2 Best Instagram Repost Story Apps On Desktop And Android

It has been said that to grow on Instagram, other than nice content, you should appear on the platform quite often. For this reason, it is highly recommended to publish stories every day. But it is quite a challenge to publish related high-quality stories every single day. So it is not a bad idea to use an Instagram repost story app to borrow good stories from other users.

Instagram Repost Story Apps

Why using an Instagram repost story app when Instagram lets you repost the story on the platform?

As a matter of fact, if someone tags you on the story, you first receive that story in the DM section, and you can repost it by tapping on “Add this to your story.”

But what if that user forgets to tag you? What if you want to repost the story of an influencer or a famous brand? How to repost stories in these cases?

Of course, you can take screenshots from that story or even record if it is a video or Instagram reels. But, this method will lower the quality of the content. To upload high-quality photos on Instagram, you’d better repost them.

These are the reasons why you need an Instagram repost story app. If you google the top Instagram repost story apps, you would probably come up with some story downloader. But we managed to find three real repost tools which in following, we are going to talk about them. Therefore, stay tuned!

AiSchedul – Best Instagram Story app

AiSchedul is a free Instagram repost story app and all-in-one tool that enables you to repost Instagram stories of other users to your feed. AiSchedul comes with multiple advantages that here we name some of them;

  • It lets you schedule the story you want to repost
  • It allows you to repost the posts of others as well
  • It enables you to repost from any device, PC included
  • It has got high reviews from its users on Trustpilot.com
  • It has all the emojis and stickers you need for the story.

Edit stories on AiSchedul

Now let’s see how it works, shall we?

To Repost Instagram Stories With AiSchedul:

First of all, Sign up for it for free and connect your IG to it.

Add Account

Afterward, on your dashboard, click on Manage Account. Note that you can manage multiple Instagram accounts on this dashboard.

Manage Instagram account

Manage Account

There, on the “Posts and Scheduling” tab, click on “Repost” and select “Story.” 

Repost Story

Now, at this stage, you are directed to the built-in Instagram repost story app of AiSchedul. Here paste the username of the user whose story you like to repost.

Paste the username

And at last, either post or schedule it for later.

Schedule the story you want to repost

How To Repost An IG Story On Android Using AiSchedul?

AiSchedul is a web-based tool, and for this reason, it is compatible with just any device. However, for Android users, the app is available for the Play Store.

AiSchedul in Playstore

AiSchedul on Playstore

Therefore, first of all, download AiSchedul from Play Store install it, and sign up for it.

Sign up

Then add your IG to it, and afterward, tap on “Manage Account”

Manage Account

Here tap on “Repost” and select “Story”

Repost Story

Now paste the username of the user whose story you want to repost.

Pick the story you want and hit the “Repost”

At last, “Post” or schedule it for later.

Price Of AiSchedul

AiSchedul is free, but if you seek more, you can subscribe to its paid plans at $7 and $23. Considering its so many features, the price is so reasonable.

AiSchedul pricing

Plans and pricing of AiSchedul




Reposta, like AiSchedul, is a real Instagram repost story app that by pasting the link of the story, you get to repost it on yours. Reposta comes with several advantages:

  • It is free.
  • It shows the preview of the reposted story
  • You can download the story if you want
  • It is easy to work with

Now how to work with it?

After you download the app from Play Store and install it, copy the URL of the story you want to repost.


Later have a look at the preview and if you find it okay, repost it. You can also save the story.


Do I Have to Give Credit To The Account Whose Stories I Reposted?

On social media, plagiarism is not strictly punished, and Instagram is no exception. But since Instagram does not shut down your account or you are not called to court for it [yet], it does not mean okay that you can copy someone’s story without mentioning the resource.

A great advantage with AiSchedul is that it makes it possible to mention the resource right after you repost his/her story.

All you need to do is simply tap/click on the sticker on top and select “Mention.”

Mention the resource

Do I Use An Instagram Repost Story App? Final Thought!

Sometimes you come across a very relevant and rich story to your feed, and you desperately want to repost it to your story. What would you do? Do you take a screenshot or record the screen if the story is a video?

That is an idea, but you can repost that story if you want to get away with the compression. Since Instagram itself lacks a repost button [so far], we recommend using an Instagram story repost tool.

AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler that is capable of reposting stories on Andriod or any other device, desktop included. To avoid plagiarism, you can mention the resource on the platform. And all of them are FREE. Then why not subscribe to it?

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