5 Instagram tools for marketing

5 Instagram tools for marketing you’re not probably utilizing

Instagram has become one of the most effective social networks in recent years. According to Oberlo, it has more than 1 billion active users that more than 500 million of them use the application daily! It shows the importance of Instagram for marketing. When you search for Instagram marketing tools in Google, you find many many options suggested with the same performance. But in this article, we are going to introduce you to a perfect pack of Instagram tools for marketing that will help you in both managing your page more effectively and improving the visual sight of the page by designing your content. So, if you are looking for Instagram marketing tools to raise your page in no time, here you will find all you need.

If you are seeking a quick solution, you can try the AiSchedul managing tool by hitting the following button, to use its various features for raising your page.

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What To Expect From Instagram Marketing Tools?

Many factors can be effective in improving your page. You can read some hacks for growing your Instagram page via this link. Generally, managing tools help you to make the best of the content you share and manage your page more efficiently. But what it means? Le’s see an example.

Suppose you own a pet store, and you want to use your Instagram page to raise your sale. There are some points that you should consider in your posts:

Instagram marketing tools

You know most of the kids love pets, and their parents buy them pets as gifts. So, you will have more chances if you post on special days like children’s day or after school exams that parents are looking for presents for their children. Marketing tools can remind you of the special days coming, and you can schedule your posts from days or even months before.

Suppose one of your followers bought a puppy and posts a picture of playing with it and tags you. Now, wouldn’t it better if your followers could see the posts? It will raise their trust in you. But how would you manage these tags and how to show it to your followers. That’s where marketing tools can help! You can track your mentions and also repost the content that you were mentioned in it, on your own page.

How about the pictures you post? Both how you take the picture and how you edit it are important in the visual sight of your page. Also, if you have a template for your posts, your followers will recognize them any time you post, and it will remain in their minds. Marketing tools can help you with designing your pictures and choosing a unique template for your page.

The time you post the content is also effective. There are optimal times that your post has more chances to be seen and gain more engagement. Using Instagram marketing tools, you can easily schedule your content for that specific time and then it will be posted automatically.

It was just a sample. What marketing tools can do is beyond these simple features. There are different features focusing on every aspect of Instagram that assist you in growing your page. We will talk about these features in the next section. Now, let’s see what our selected Instagram marketing tools are.

Our Selected Pack Of Instagram Tools For Marketing

As we mentioned before, there are many services offered for raising your page. However, finding the most suitable one is not easy. We begin with the most efficient one that supports various services within one platform.

#1 AiSchedul Instagram managing platform

AiSchedul Instagram marketing tool

AiSchedul is a managing platform designed especially for Instagram. It offers various features to help you grow your page in different ways. Many platforms offer just one or two of these services but it has all managing features you need in one platform.  You can easily Sign Up on their website clicking on the following button. Then, you connect your Instagram account and you can manage it there.

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Another advantage of this platform is that it’s a web application so you can use it from any device. Also, it doesn’t take any storage on your mobile phone and you won’t face any stopping errors because of a lack of free space on your device. Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Content Scheduling

    AiSchedul scheduling
    You can schedule both your posts and stories from days or months before. It also has a beautiful calendar that reminds you of the upcoming occasions. It’s worth mentioning that just a few platforms support story scheduling, and AiSchedul is the most equipped one between them. You can read more story scheduling here. Additionally, the post scheduling feature has all the features of the Instagram application, plus you can easily set them for the optimal time to be posted automatically.

  • Bio link designer

    Did you know you can have just one clickable link on your page, and that’s on your bio? Using the AiSchedul bio link tool, you can make the best of this opportunity. You can create a landing page and put there all the links you want to share with your followers. It has a built-in template for adding your social media accounts and web URLs. Also, you can add clickable links to your bio link, which is a unique feature you can’t find on the other platforms. If you want to know more about bio links, read this article.

    AiSchedul bio link

  • Mention tracking and Reposting

    Do you want the know where there is a talk about your business? Do you want to share your followers’ content on your page? Using AiSchedul, you can track the mentions of your page and find out about where there is talk about you. Also, the repost option lets you post your followers’ content on your page. This way, not only you have new content on your page, but also you raise the trust of your followers in you. Read more about this feature here.

