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5 Best Instagram Schedulers To Schedule Feed, Story & IGTV

After engaging and unique content, consistency is the key to grow on Instagram, and you need an Instagram scheduler to remain consistent. Because, unlike Pinterest or Twitter, Instagram does not have a scheduler on its own. 

Instagram schedulers save you a lot of time and keep you organized. Furthermore, these tools allow you to manage your Instagram on your PC. With that said, you do not need to transfer the photo from your PC to your cellphone. Therefore, you can upload high-quality photos on Instagram and get away with Instagram compression. 

And finally, Instagram schedulers offer some other features that come in handy when it comes to managing an account professionally. 

Top Instagram Schedulers

In the table below, you can see the list of Instagram schedulers. Later, we talk each in specific.

Instagram SchedulerCompatible with Free PlanPrice
AiSchedulAny device✔️$19 & $49 per month
IconosquareAny device$29, $59, & more
LaterAny device✔️$9, $19, $29, $49, & more
BufferWindows and Mac$15, $35, & more
CombinWindows, Mac, Ubuntu✔️_


AiSchedul is perhaps the best Instagram scheduler for small businesses since it has a forever free plan. With this tool, you can schedule everything on Instagram, plus you are provided with some other features such as hashtag research, Instagram content calendar, etc.

  1. In the first place, you must sign up for free and connect your account to it. Then on your dashboard, click on manage account.
dashboard of AiSchedul that is an Instagram scheduler

Click on “Manage Account”

2. Afterward, open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab and click “Schedule.” As you can see, you can schedule posts, stories, and IGTV. 

Dashboard of AiSchedul that enables you to schedule feed, story, & IGTV

To Schedule your posts, click “Feed.”

3. Here you can upload up to 10 feeds and link your post to your video on YouTube in case you have any channel.

Dashboard of AiSchedul where you upload your feed

These feeds can be both photos and videos

4. It is time to type your caption and find the most adequate hashtags.

dashboard of AiSchedul where you can type caption and find hashtags

For aesthetic purposes, hashtags will be published in the first comment.

5. AiSchedul wants your feed to get the highest reach possible. For this reason, you can add the location to your post and share the post to the story as well.

AiSchedul lets you include the location and post the feed on story

Make sure you turn both buttons on.

6. Then you can schedule the post and add a link to it. 

AiSchedul allows users to schedule posts to be deleted

Have you ever wanted to post a feed and delete it after a certain time? If the answer is yes, you can schedule the content to be deleted at a certain date.

To schedule IGTV, you have to go through the same step, but at the beginning, you need to pick IGTV instead of Feed.

Schedule Instagram Stories With AiSchedul

In addition to Instagram posts, you can schedule your Instagram stories. After you picked stories, you upload your content to AiSchedul, edit the photo or video on the dashboard. 

You can edit your IG story on AiSchedul

You would have access to all the stickers and emojis. It functions just like the Instagram app.

Add links to the story and, at last, schedule it.

AiSchedul lets user to schedule IG stories and add a link to it

You don’t need to have over 10K followers to be able to add a link to your story. You just need to save the story in a highlight thread.

AiSchedul also provides you with the Repost tool. In case you don’t have enough time to create content, you can search for the viral content relating to your niche and borrow them. In other words, you can schedule them to be published in your feed. Here is how you repost other people’s content.

  1. On the same tab, click the “Repost” button, and pick either “Feed” or “Story.”
Repost tool of AiSchedul allows users to repost feeds and stories of others

To illustrate the process, we picked “Feed.”

2. You search your content based on one of the parameters you give parameters; hashtags, location, URL, and username.

You can search based on hashtags, locations, URL, and username

Here we chose “Post URL.”

3. Then you repost the content you desire.

Select Repost

Similarly, you can repost someone else’s story. You just need to pick “Story” instead of “Post” to repost Instagram stories.

On AiSchedul, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts, but to unlock that, you should subscribe to the paid plans that cost $19 and $49 per month.


Logo of Iconosquare which is an Instagram scheduler

Logo of Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a platform that provides users with various tools, including an Instagram scheduler. Like AiSchedul, you can manage multiple accounts on its dashboard. This platform also shows you the best time to publish on Instagram. Plus, you get to see the preview before your posts go live.

Iconosquare demonstrate the preview of the scheduled posts

You can see the preview on the right

Another feature that makes Iconosquare stand out among the rivals is that it provides you with XLS and PDF reports to let you know how you are doing on Instagram.

Iconosquare does not have a free plan. However, it comes with 14 days of the free trial. Paid plans of Iconosquare are 29 and 59 per month. For this reason, we believe it is not the best option for small businesses that are short on budget.

Plans of Iconosquare cost €29 and €59 per month

Paid plans of Iconosquare


Logo of Later which is an Instagram scheduler

Logo of Later

Later is a very well-designed Instagram scheduler that enables users to schedule Instagram posts and stories. Besides, it lets you see the preview of your posts and lets you reorder them by dragging and dropping.

dashboard of Later that is an Instagram scheduler

Preview of the scheduled posts

Later has a free plan for small business. But if you want more, paid plans of Later start at $9 per month.

pricing of Later: $9, $19, $29, $49 per month

Plans and pricing of Later


Logo of Buffer which is an Instagram scheduler

Logo of Buffer

Buffer is an Instagram scheduler that provides users with in-depth analytics and hashtags research. If you have a team working on an account, Buffer seems to be the best choice. Because it offers features for team collaboration. Due to these features, Buffer charges users higher than other platforms.

Buffer does not have a free plan yet comes with trials based on the plan you choose. Plans of Buffer are labeled as Pro (starts as $15), Premium(Starts as $65 per month), and Business (starts as $99 per month.)

Piad plans of Buffer: $10, $99, $199, $399, +$600

Plans and pricing of Buffer


Logo of Combin which is an Instagram scheduler

Logo of Combin

The last Instagram scheduler we would suggest as one of the bests in this article is definitely Combin. Combin offers a totally free plan for small businesses. However, if you want to manage multiple accounts on your dashboard, you must subscribe to the paid plans.

Paid plans of Combin: $10 and $30 per month

Plans and pricing of Combin

Combin has all the features you’d expect from an Instagram scheduler;

  • Location
  • User tags
  • Hashtag tool

And more.

Dashboard of combin which is an Instagram scheduler

Dashboard of Combin

In Summary

Great content and consistency are two wings of Instagram growth. You won’t make it on Instagram without consistency, and an Instagram scheduler is the key to that. Instagram schedulers not only save up so much time and keep you organized on Instagram but provide you with some other features that help you grow your account.

In this article, you read about the top 5 Instagram schedulers that meet your needs as a small business, medium-sized business, and also large business. If money is your issue, subscribe to a free Instagram scheduler. Then quit the excuses and start growing today.

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