ITBFX Review: Is It a Legitimate Broker?

One of the main concerns of any financial market enthusiast is the broker with which they partner. As trading becomes more popular, the number of fraudulent individuals and firms that are after nothing but their financial gains also increases. In the midst of all this, traders are left looking for a brokerage company that is transparent and professional. ITBFX is a forex brokerage that has only been 6 years since it was introduced to the market. But during these years, ITBFX has come a long way.

While there is some criticism in regards to the International Trading Brachium, the broker also offers many advantages to their users.

In this post, we will be reviewing the International Trading Brachium, or ITBFX for short, and see if it’s a scam or a legitimate broker. Stay tuned!

How Did ITBFX Come to Life?

As mentioned before, ITBFX is considered one of the newer brokerages in the vast world of financial markets. However, in the short span of time it’s been present, ITBFX has been nothing but conquering and accomplishing.

The broker was initially founded in 2017, with the aim of being a superior broker in the market. The founders of the company were inspired by the Brachium star in the Libra constellation since it was used as a source of guidance for people of ancient times. This, alongside the fact that the Libra constellation has always been considered a symbol of Justice, made the ITBFX team determined to create a brokerage that could become a just leader and conductor for the community. 

At the time, the company’s values were considered to be transparency, professionalism, and quality services. Hellbent on achieving these goals, ITBFX refused to enter the international market until 2019, when they had already faced a great deal of positive feedback from their users. This was a time for ITB to focus and market itself to clients in the European Union.

From that point on, ITBFX mainly focused on renewing its understanding of the market and the needs of the traders active in it. After a lot of research and attaining a better grasp of their target demographic, they officially launched their services to the Middle East and the MENA region in 2020. This proved to be one of their smartest business choices, as they were very quick to become one of the most popular Forex brokerages in the region. Albeit, the fact that ITB took 2 years after that to focus on promoting their service quality by adding features such as copy trading and PAMM accounts also played a crucial role in earning them the title, so much so that they’re now confident enough to want to become the best forex broker in the Middle East.

Aside from dominating the Middle East market, ITBFX also plans to establish its presence in southeast and central Asia by the end of 2023, as well as embark on the decentralization of the Forex market using blockchain technology in 2024.


What Services Does ITBFX Offer?

As mentioned before, ITBFX provides its clients with services regarding different financial markets including Forex, metals, cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, and energy. In fact, ITBFX offers its 15,000+ clients more than 600 trading instruments to choose from.

Clients of the International Trading Brachium can use one of the three account types offered by the brokerage. These account types include Nano accounts, Standard accounts, and Classic ECN accounts. These account types are mainly similar to one another. However, the initial deposit on each account type allows for a different trading experience with the ITB broker. To get a better grip on which account type suits you best, we’re gonna go over the features of each one below.

1. ITBFX Nano Account

The Nano accounts provided by the International Trading Brachium require an initial deposit of $1 to allow their users to take part in the Forex and metal market. This type of account is especially suitable for those who want to enter the market with a small capital. 

You can see the rest of the ITB broker’s Nano account details in the table below.


Initial deposit$1
Instruments availableForex, metal 
Minimum order0.001
Maximum open orders50
Customers Club 
Maximum volume limit per instrument 50
Stop out level5%
Account protection
Maximum number of position orders per accountUnlimited 
Maximum order size100
Trading platformMT5 
Commissions 0
Base currencyUSD 


2. ITBFX Standard Account

Traders who choose to create a standard account on ITBFX will benefit from instruments such as forex metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, and a few stock symbols. Having a Standard ITBFX account entails the ability to use both fixed and floating spreads. On top of that, the initial deposit for these accounts is 50 USD. All these features make ITBFX Standard accounts a perfect match for newbies in the forex market.

You can also review other features of the ITBFX Standard accounts in the table below.


Initial deposit$50
SpreadFixed, floating 
Instruments availableForex (fixed), metals (fixed), cryptocurrencies (floating), indicators (floating)
Minimum order0.001
Maximum open orders100
Customers Club 
Maximum volume limit per instrument 100
Stop out level5%
Account protection
Maximum number of position orders per accountUnlimited 
Maximum order size100
Trading platformMT5 
Commissions 0
Base currencyUSD


3. ITBFX Classic ECN Account

The required initial deposit for an ITBFX Classic account is $100. It is therefore to be expected that the users of these accounts are considered the International Trading Brachium’s most privileged clients. If you’re wondering what this means, you need to know that ITBFX Classic accounts offer the widest variety of trading symbols, floating spreads, as well as an unlimited number of open orders to their users. 

If you’re a market-savvy trader looking to open an account within the International Trading Brachium, the Classic account is for you! Still, if you’re unsure about this matter, it’s best to take a look at the features of this account type in the table below and decide for yourself.


