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How to write your contest rules for Instagram?

What are the Instagram contest and contest rules?

Knowing the contest rules of Instagram is essential. An Instagram contest is a great idea to acquire posts from your followers. So you can share it on Instagram and other social media. On the other hand, be sure it’s clear in your contest rules that you might share for users to submit.  We are telling you this because we want you to know about it. Most business owners are willing to ask others to create photos off of their products. On the contrary, they want you the user to upload these contest through social media. For instance, Instagram which they have created some sort of away to do this. They call it Instagram Contest. But you are here to know about the Instagram contest rules. Am I right?

In the basic step, a person who owns the business of the restaurant likes everyone to take a picture of his food and they post it on Instagram. However, the problem is not everyone willing to do this for free. So he has to make a competition ie a contest. The contest rules need to be set of courses. He or she can ask people to show themselves as well as the food. Although some might not willing to do so by the way and that’s why it is called Instagram contest rules. However, when he set the tables, at the end as he promised before the time of giveaway will come. Giveaways could be anything according to the cost of his business.

What Instagram contest rules are?

Set a goal

Before running an Instagram contest, first of all, you must know what is your goal. Knowing what you want to achieve with your content is essential.

Easy to Enter

You have to make it easy for typical people to enter your Instagram contest and follow up on your contest rules. Minimize the number of clicks plus typing required to maximize your number of entries. However, they are just using their mobile phones. Please have mercy on us.

Plan out the details

  • What do you want them to do? Write a simple statement to describe how users can enter explicitly.
  • What are your contest rules and objectives? Create a complete contest rules to be seen. You could link them from elsewhere. You just need to specify the terms and conditions here.
  • How long is contest duration? State the actual times.
  • Use perfect hashtag?  This will make it easy to follow entries to your Instagram contest. The hashtag must be short, relevant, memorable, universal and rare.
  • How will you notify the winner? be careful about how you announce the winner. For instance, if your entrants are teenagers, you may choose to announce that a winner has been chosen but not the name of the winner. Either way, make it clear how you will notify the winner—for example, by direct message or through a tagged post. You can also put this upon a vote or a jury as well.

Prize or Award

In the end choose an appropriate prize please, for the sake of having a good and neutral contest. Your prize has to be valuable enough that it motivates people and encourages them entring. Also, it is worth noting that people who have no real interest in your brand might be interested in purchasing from you in the future.

At the end as an entrepreneur or a business manager, you are going to need following up and monitor your contest to see how it has affected your market.

An example of an Instagram contest is shown above. For having a great bio you can see there is an effect on that when creating a competition.

AiSchedul and contest rules

AiSchedul featuring this ability to let you upload a post in which contains the set of rules that you need people to follow. You might have to mention the designated prize for everyone to receive at the end while all of the challenges each other to archive your precious prize.

Here we will create one to see how it works. It is easy as a cake! It has the potential for you to get others to become your fans or followers. In the end, growing your account.

If you go to our website and register your name by adding your Instagram account. You will be given a five days of trial in which you can schedule your posts and also make a contest as well.



By going to your dashboard and following through the scheduler section you will see the picture above. Now you will need to press on the yellow button the “Schedule To Reward”. On this one, you need to fill the required information.

You going to need content such as a photo to upload as the following. Like the following, you would have to add tags, hashtags, and the designated following. Instagram contest rules will be created in this section.

You can set up to ten friends to be tagged in the post. you will need to clarify the rules as a DM to be sent automatically to qualified users. After describing the rules you will have to finish the post in the later section.

Fill the rest of the information for scheduling directly from the platform.

Now schedule it in to be online for later.

Finally, you will be seeing the actual post that used by the AiSchedul platform. This is the easiest way to create a contest with the contest rules in it. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe to our webpage via this link.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiSchedul

The process of picking a winner fairly from all those giveaway contest participants is not as easy as it may seem. You have to check all the entrants to make sure if they are qualified to win (qualified entrants are those who have followed all the contest rules, including leaving comments, liking the post, following your account, tagging friends, and whatever the rules are).

After that, it’s time to pick the winner. Picking the winner manually is kind of impossible and unfair. So you need an app to give you a hand in the process of picking the winner.

Wait! You don’t need a separate app since AiSchedul provides you with a giveaway picker feature as well.

So the easiest way to randomly pick winners from your likes, followers, comments, etc., is the AiSchedul giveaway picker.

Try AiSchedul’s giveaway picker

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