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Instagram video scheduler you should be using in 2021 (Top 5)

There’s no misgiving that Instagram third party players already made some of the Instagram video scheduler tools for us.

On top of that, we’ve also seen video become a more and more significant part of entertaining media tactics for Instagram video scheduler. And Instagram has taken note, figuring new innovations like AiSchedul and direct video scheduling to its platform.

If you’re on the pursuit of an Instagram video scheduler, we’ve got it covered for you. We will show you the best Instagram video scheduler in 2021.

Note that only some of these tools have support for immediate video scheduling since the feature is still pretty new. So because of this, we’ve combined tools with direct video scheduling as well as devices that need the “smartphone workaround” in this piece.

Sound great? Let’s dive in!

The top 5 Instagram video schedules are:

AiSchdul with the Instagram video scheduler

AiSchedul assists you to schedule your video on your account page or on the story of yours eg the Instagram video scheduler. It is still growing despite being on one of the highly talented platforms in this field of scheduling video thought out Instagram for your posts and obviously, Instagram video scheduler competes with many high-grade platforms that provide the same Instagram video scheduler.

Scheduling with AiSchedul

You can arrange a specific time to post your stories or posts in progression. To start fixing up your video time, press on “Schedule Feed” or you can press “Schedule Story”. To establish a scheduled post on your feed, snap on “Schedule Feed” at your dashboard. Easily move furthermore release your video within the split rectangle at the top. So by dragging a photo or video of yours into it. 

Be sure to check us out.

Social Report is featuring Instagram video scheduler

This means that not only can you directly schedule video and image posts, but you can pull in-depth reports to track your engagement and growth to find what you’re doing right and what you can improve, giving you this most maximum concerning for your posts so you will be able to use the Instagram video scheduler service.

Social reports Instagram Video Scheduling

Oh, and we don’t stop at Instagram. We have support for all major social networks, so you can publish to and report on your entire marketing suite with ease—just connect all of your social accounts and you’re good to go.

If this sounds good with you—and let’s be real, it probably does. you can try Social Report risk-free for 30 days. Just sign up for any one of our three plans for a free trial!


ViralTag is a great Instagram tool that sets visuals front. When you schedule your video on social networks, it’s added to that tool’s impressive visual video program.

Viraltag Instagram Scheduler

One of the best elements of this calendar is that you can draw and drop posts nearby to repost them. This means it’s easy to mix up your posts and keep things exciting on the fly.

But notwithstanding being visible-forward, the tool does not hold direct Instagram scheduling for video or pictures. You’ll have to work through the portable app each time you want to issue, so make sure its other points outrun this major deception.

Buffer the Instagram video scheduler

Buffer is a household name in the social media world, and toward a good idea. It’s a solid social media administration tool with good Instagram assistance.

Buffer Instagram Scheduler

It has support for direct Instagram publishing for video and images, so just make a post, upload your mechanisms, and publish it. Thankfully, the only thing you’ll want to use the dreaded smartphone workaround concerning is multi-image posts.

But here’s the thing: Buffer just added reporting points to its platform in the past age, and they’re not as full-featured as some of its rivals.

Buffer only reports on an insufficient number of metrics, so tread carefully if you need to send regular statements to your clients.


HootSuite is a different veteran of the social media control space. It has a full suite of scheduling and analytics tools that businesses can use for all of their customers, so you’ve covered no subject the social network.

Hootsuite website

HootSuite also helps Instagram direct video scheduling, so you can set-and-forget your Instagram posts externally touching a smartphone.

Regrettably, though, the HootSuite practice is starting to feel a little dated. Its user interface and its cards can be hard to navigate, so keep that in mind before you resolve on HootSuite.

Pricing are: $29/mo, $129/mo, $599/mo

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