  • Instagram giveaways

    Have you seen the brands’ reward posts to raise the engagement of their page? In AiSchedul, you can easily organize Instagram giveaways. It has different options and also a built-in template to make the process simpler for you. Additionally, it can send a direct message to each winner to make all of the steps automatic. These contests raise the engagement of your page wonderfully and using AiSchedul, you will face no complexities in organizing them.

    AiSchedule reposting tool

AiSchedul offers a free plan too that you can use to know the services better. Hit the following button to try AiSchedul.

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#2 Zamupa

Zamupa is a powerful marketing agency focused on boosting your Instagram profile using cutting-edge technology. By analyzing your profile, Zamupa tailors its promotion methods to target users in your area who speak your language and share your interests, ensuring genuine engagement and gradual growth without risking account bans.



Zamupa Homepage

Zamupa Homepage

Unlike other services, Zamupa doesn’t require access to your profile and strictly avoids prohibited techniques. This means you’ll gain real followers who interact with your content authentically, enhancing your profile’s credibility and reputation over time.

With two plans available, Lite and Pro, Zamupa caters to profiles at every stage, offering effective strategies to boost followers, increase post engagement, and elevate your presence on Instagram.

#3 I-Famous


I-Famous is your go-to solution for growing your Instagram following with real, engaged users. Forget about bots or fake profiles—this service ensures that every follower is a genuine Instagram user with a real profile. Within 2 to 5 days, you’ll see your follower count rise steadily, avoiding the risk of sudden spikes that could get you banned from the platform.

I-Famous Homepage

I-Famous Homepage

I-Famous operates on transparent pricing plans, offering a range of options to suit your needs. Even the starter package comes with additional likes and comments to boost your engagement, making sure your profile grows organically without triggering any anti-bot algorithms.

In addition to that, you can track your progress easily through your personal profile on the website, without worrying about spam or hidden payments. Plus, with the backing of a marketing agency, you can trust that the methods used are strategic and compliant with Instagram’s rules, ensuring long-term success for your profile.

#4 Canva image designing toolCanva Instagram marketing tools

Canva is a designing tool that helps you in creating captivating posts. As we said before, the visual sight of your page plays a significant role in attracting new followers. One of the best things about Canva is its simple interface. You don’t need any professional skills to work with it despite many other designing Softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. It’s an ideal choice for those who don’t have access to expensive designing Softwares or don’t know how to work with them.

Canva interface

The other fantastic point about Canva is the templates. It has multiple built-in templates ready to use for any type of post you want to have. You can simply choose a template to use for all of your posts so that your page has a unique look. This unique look will let the followers recognize you where they see a post in that template and retains in their minds.

Most of the features of Canva are free, and even the premium features don’t cost that much. Try it once, and we can assure you that you will enjoy working with it.

#5 Hashtags for LikesHashtags for likes Instagram marketing tool

This tool can help you find the most trending hashtags to create the most helpful posts. It is designed for Instagram and TikTok users. Although AiSchedul has a Hashtag Suggestion tool that helps you target your niche followers, Hashtags for likes tool is a more professional version that offers some advanced analytics too. But keep in mind that its prices are high compared to its service, and we definitely suggest the AiSchedul hashtag suggestion tool, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

#6 Magisto video editing toolMagisto Instagram marketing tool

Magisto is an online video editing tool that assists you in creating wonderful videos to share on social media. They are the best in their field, became the best video editor in 2019. They offer various inspiring ideas for creating videos. Also, they have multiple video templates for different occasions and uses.

magisto video templates

Moreover, their prices are so reasonable and affordable compared to their services. So, if you want to share great videos on your page, we recommend you to have a look at Magisto.

#7 Social Ranksocial rank Instagram marketing tool

Last but not least, if you want to have a better analysis of your followers, Social Rank is an ideal choice for you. Using Social Rank, you can your most influential followers. Also, you can filter them by various options such as keywords, gender and location. Moreover, it gives you the overall analytics of your followers to know them better. You can also save your results as a PDF or CSV file. This Instagram marketing tool offers every information you need to know about your followers.

This is our selected pack of Instagram marketing tools. Each of these tools is the best in their field and offer all the services you may need for growing your page. We hope you find this article helpful. Share your ideas with us in the comment section.


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