, some tips on how to use it, and some ideas you can use to create a stunning live stream on your Instagram today.

How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram live growth

Step 1: Select the camera icon in the upper left corner.

From your profile, click on the camera icon in the upper left corner. This will take you to your Instagram camera. You can upload photos and videos here, or go live.

Step 2: Swipe Right to Live

Swipe right to the Instagram Live screen. Alternatively, you can simply tap on the Live button.

Step 3: Tap on Go Live

Tap on the Go Live button. Instagram searches for an internet connection to your phone briefly before streaming the live video.

That’s it! This is how you can go live on Instagram in three easy steps.

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Instagram live growth is achieved by using the platform effectively. Let’s take a look at some different features in the Instagram Live screen:

Questions: You can ask viewers a question in the Instagram story before starting the live broadcast. When you jump into the broadcast, you can get viewer responses here. (This option is great for Instagram live growth — more on that later.)

Send: You can forward your Instagram Live to another user during streaming.

Add a guest: One of the best ways for Instagram live growth. This option allows you to share your live video with another user. When adding a guest, you and your guest will appear in the video through a split-screen.

Facial filters: You can apply cute face filters here.

Change camera. Change the cameras from selfie mode to normal.

When you’re done with your Live video, tap End in the upper right corner. Congratulations! You just finished your first Instagram Live.

Now to the more serious business. Tips for Instagram live growth.

Four Tips to boost your account’s growth with Instagram live

1. Find a purpose for your live broadcast

The live stream should give viewers something exceptional that they can’t find in your posts and stories. This will encourage them to participate in your Instagram live, boosting your account’s growth.


2. Create an outline

Be sure to cover all your main points by creating a summary of all the essential topics you want to cover during the live broadcast.

Pro tip: To boost your Instagram live growth, make sure your plan includes call-to-action phrases such as “Follow me on Instagram,” or “Turn on Notification for my Instagram Lives.”


3. Audio and video quality test

Record a “test” video beforehand to determine the sound and quality of your video.

Important: Try to choose a clean and aesthetically pleasing background. This will help viewers to focus and engage with your live broadcast.

Look for the smallest and quietest room in your house. This will ensure maximum sound quality and minimum distraction.

Additionally, shoot right next to the window for perfect lighting.


 4. Promote your live stream


We can’t stress how important this point is. Tell your followers about the time of your Instagram live to boost growth and reach.

Promote your post on all of your social media. If you can, write a short blog post outlining what you’re going to discuss in your Instagram Live and why your followers will find it useful.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can increase your Instagram live growth with seven smart tips.

Seven tips for Maximum Instagram Live Growth

1. Cooperate with an influencer in the industry.

Instagram live growth adding a guest

Source: Engadget

There is no better and more consistent way to spread brand awareness and gain more followers than collaborating with an influencer in your industry.

These are the people that your target audience knows and respects. When you work with them, they influence your brand and offer more people to your business.

Instagram Live is the perfect platform for these collaborations. With the “add a guest” feature, you can attract influencers to interviews and question-and-answer sessions with viewers, or simply to include them for a chat.

Click the “Add a guest” button at the bottom (two-sided smiley), and it will give you the option to invite another guest in the broadcast. When they join, you will share the live with them on a split-screen.

2. Go live on an event

There is no better place to broadcast live than an industry event hosted by you or someone else.

Maybe your brand is nominated for an award? Broadcast the event for your followers to see.

Maybe you’re at a conference, and there is a billboard that you think your fans would love?

Show it to them through Instagram Live.

3. Organize an educational program or workshop

Instagram Live is a great place to organize how to follow your workshop. Not only can you broadcast to people around the world, but you also have the opportunity to answer any questions they may have in real-time.

4. Question and Answer Sessions (Q&A)

A great way for Instagram live growth is holding Q&A sessions. This gives your audience a chance to get to know you and your business better, fostering trust and connection.

Just go to Instagram Live and ask your audience for questions. It can range from topics like the latest news about your field, to how your inner workings look. You can also go offbeat with random topics to keep your audience interested.

Be sure to announce that you will be hosting a Q&A for your followers before the live stream begins so they know they can ask quick questions. This also helps create hype for your stream beforehand.

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5. Interview a colleague

A great way to create transparency and highlight your business’s human side is to interview a coworker during a live feed on Instagram.

This is an excellent opportunity to guide your company while giving love and appreciation to your employees.

You don’t have to take the interview too seriously. Just sit down with your colleague and ask them about their role, what they do day after day, and how they help their audience with their brand.

6. Talk to a customer

You don’t need to speak to a leader or influencer in the field to help promote your brand image. Talking to a satisfied customer will help do the same thing. So useful in attracting your audience, and much less expensive.

Do you teach English as a second language? Talk to one of your students who can speak English fluently thanks to your methods.

Do you offer physical training? Meet a client who has been able to run a marathon, thanks to your work.

These are just a few. If your client has a positive experience with your business, he/she is ideal for an interview on Instagram Live.

Keep in mind that Instagram lets you save your live once it’s finished. Therefore, you can save it to your Instagram profile as a video testimonial. Enhanced Instagram live growth!

7. Review

This is a close relative of idea No. 2.

You can give an instant reaction to an event, book, movie, conference, or anything else for a live feed on Instagram. As long as it relates to your field and/or the interest of your audience, it’s a fair game.

For example, if you’ve just seen a talk from one of the leading thought leaders in your field, you can go to Instagram Live after that and give your immediate opinion.

Perhaps you just read the latest book about your industry, and you have a fresh perspective. Join Instagram Live and voice your opinion.

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8. Partner with influencers

There is no doubt that influencers and especially micro-influencers are an amazing way to boost your growth or even sale.

They usually have a large number of followers that trust them and are willing to do as they do or even ask.

The only thing you need is to find a free influencer marketplace and partner with the ones that ar close to your niche.

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