Initial deposit$100
SpreadFloating from 0
Instruments availableForex, metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks
Minimum order0.01
Maximum open ordersUnlimited 
Customers Club 
Maximum volume limit per instrument 100
Stop out level5%
Account protection
Maximum number of position orders per accountUnlimited 
Maximum order size100
Trading platformMT5 
Commissions 0
Base currencyUSD 


What Trading Platform Does the International Trading Brachium Use?

Like many other brokerages, ITBFX also uses MT5, short for MetaTrader 5, as its main trading platform. The platform gained its popularity among broker companies for a reason, but ITBFX didn’t stop there. 

By partnering up with MetaQuote, which is an unparalleled company with more than 20 years of experience in designing trading platforms, ITBFX managed to create its version of MT5, which is available to its clients for free.

This platform is designed to bring customers a higher level of satisfaction, which is the company’s most important goal. On top of that, the ITBFX version of MetaTrader 5 offers several advantages, including:

  • Exclusive VPS service
  • Online charts for all trading symbols
  • Expert support algorithm and robots
  • Speedy transactions with only one click
  • More than 50 technical analysis indicators
  • Available on Mac, Android, and iOS
ITBFX Website

ITBFX Website

Forex Education on ITBFX

One of the elements that draws a lot of positive attention to the International Trading Brachium is the educational content on its website. More precisely, how comprehensive and well-put-together it is.

There is a section on ITB broker’s website dedicated to their educational material, which is divided into Forex Academy and a Forex dictionary

The Forex Academy part on ITBFX’s website brings clients lessons on different financial markets and the elements each of them is composed of. Moreover, each person can customize the content they get offered based on how knowledgeable they are and which part of the market they’re trying to master. In short, the material is divided into four consecutive learning levels, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and gold trading. On top of that, you can find specific educational content in regard to basic trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and trading recipes all separated and categorized on their website.

As for the Forex dictionary, it provides a fresh start for Traders who are just beginning their journey and wish to familiarize themselves with the basic lingo and jargon of financial markets.

Overall, no matter how far you’ve gone in your journey as a trader, ITBFX has got you covered.

Support, Customer Club, and Special Bonuses

The ITBFX customer services department has had a stellar record in the six years the broker has been active in the market. As of right now, clients can contact the broker 24/7 via phone calls, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, and live chat. On top of that, the ITBFX team has taken it upon itself to go the extra mile and provide support in their clients’ mother tongues, such as English, Persian, Kurdish, and Arabic.

ITB Customer Club

Moving on, clients can obtain points in the ITBFX Customers Club, which can be used for cash and non-cash rewards. These points are earned by trading, depositing money into your account, and taking part in competitions.

Using said points, ITBFX clients can lower their spreads and swap, get raffle tickets, and cash on their account as well as Netflix and YouTube subscriptions.

Another advantage of being a member of the ITBFX Customers Club is the special bonuses they offer. These bonuses are designed to help traders in different stages of their trading careers.

ITBFX Special Bonuses

Amongst their bonuses, Crypto Lending is definitely one to talk about. This plan is meant to help people who are struggling with getting loans from banks. By providing clients with cryptocurrency loans via blockchain technology, ITBFX has gained a lot of positive attention and feedback from financial market enthusiasts.

By getting a crypto loan from ITBFX, traders will be able to deposit cryptocurrencies into their accounts to use them then or later on. These loans will only have a 1% monthly interest rate and 65% of the value of the collateral. This feature is especially appreciated by those who want to keep their principal HODL.

The crypto lending program is a very straightforward process that begins with the user sending a loan request on their user panel to the ITB support team. The clients are then provided with an application form which they should complete and send back to the brokerage to be reviewed and confirmed. Once that is done, Traders will deposit cryptocurrencies into their account and receive their loans within 24 hours.

Partner with ITBFX and Earn Commissions!

Like many other broker companies, ITBFX also offers its specific affiliate (IB) program. This provides an excellent opportunity for traders who do not have as much trading experience as others and still want to earn money while they finesse their way through the world of financial markets, or even for seasoned traders looking to earn an easy buck while taking on trading adventures.

In order to become a member of the ITBFX affiliate program, you should first register on your user panel. You’ll need your full name, phone number, and email address for this step. Once you have registered, your IB panel and personal link will be activated. Using this link, you can invite friends and other traders to the International Trading Brachium family and earn money every time they take part in a trade. 

By becoming a member of the ITBFX affiliate program, you’ll have access to a customized panel for your friends’ activities, the guidance of a consultant and an account manager on your back, and 24-hour support in multiple languages, including Farsi. Put simply, ITBFX does anything a broker can to improve their users’ activity and income. By charging no commissions and refraining from putting a limit on their clients’ income, their IB program becomes one of the best amongst other forex brokers.

Is ITBFX a Legitimate or Scam Broker?

And finally, we’re at the part you’ve all been waiting for. Is ITBFX worthy of your trust? Let’s find out!

