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10 Killer Ways To Get More Instagram Story Views

How to get more views on Instagram story? According to statistics, if you get high Instagram story views, your stories turn into a very powerful platform that allows you to nail your marketing and goals on Instagram. Let’s have a look at some of them.

That is why brands use posts and stories equally.

This is how much impact stories have on your sale. Now that every brand and influencer is investing so much in stories, you should also jump in and try to get more Instagram story view on Instagram and sell. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the ways you can apply to use IG algorithms in your favor, and at the end, we are going to answer, “can you see who views your story on Instagram. So stay tuned till then.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story?

To learn how to get more views on Instagram, you first know how algorithms work with stories and then strategize them accordingly.

Instagram orders the stories based on these 4 factors:

  • The personal relationship between users
  • Timeliness
  • Interests
  • Experience

This is how IG algorithms work to show your story on top. In the following, we are going to walk you through each to clarify how you can use these factors in your own favor.

How To Get More Instagram Story Views According To Algorithms?

As covered earlier, Instagram orders the stories based on 4 factors. Now we are going to show you how to get more views on Instagram story through each factor.

Personal Relationship Between Users

Instagram understands the personal relationship between users according to the mutual followers, followings, interactions you have on comments, DM, etc. That is why you see the story of your friends and families first and then the stories of brands.

According to statistics, %61 of Instagrammers watch stories of their friends to see what they are doing.

Try to get your circle family and friends to visit your stories.


Instagram sometimes orders stories chronologically. In other words, Instagram shows the newest story before the old one. For this reason, it makes sense to publish stories multiple times a day. 

Although, it is not quite convenient to get online 3 or 4 times a day to upload stories and remain consistent with it long-term.

For this reason, we suggest you take advantage of our free Instagram scheduler, AiSchedul, which is capable of scheduling stories on Instagram. 

Schedule Instagram Stories

  1. To schedule your stories, first, sign up to AiSchedul for free and link your IG to your dashboard. You can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts on this dashboard.
dashboard of AiSchedul where you can add accounts

You can add as many accounts as you want

2. Then click “Manage Account.”

Manage Instagram account

Click Manage Account

3. Afterward, you get directed to the “Post & Scheduling” tab. Here click the “Schedule” button and select story.

AiSchedul Dashboard

Select “Story”

4. Later, upload your content. You can schedule photos, videos, GIFs, just anything.

AiSchedul dashboard, upload story content

Upload your content

5. At last, schedule the story.

calendar and clock of aischedul to schedule a story

Schedule your story

6. You can upload multiple photos and schedule them.


Interests are the next factor Instagram orders the stories accordingly. 

Instagram determines the niche of accounts according to the hashtags they use and the users’ interest according to the accounts they follow or engage.

To appear at the beginning of the story bar for those who are interested in your niche, you’d better add hashtags to your story. Instagram allows users to add at most 10 hashtags to the stories.

AiSchedul has a built-in hashtag generator that finds you the most searched hashtags demonstrating the volume of search.

When scheduling stories, you can add hashtags to them. For this to happen, after you upload the photo, click the stickers on top, and select “Hashtags.” Later enter the hashtags.

We suggest you add 10 hashtags since Instagram allows you to. It is fair if you worry about the aesthetics of your IG story with 10 spammy-looking hashtags. Here is a hack to hide the hashtags and yet be provided with its benefits.

To hide the hashtags, after you add hashtags, resize them. Afterward, cover them with an emoji.


Instagram also orders stories based on the interest of a user. It means when your follower opens your story first thing once or twice, Instagram considers that user as someone who can not wait to see your story and shows your story to the user at the beginning of the story bar. 

It is all about the quality of your content on IG’s story. Therefore improve the quality of your content all the time.

10 Killer Ways Boost Instagram Story Views

So far, we have covered how you can get more Instagram story views according to the algorithms. But you are not done here yet. In the following, you are going to read 10 killer tips in this regard.

1. Include Location To Your IG Story

Now, if you include location in your stories, the reach to your story will increase. As a result, you get more Instagram story views.

On the other hand, location has a huge impact on the engagement rate. According to research we have done here in AiSchedul, Instagram posts with location, get %79 higher engagement.

So if you get more engagement on your story as well, Instagram considers your feed as a better feed and brings it to the beginning of the story bar, which again ends up in more views on your IG story.

To include location, click the sticker on top, pick the location sticker and enter the location.

how to add the location to your Instagram story on AiSchedul

Sign up now.

2. Don’t Be Too Promotional

Some influencers have few views on Instagram despite the numerous followers because their stories are all commercial.

If you are an Influencer, we understand that this is your source of income. But too commercial stories end up with fewer viewers and consequently less income. Remember to always keep your feed and commercial content.

3. Get More Followers

This one is too obvious. The more followers you have, the more Instagram story views you get. Always learn new ways to get more Instagram followers.

4. Get Them To Engage

Get them to engage so that Instagram considers your feed engaging and shows your feed at the beginning of the toolbar. Here are the ways you can get viewers to engage with your content;

  • Ask me a question
  • Emoji slider
  • Polls
  • Quiz

5. Engage Back

When users react to your story, make sure you are responsive. That will encourage them to engage in your stories more.

6. Use Stickers

Instagram launches different stickers for different occasions. When using a sticker becomes viral, stories that include those stickers are placed at the beginning of the bar. However, we insist on not adding irrelevant stickers to your story.

IG stickers of Ramadan

IG stickers of Ramadan

7. Take Care Of Aesthetics

With the presence of all these free designing apps, there is no excuse to neglect the aesthetics of your stories. Be diverse about your stories. For instance, you can add multiple photos, multiple videos, or stories and videos to one Instagram story. To learn that, read how to add multiple photos on Instagram stories?

8. Consider Reels

What is more amusing than a short musical funny video? What is better than a 15-second educative video? This is what reels does for you. More Instagram story views are not the only thing reels bring to you. If your reels appear in the reels area of the explore page,  so consequently your followers go up drastically. Read “Instagram reels ideas to attract more followers”

9. Publish Value On Instagram

Every other time, share a discount coupon or a free giveaway on your stories. That makes your followers obsessed with your stories to the point they don’t let any story slip off their eyes.

10. Always Analyze

What you can not measure, you can not improve.

Keep your eye on the insight and outcome of your stories. When are your followers online? What type of stories gets the most engagement or views? Measure your stories and improve them.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

Yes. To see who has viewed your Instagram story, open the story and swipe up. Here is the list of viewers.

Instagram view list

How Is Instagram Story Views List Ordered?

As you see, the viewer is ordered. Now is it random? No.

If you have less than 50 Instagram story views, they are ordered reverse-chronologically.

But once your viewers exceed 50, Instagram sorts them differently and pushes the one who was more interacting with you to the top.

Before You Go

More Instagram story views mean more income whether you own a business on Instagram or you intend to become an influencer.

On your way to reaching the desirable views, AiSchedul can help you. AiSchedul is an Instagram story scheduler that is capable of:

  • Scheduling IGTV, posts, carousels
  • Listening to those who talk about your brand on IG
  • Monitoring your rivals
  • Finding hashtags
  • Mass deleting Instagram posts

And more. Above all, it is absolutely free.

Plus, AiSchedul is compatible with any device, and if you want to work with its app, you can download AiSchedul from Play Store.


AiSchedul on Play Store

AiSchedul is free; however, if you want more, it offers two affordable paid plans at $7 and $23 per month.

You have the tips and a free app at your fingertips; what are you waiting for? Sign up free and increase your IG story views today.

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