How To Become An Instagram Minimalist Nail Artist?

Instagram, with over 1 billion active users in a month, is one of the most popular social media platforms globally. This platform is a perfect opportunity for artists to showcase their art and products and earn money from their work. 

If you are an Instagram minimalist nail artist and want to start your Instagram page, this article can help you a lot. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to start and manage your Instagram nail art page like a pro and grow your followers.

Are you looking for an Instagram management tool to save time and organically get more followers on your Instagram minimalist nail art account? AiSchedul is what you need.

How To Become An Artist on Instagram?

Want to know how to become an artist on Instagram and start growing your account? Here are some tips that help you organically get more followers. 

Schedule Your Content in Advance

If you are an Instagram user for a while, you’ve probably been aware of how sharing more posts can affect your analytics. If not, take a look at best art Instagram accounts and see how often they post.  At the start of your Instagram minimalist nail art page, we recommend you share posts at least once a day to help your account grow organically.

 Also, for better results, you can find the best time to post art on Instagram and schedule your posts for those hours. 

AiSchedul is an Instagram management platform with multiple features such as content scheduler, giveaway runner tool, link in bio service, and more, to help you manage and grow your account organically. 

Let’s see how to use AiSchedul’s content scheduler to schedule posts:

  • First, signup on AiSchedul’s website for free using your email address and log into your account. 
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram page to AiSchedul. 
  • Click “Manage.”
  • From your dashboard open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab and click “Schedule.”
  • Choose “Feed.”

AiSchedul content scheduler

  • In the opened window, you can upload up to 10 photos and videos or directly convert a video from YouTube.
  • Write your caption, Instagram nail art hashtags, tag users, etc. 
  • Scroll down to the “Schedule Dates” box and click “Post in Future.” 
  • Select your publishing date(s) and click “Submit.”

schedule an Instagram story

Now you have successfully scheduled your Instagram post, and it will be shared automatically at your scheduled time, even if you don’t have access to the internet. 

Signup On AiSchedul and start scheduling your posts.

Design Your Feed Page

The next and the best tip on how to get your art noticed on Instagram is by designing your feed page. As an Instagram artist, it’s important that your feed page be eye-catching and showcase your artwork. So try to spend a little time learning how to capture your photos and editing them. 

You don’t need to be a professional Photoshopper to edit your pics; try free editing apps full of different filters and tools such as Snapseed and VSCO. You can also use Canva to design a template for your feed page. 

Use Top Art Hashtags

Hashtags in social media work like keywords to a search engine and can help you bring your content in front of a wider audience. Since 2016, Instagram users can follow hashtags to view their posts on their home page without following the creators. This way, more users can view your posts, and you can even reach the Instagram explore page. But how to find top Instagram art hashtags?

AiSchedul has a solution for you. With its powerful hashtag generator engine, you can find your top niche hashtags in a second. Here is how to use this tool: 

  • Log into your AiSchedul account and select “Manage.”
  • From the “Posts & Scheduling” tab, click “Listening & Repost.”
  • In the “Hashtag Monitoring” tab, click “Add Hashtags.”

AiSchedul hashtag monitoring tool

  • Write a keyword related to your content and click “Search.”
  • After a few seconds, the AI engine provides you with a list of top Instagram art hashtags sorted by usage. You can select the ones you want to add to your posts, monitor their growth, and get inspired by new posts shared.

top nail art hashtags

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

More than 500 million users check their Instagram Stories every day, share photos with their followers, and respond to their friends’. With different and many tools in the stories such as Instagram music, poll stickers, Q & A box, vote stickers, and more, you can make your content fun and engaging. 

So if you want to optimize your content strategy to get a higher reach, make sure you share at least one story every day. You can use AiSchedul’s content scheduler to share your stories at the best time to post art on Instagram automatically. Here is how to use this tool to schedule Instagram Stories:

  • First, log into your AiSchedul account and select “Manage.”
  • Open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab and click “Schedule.”
  • Choose “Story.”

AiSchedul content scheduler

  • In the opened window, you can easily upload your photos and videos or add a YouTube video’s link to share on your Stories without downloading. 
  • Next, do your editing and add your stickers. You can also add links to your stories if you have more than 10k followers or a verified account. 
  • In the “Schedule Dates” box, set your publishing date(s) and click “Submit.”

schedule an Instagram story

Easily schedule your posts with AiSchedul’s unique tools!

Use Instagram Reels To Grow Instagram Minimalist Nail Art Account

Instagram Reels is one of the latest features added to this platform which gets so much popularity quickly. This feature is similar to TikTok videos and allows users to create and share videos set to soundtracks. As these types of videos are popular among users, you can use this opportunity to boost your reach and engagement as a professional Instagrammer. They are the best choice to share quick tutorials and tips, before & after, etc. 

Instagram minimalist nail art Accounts

If you are looking for Instagram minimalist nail art designs for inspiration, here are some of the best designs made by the best Instagram nail artists. By checking the artists’ profiles, you can view their nail art videos on Instagram so you can re-do them. 

1. Dryby @drybylondon 

drybylondon minimalist nail art

2. Betina Goldstein @betina_goldstein

betina goldstein Instagram nail artist

3. Melanie @overglowedit

overglowedit nail art

4. Sigourney Nunez @nailartbysig

nailartbysig instagram account


5. Miss Pop @misspopnails

misspopnails nail art account


If you are looking for Instagram minimalist nail art designs to try and get inspired, this article is what you need. This article showed you all the tips and tricks you need for growing an art Instagram page organically. 

Also, we introduced you to an Instagram automated management service, AiSchedul, that helps you save tons of time and optimize your content strategy. At last, we provide you with some Instagram minimalist nail art designs from famous artists to know how they manage their Instagram accounts and what content they share. 

Start scheduling your posts and stories with AiSchedul now!

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