4 Instagram monitoring apps to use in 2020 to track hashtags and accounts

4 Instagram monitoring apps to use in 2021 to track hashtags and accounts

How do you find out that you are on the right path for Instagram marketing? Well, the easiest way is to use an Instagram monitoring app to monitor your Instagram account and track hashtags.

Happily, there are some ways to track Instagram engagement and analyze your account.

Are Instagram hashtags important?

The quick answer is YES! Using the right Instagram hashtag is a cheap and smart way to attract new eyes towards your business or just your Instagram account.

Therefore, an Instagram hashtag tracker tool could be a good strategy to find the top and relevant Instagram hashtags.

Here are the most important hashtag tracking reasons:

  • It is an important aspect of event marketing
  • Allows users to track and analyze the marketing campaigns
  • Helps users measure their brand’s awareness through social media
  • Shows the sentiment of mentions containing a specific hashtag

How to get Instagram analytics? + tools

Obviously, there are some key metrics that Instagram users need to measure. We are going to mention some available options to measure the metrics.

  1. Use an Instagram business profile

Instagram provides the analytic tool for free in its “Insight” tab. To use the insight feature, you need to switch your Instagram account to “Business” mode and get more information about your followers and engagement rate.

Instagram insight

2. Use an Instagram analytics tool

Another smart way of reaching useful information about Instagram followers is by using an analytic tool. This way, you will have access to important metrics, and you’ll get weekly or monthly reports.

Below are the two Instagram analytic tools you may find helpful.

  • Social Status


Social Status is a social media analytics tool for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

With Social Status you can:
Track all your Instagram posts and full-funnel metrics
Track and save all your Instagram Stories
Track your Follower growth and demographics
Benchmark against competitors
Ability to see best days and times to post for engagement
Export reports to CSV, PowerPoint, and Google Slides
The price starts at $29 per month.

  • Rival IQ

It is a useful service to track important Instagram metrics such as monitoring story taps, the number of forwards, the exit rate, and more.

Rival IQ

If you share too many Instagram stories and need to keep track of them, you may find Rival IQ useful. Let’s know more about its features:

  • Monitor story taps
  • Track the number of forwards
  • Track the story exit rate
  • Check the most active and online audience
  • Monitor the profile link clicks
  • Check the follower removes and adds
  • Check the hashtag performance
  • Offers the best time to post

The price starts at 199$ a month.

  • Minter.io

That’s another useful Instagram analytic tool that can give you insights on different metrics such as follower growth, which might be the most important one. Let’s review the Minter.io features in detail:

  • Provides the measurement of follower growth
  • Shows the post and profile engagement rate
  • Gives the PDF reports
  • Provides the most popular photo filters

Minter. io

The price starts at 9$ per month.

2 Instagram monitoring apps to use in 2021 to track hashtags and accounts

In addition to the Instagram analytic tools, users need an Instagram monitoring tool to track the hashtags they use and monitor their accounts. Using Instagram tools such as Instagram monitoring tools, scheduling tools, Instagram bio link tools, etc. is a big help in having a successful business and choosing the best strategy.

Earlier, we mentioned two Instagram analytics tools that may help you in a lot of aspects.

Now, it is time to name some Instagram monitoring apps and know their features and benefits.


It is more than a monitoring and hashtag tracking app! AiSchedul provides all the necessary services that an Instagram user needs.

AiSchedul features

  • Manages multiple Instagram accounts on one page
  • Tracks mentions
  • Schedules posts
  • Schedules stories
  • Provides hashtag suggestion tool
  • Reposts your followers’ posts and stories
  • Organizes reward campaigns
  • Provides bio link tool

AiSchedul hashtag monitoring

If you are in a dilemma of choosing hashtags for your Instagram post, you should use AiSchedul’s hashtag monitoring service. Then, you will have a list of all the related hashtags with their search rate.

AiSchedul hashtag monitoring

AiSchedul Instagram account monitoring

Happily, once you sign up on AiSchedul, you will be free of using the Instagram app! In other words, you can see and manage everything on your Instagram account in AiSchedul’s dashboard.

The account monitoring feature allows you to see your posts with their likes and comments. Moreover, you can repost them on AiSchedul at any time.

AiSchedul account monitoring

The pricing starts at 9$, as you can see below.

AiSchedul pricing

2.Union Metrics

It tells you which hashtags can increase your engagement on Instagram and recommends the best time to post on Instagram. It only shows the analytic for 30 days, so if you want to have a short-term analytic, you may find Union Metrics helpful.

Union Metrics

Union Metric features

  • Measures and optimize your impact on social media
  • Analyzes brand and industry conversations
  • Track social campaigns
  • Analyzes social media activity

The pricing starts at 49$ per month.

Union Metrics pricing

The last word

As one of the powerful marketing tools, Instagram helps users reach new audience, increase their brand visibility, drive more sales, and more.

Nowadays, almost every Instagram user needs an Instagram tool such as hashtag tracking, Instagram account monitoring, Instagram post, story scheduler, etc.

If you are looking for a tool to monitor your Instagram account as well as monitoring hashtags, scheduling posts and stories, adding multiple links in one link, etc. you should just try AiSchedul.

Try AiSchedul for free
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