ITBFX is currently registered in Seychelles and is under the regulation of two well-known regulatory bodies. These bodies are the Saint Vincent and Grenadines International Financial Services (SVGFSA) and the MWALI International Services Authority (M.I.S.A).

Founded in 2012, the Saint Vincent and Grenadines International Financial Services, or SVGFSA, is a regulatory body supervising non-bank financial matters as well as the International Financial Services sector in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. 

On the other hand, the MWALI International Services Authority, or M.I.S.A for short, was founded in 1998. After 15 years of experience, M.I.S.A managed to attract over 12,000 clients across the world, including international banks, gambling companies, and trust and brokerage companies. The foundation has been gaining more trust and traffic since then.

With the supervision of these two regulatory bodies, ITBFX protects the assets of its clients.

ITBFX Regulatory

ITBFX Regulatory

Accomplishments and Notable Achievements

So far, we have established that ITBFX is an excellent starting point for any trader at any point in their career. Still, there remains skepticism over the integrity of the brokerage. Fortunately, ITBFX has counteracted the skepticism quite well. The broker was nominated by Forex Awards as one of the candidates for the Best Forex and Cryptocurrency Broker in 2022. Forex Awards has been dedicated to recognizing and promoting brokerage companies in different financial markets that show potential in terms of innovation and remarkable results.

After the nomination, ITBFX managed to win the award and also be nominated for it once again in 2023.



Final Verdict: Is ITBFX Worthy of Your Trust?

Throughout this article, we have dedicated our time to review the International Trading Brachium, or ITBFX for short, in terms of their background, account types, customer support and services, education, and regulation policies. As we have witnessed, ITB Broker is considered a better-than-average brokerage company that provides its clients with many benefits. To summarize the pros and cons of becoming a member of the ITB family, we have prepared the list below for you.

Here are some of ITBFX’s main features:

  • More than 10 years of experience in the world of financial markets
  • Fast and easy withdrawal process
  • Registration in Seychelles
  • Regulation license with the SVGFSA and M.I.S.A
  • Support of banks and credible business partners as the main liquidity providers
  • Attractive incentives for the IB program
  • No transaction commissions
  • Low spreads and high-profit margins
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instrument diversity such as cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, forex, metals, and energy 


The International Trading Brachium (ITBFX) is a financial markets brokerage company that was established in 2017. Due to the initial positive feedback the company received, ITBFX was quick to expand its business to the EU, the MENA region, and the Middle East.

Currently, the ITB broker’s main goal is to enhance their user experience, as well as become the number one forex brokerage company in the Middle East. They have taken constructive steps in this path by being transparent and professional.

ITBFX also has valid regulations and is under the supervision of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Financial Services Authority, or SVGFSA, as well as the Molly International Service Authority, also known as M.I.S.A.

Lastly, it’s noteworthy that the educational content and the affiliate program available on ITBFX’s website are among the best in the market.

Overall, it can be concluded that ITBFX is a great starting point for any type of trader, no matter where they are in their trading career. If you have more questions in this regard, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about the International Trading Brachium

Below, we will review some of the most commonly asked questions about ITBFX and its services.

1. What Does the ITB Name Stand for?

ITBFX is short for International Trading Brachium. The name of the broker is inspired by the brachium star, which was vastly used for navigation purposes during ancient times. The brachium star is a part of the Libra constellation, which has been an ever-present symbol of justice in the world. The founders of ITBFX wanted the brokerage company to be a source of guidance and justice in the world of financial markets and to build a better presence and reputation compared to other forex brokers that weren’t up to par.

2. Is ITBFX a Legitimate Broker?

ITBFX is a legitimate broker. The broker was initially registered in Seychelles and is now under the supervision of two valid regulatory bodies named St Vincent and Grenadines Financial Service Authority (SVGFSA), as well as the MWALI International Service Authority, or M.I S.A.

3. What Type of Accounts Does ITB Broker Offer?

The International Trading Brachium offers its users three types of accounts. 

The ITB Nano accounts are suitable for those who wish to enter the market without spending much, as they only require a one-dollar initial deposit. Users of this account type can participate in the forex and metal market with a floating spread. 

Next, there is the ITBFX Standard account, which has a $50 initial deposit requirement. This account gives the clients a little more freedom in terms of their trading instruments. If you have a standard account with the ITB broker, you can trade forex metals, cryptocurrencies, indices, and even some stocks. 

Lastly, we have the ITB Classic account. In order to open one of these, you’ll need at least $100, but you will be the most privileged account holder in the whole brokerage and can trade an unlimited supply of trading instruments.

  1. How Can I Make Money via the Affiliate Program on ITBFX?

Joining the ITBFX affiliate (IB) program allows for an easy and effortless flow of money. By registering into their IB program, you’ll get your affiliate link with ITBFX, which you can share and make money off of. 


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