10 Top Instagram Tattoo Artists to Follow Today

If you want to get a tattoo and are looking for a unique design and someone who can create them for you, you’ve come to the right place. Also, if you are an Instagram tattoo artist and looking for inspiration, the article can help you a lot.

In the following, we’ll introduce you to the top Instagram tattoo artists in 2022. Also, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to grow your page organically as an Instagram tattoo artist. 

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Top 10 Instagram Tattoo Artists

Are you looking for tattoo art inspiration? Here are ten of the best tattoo artist Instagram accounts you need to check and follow in 2022. 

1. Bang Bang Tattoo @bangbangnyc 

bang bang tattoo

Bang Bang is one of the biggest tattoo studios in New York, and many famous tattoo artists work there. This studio is created by Keith McCurdy, a professional American tattoo artist himself. You can find and contact this famous studio through their Website, Facebook, and Instagram. 

2. Ryan Ashley Dicristina @ryanashleymalarkey

ryan ashley tattoo artist

Ryan Ashley is an American tattoo artist born in 1986 in Kingston, Pennsylvania. She is mostly known and famous for being the former “Ink Master” winner. Today Ryan and her husband, Arlo, have their tattoo shop called Elysium Studios, which is very famous in Kingston. 

3. Hannah Pixie Snowdon @hannahpixiesnow

Hannah pixie Instagram tattoo artist

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is a professional British tattoo artist born in 1993. With almost 700k followers, Hannah is also an Instagram influencer and celebrity. You can also check her official website to view her artwork and get inspired by them. 

4. Sasha Unisex @sashaunisex

Sasha Unisex Instagram tattoo artist

Sasha Unisex has one of the best tattoo artist Instagram accounts you need to check in 2022. This Russian tattoo artist has worked with international and famous brands such as BMW, Estee Lauder, Nike, Lee, American Tourister, etc. To find her, you can check her Instagram page, which has over 700k followers, and her official website

5. Curt Montgomery @curtmontgomerytattoos

Curt Montgomery tattoos on Instagram

Curt Montgomery is the next best tattoo artist Instagram account you need to follow in 2022. This Canadian tattoo artist is famous worldwide because of his stylish and elegant tattoo designs. Curt showcases his artworks on his Instagram account, with nearly half a million followers. 

6. Pony Wave @ponywave

Pony Wave tattoo artworks

Pony Wave is a professional Russian tattoo craftswoman living in Los Angeles. She has an Instagram page where she shares her designs; other than that, Pony Wave has a YouTube channel where she shares videos of her artworks and lifestyle videos.                                                                    

7. Susanne Konig @suflanda 

Suflanda tattoo art account

Susanne Kong is one of the best Dutch tattoo artists you need to follow on Instagram in 2022. She is professional in crafting original tattoo artworks such as animals, portraits, etc. You can follow her Instagram page with more than 400k followers and her official website to contact her. Also, if you are in the UK, you can visit her Redwood tattoo studio.  

8. Anthony Michaels @antmikes

Anthony Michaels Instagram tattoo art

Our next Instagram tattoo artist is Anthony Michaels, who has won the 7th season of Ink Master in 2016. To find him, you can follow him on Facebook, which has 30k fans. Also, his Instagram tattoo artist page is very popular with 300k followers. 

9. Dillon Forte @dillonforte

Dillon Forte artist

Dillon Forte is an American tattoo artist based in Oakland and Venice, Los Angeles. When he was 16, he got his first tattoo, and that was when he realized he wanted to be a tattoo artist in the future. He showcases all of his pieces of work in his Instagram account. You can also find him through his website.

10. Johnny Gloom @johnnygloom

Johnny Gloom tattoo artist

Johnny Gloom is a professional tattoo artist whose most of her artworks are about women. To contact her, you can check her website and her Instagram page, which has more than 200k followers. 

How to Grow an Instagram Tattoo Artist Page?

Whether you are an Instagram tattoo artist or a professional user, you need to know how to grow your Instagram account and gain more followers to be successful. In the following, we’ll show you every tips and tricks you need to know for developing and managing your tattoo artist Instagram page. 

Schedule Posts and Stories

If you are familiar with the Instagram algorithm, you probably know that consistently sharing posts and stories makes a huge difference. It helps you reach a wider audience be more visible, and your content goes to the explore page. 

Also, finding the best time to post art on Instagram and sharing your content on those hours can boost your engagement. An Instagram content scheduler allows you to schedule your posts for your best times, and they’ll be published automatically. 

AiSchedul is an Instagram management platform designed for professional users, with different features such as a powerful scheduler to help users grow their accounts organically. Here is how to use AiSchedul’s content scheduler:

  • First, signup on the AiSchedul’s website for free and log into your account.
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram page to AiSchedul. 
  • Select “Manage” to start using different features.
  • In the “Instagram Scheduler” tab, click “Schedule.” 
  • Choose “Feed” for scheduling an Instagram post.

AiSchedul content scheduler

  • In the opened window, you can easily upload your videos and photos or add a YouTube video link to share it without downloading.
  • Next, write your caption, add top Instagram art hashtags, tag users, etc.
  • When you are done with details, scroll down to the “Schedule Dates” box and select “Post in future.” 
  • Set your publishing date(s) and click “Submit.”

Schedule an Instagram post

Use Top Hashtags

To reach your potential audience and grow your page, you need to enhance your hashtag strategy. Find and use your top niche hashtags to categorize your content and find your potential users. Here is how to do it while scheduling your posts with AiSchedul’s hashtag generator service:

  • Log into your AiSchedul account and select “Manage.”
  • Open the “Posts&Scheduling” tab and select “Schedule.”
  • Choose “Feed.”
  • Scroll down to the “Hashtags” box in the opened window and click “Search Hashtags.”
  • Write a keyword related to your content and click “Search.”
  • After a few seconds, the AI engine provides you with a list of top Instagram art hashtags, sorted by usage.
  • You can select and add the ones you want to your caption. 

top Instagram tattoo hashtags

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Edit Your Posts

As an Instagram artist, having an eye-catching feed page is important. This way, you can engage and attract your page visitors to follow you. Even though Instagram provides essential editing tools for getting better pictures and showcasing your artworks better, you can try using free professional apps such as Snapseed and VSCO. Also, you can use Canva for designing your template. 


Instagram is one of the best places for artists, including tattoo artists, to showcase their work and gain customers. This article introduces you to the top Instagram tattoo artists in 2022 you can check and follow. Also, we introduced you to a professional tool for managing your Instagram account and gaining your account, AiSchedul. You can signup for this platform and start growing your art Instagram account. 

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