Can you see who views your Instagram

Instagram views on my profile

You may come across the Instagram views. So you might want to know who has viewed your Instagram, unfollowed you, or blocked you! There are some ways you can find out your Instagram interaction which we will present in this post.

Discover Instagram views on your profile 

Unfortunately, you can’t find out. No way would let you see who views your Instagram profile. That’s why Instagram keeps them as a secret due to its privacy issues.

Solution: Still, you can see who interacts with your Instagram profile. Every time you share a post on Instagram, you can see the list of people who have liked or commented on that post. Besides, you can always see the number of views when you share videos on your Feed. Through this method, you can at least find out who is definitely viewing your Instagram.

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Are there any third-party apps to show you who views your Instagram?

Instagram does not let you see who views your Instagram profile. At least, until now there is no in-app functionality to monitor your Instagram viewers. However, If you have a quick search on App Store or Google Playstore, you will see some apps to help you find who has viewed your Instagram profile. But the question is “Can these third-party apps uncover who views your Instagram profile?” The answer is no!

Honestly, these apps are fake. They just pick random usernames and show them you. Besides, a pop-up ad appears every few minutes. If you want to know why that’s because Instagram does not share such information with any third-party apps. Above all, once you let those apps into your profile, they can access all your data and hijack your device!

Discover who views your Instagram Story

Just unlike Instagram profile, you can see who views your Instagram. When someone views your Instagram stories, you are able to see who has viewed it. This can be good in some cases. For example, businesses can target their audience and find out how to cater to them in the best ways. So this way, you can anyone checking out your Instagram story!

Can you see who views your Instagram

Discover how many views your Instagram gets

Although you can’t find out exactly who views your Instagram profile, there are other ways to find out the number of impressions your Instagram receives. (For example, you can see the number of your viewers during the last seven days, or the number of Instagram users who saw your posts on their Feed. It can be possible with a business account.

If you have not created a business account, do not worry. You can simply turn your IG to business by going to the Settings and hitting Switch to Business Profile. 

Can you see who views your Instagram

A business account is the best way to see how many views your Instagram gets by checking the stats. There are three things you can observe:

  • Activity
  • Content
  • Audience


You can track your interactions with this tool (e.g. profile visits, website clicks, directions click). Also, you will see useful stats that Instagram provides for business accounts. For instance, you can discover the busiest day of the week which is great so you can post more on that specific day. 

Also, Instagram provides the number of clicks you have had over the last 7 days. It also lets you compare it to the previous seven days before that.

Can you see who views your Instagram


With this feature, you are able to see your Instagram posts and the number of views your profile gets in terms of impressions, follows, engagement (like+comment), etc. You can sort this by any period of time like from the 7 days to the last 2 years. Instagram sorts the posts from the most interacted with to the least by default. This helps you to understand the kinds of posts your audience is willing to see.

Can you see who views your Instagram

The audience for Instagram views

You can discover your audience with this option. It shows who exactly viewed your Instagram in terms of gender, age, location, and activity time. A popular tool is the Followers section, which illustrates statistics of your followers’ activity. So, you know when is the best time to post.

Can you see who views your Instagram

In conclusion, there is no way to see exactly who views your Instagram views profile, and using a third-party app is just a waste of time! Although, there are some possible ways to find out your Instagram interactions. Finally, the IG for a business account can be a real solution to know useful stats of your profile. So, if you really want to see who views your Instagram, create a business account.

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